The Rebound Guy

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 17,400
0 Ratings (0.0)

A collection of five varied spanking stories.

Rebound Guy by Sommer Marsden

Erin is using Perry to help her get over her ex-boyfriend. He’s fun in bed but he doesn’t fulfil her kinkiest needs – until the night she flashes him her panties, emblazoned with the words ‘Spank Me’. What she doesn’t realise is Perry is taking her to a swinging party, where those panties will be taken as an open invitation...

The Ice Queen Cometh by Astarte

Working as the press relations officer for celebrated fashion designer and dominant lesbian Marijka Bernstrøm definitely has its perks. Invited to spend the weekend with Marijka in a luxury Nice hotel suite, submissive softie Adele seizes the opportunity to offer herself up for a spanking. Will she make the heart of her ice queen boss melt?.

Ride A Horse – Ride A Cowboy by Chloe Devlin

Visiting her uncle’s ranch in Wyoming gives Cindy a welcome break from the pressures of work. She finds herself attracted to ranch hand Jake, and when she accepts his offer to put her through her paces like one of his horses, his unique training methods ensure she’ll have the most pleasurably punishing ride of her life

Girls Who Wear Glasses? By Laurel Aspen

Tara wakes with a hangover, remembering very little of the party the night before – and that includes the cute man bringing her breakfast in bed. Despite the fact she passed out on him, Jack wants to see her again. He’s discovered her secret life as a writer of CP fiction, and is keen to give her some hands-on experience to complement her naughty spanking fantasies.

The Good Girl by Emily Dubberley

At the age of thirty, Susie has it all – a good job, plenty of money and the freedom to do what she wants. But life is somehow dull and routine. Seeking to break the rules, she climbs into the park to play on the swings after dark. Thanks to the punishing palm of a horny park keeper, Susie’s about to learn just how good it can feel to be bad.

These stories have also been published in Naughty Spanking One ISBN 9781906125937

The Rebound Guy
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Rebound Guy

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 17,400
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Elizabeth Ponting

“My panties?” I say dumbly, unable to process that this man that I have written off is now provoking my very own kinks.
“Yes. Spank me. It says so right on them. White cotton bikinis, size medium according to the tag. It’s an invitation, or am I mistaken?”
“What?” I sound stupid. I feel stupid. But my body is not and it is reacting to the information it is processing. My pussy has grown slick, my nipples have peaked and are attentive. My face feels like it is on fire and my breathing has gone shallow like I might pass out.
“Everyone!” He is no longer addressing me. He is now addressing the room. My head goes light as my cunt goes tight. “I think we have a lovely way to celebrate Don and Diana’s new outlook on marriage. I have a special treat for you all!”
Half sideshow barker, half Baptist minister, he addresses the small gathering. “Perry!” I hiss. “Perry!”
He ignores me.
Perry takes my hand and I follow. I follow blindly, mutely, dumbly. I follow because part of me craves this more than anything. He sits on a celery-coloured settee and pulls me down next to him. “I propose a sound thrashing for my lovely companion. Her name is Erin. We’ve been dating for about a month now. I am the rebound guy.”
The crowd chuckles in unison. Some of them tsk with disapproval but Perry raises his palms to calm them. He nods and smiles as if to say, It’s okay, I understand. I feel my face grow hotter. Any hotter and I might lose consciousness. I bow my head both embarrassed and excited all at once.
“No, no, don’t be that way,” he goes on. “Erin is wearing very special panties and I would like to share them … share her with all of you. For tonight. In honour of Don and Diana.”
I could leave. I know it. I could get up, slap his face, walk out. I do not. I wait.
Perry pats his lap and I stare for a moment. I breathe for several beats and weigh my options. The itching, creeping yearning is bigger than my pride and I hit the floor with my knees, bow my torso over his lap. I wait.
“Very good, Erin,” he say slowly. “I wondered if you would or wouldn’t.” With that he flips up the back of my denim skirt and bares my white cotton panties with the hot pink words to the room. A low murmur sweeps through the gathering and he waits.
Quiet descends and he hooks his fingers into my waistband and pulls my panties down. The air and the stares and the wonder are as palpable to my bare skin as his blows will be. “Lovely, isn’t she?” Perry says, addressing the crowd. “Are you up for ten?” he asks, now addressing me.
My stomach flutters and my knees shake. I feel a slow slickness grow between my thighs, slipping down the insides of my legs like water. My cunt flickers and clutches and flits. I squirm a little on his knees and my nipples pinch under my silk bra. I nod, not trusting my voice.
“I invite you all to count with me!” Perry barks and another murmur ripples through the room.
The first blow lands and my head flies back. I want him to fuck me right then and there. If not him, someone. Any man in the room that comes with a cock attached will do. His big palm blazes a trail on my pale skin and I cry out in pain and in excitement.

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