Tianna Xander

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Tianna Xander is an eclectic, multipublished and award winning author. She loves to read and especially loves camping. There’s just something about getting out into the great outdoors with a laptop and a pair of headphones. Harassed by her muse daily, she rarely puts the pen down, meaning there will be much more from her in the future.

She’ll be the first to admit that, when she does set the pen down or her muse has momentarily deserted her, she spends too much time on Facebook and occasionally Twitter, chatting with her online friends or just plain goofing off and playing Facebook games.

Having written several novels and working on at least one more at any given time, Tianna still finds time for her family, friends, and her many pets. She currently lives in Michigan with her family, four cats, a German shepherd dog, and a raisin addict disguised as a Netherland Dwarf bunny named Babs.

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