Tie Me Up

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 60,829
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An exciting collection of twenty erotic short stories from Xcite Books, winners of ETO's Best Erotic Book Brand and Jade's Best Erotic Fiction Publisher 2010, 2011 and 2012. What could be more satisfying than submitting to delicious ecstasy? How about being the one in control? Read on for a selection of sexy schoolgirl roleplaying, passionate threesomes with ropes and handcuffs, eager toyboys, and mischievous lesbians with a penchant for teasing. Whether you like your domination light and playful or rough and ready this book can not fail to please.

Skin Deep by Cathryn Cooper Carew is strictly a ladies’ man, so why does he feel the need to spend so much time in the company of pretty boy Francis? He aims to show the boy the delights of sex with a woman and reinforce his own heterosexual credentials. When Francis doesn’t respond to his erotic display, Carew determines to thrash some sense into him, only for events to take a startling turn.

Jane’s Bonds by Shanna Germain Jane has always wanted to experiment with sex toys, but her husband’s tastes are strictly vanilla. When she sees the purple fur-lined wrist cuffs in a mail order catalogue, she imagines how it would feel to be bound and blindfolded, waiting for Derek to do whatever he wants to her. How can she get him to make her fantasy an erotic reality?

Tiger, Tiger by Paige Roberts David is searching for the Indian tiger goddess, but to find her he must spend a night tied to the stone table in the jungle clearing – an ordeal he may not survive. As the noise of a tiger’s roar comes closer, he struggles against his bonds. But when the animal’s form appears to change into that of a stunning, naked woman, David realises the goddess’ caress is to be welcomed, not feared, even if it costs him his life...

Black And White Photos by Sommer Marsden She’s finding it hard to take the art exhibition seriously, until she comes to the black and white photos. The erotic images reveal to her the true beauty and excitement of BDSM games, and suddenly she wants to try them for herself. Back at home, she lets Charles, her husband, take charge, blindfolding and binding her for an experience she will never forget.

My First Time by Eva Hore Rita’s not supposed to enter the room with the black-painted door when her boyfriend’s not around, but she can’t resist showing Doris what’s inside. Doris can’t understand why anyone would want racks and ropes in their home, until Rita persuades her to try them out. Just as she’s getting in the swing of things, Rita’s boyfriend comes home. Together, they will show Doris exactly what it means to be tied and teased.

Party Games by Jim Baker Though Judy and Katie may differ in their taste in music, the one thing they can agree on is their party is going to be memorable. Judy’s beginning to think she’ll end the evening alone, then Katie invites her to take part in a threesome. It’s the start of a wild adventure that quickly sees Katie tied to the bed, learning why Ravel’s Bolero is the perfect accompaniment to a bout of erotic tickling

Dangerous Games by Eva Hore Her boyfriend has promised her a night she’ll never forget, and it begins when she follows his instructions to put on lingerie, blindfold herself and wait for his return. When David joins her, his unfamiliar aftershave lets her know he’s playing some kind of game, but as she succumbs to his deliciously rough play, she has no way of knowing the truth of the situation.

Fantasy by DMW Carol She loves roleplaying for him, and she knows exactly how their next session will go. She wants to play the part of an innocent, virginal schoolgirl, ripe and ready to learn about sex, and as her imagination runs wild, she lets her lover initiate her into the thrill of bondage, too...

Picket Fence by Sommer Marsden De-cluttering the attic, Nick finds a Polaroid camera he can’t bear to throw away. Noel can’t fathom his fascination with the thing, until the night he uses it to take some very raunchy photos of her, naked and bound. Photos that have a very powerful aphrodisiac effect on anyone who sees them.

Change Of Life by Cathryn Cooper Men have treated Mariana so badly she now only uses them for her own ends, finding real pleasure with her friend and lover, Sharaz. While she’s sharing a sensuous sauna with Sharaz, discovering all the things two women can do to each other, her husband is restrained at home, patiently waiting for her return...

La Cage Aux Folles by Kaycie Wolfe Sex therapist Merril helps other people mend their lives, but her own needs more than a little work. Escaping from the cage of her failing marriage seems like the ideal solution to all her problems, but not before she’s dealt with her self-absorbed, cheating husband in a highly appropriate fashion.

Travel Broadens The Mind by Kirsten Schubinski The bus journey took her through rebel country, where kidnappings are rife. She never believed it could happen to her; now here she is, chained in a cell and being looked after by a jailer she has never seen. How will she react when he starts to treat her as a lover, rather than a captive

After Hours by Kristina Wright Natalie’s had a rough week at work, and Ryan is sure the way to relieve her stress is with sex on his office desk. Initially afraid they’ll get caught in the act, Natalie soon relaxes into the moment – then Ryan produces a length of rope so he can tie her in place...

In The Saddle by Primula Bond Invited to spend a weekend in the country by a man she barely knows, inveterate townie Angela knows it’s going to be a complete disaster, until she finds the estate’s tack room. Aroused by the scent of leather, she can’t resist lewdly riding a saddle like it’s a bucking bronco – only to be caught trespassing by a stable hand intent on punishing her for her naughty behaviour.

Under The Oak by Penelope Friday Head girl Ella meets her horny, self-assured classmate Jamie under the oak tree. It’s not long before she discovers he knows exactly how to knot a school tie, leaving her fastened to the tree with her bottom bared for a spanking, in an erotic game that twists and turns to a deliciously unexpected conclusion.

Festival by Cyanne She’s looking forward to engineering the sound at the music festival; even more so when she learns she’ll be working alongside Irish hunk Sean. He’s enigmatic, totally in control and maybe just a little bit dangerous. And his way with cable ties and gaffer tape leads her into a sexual encounter like none she’s ever had.

Mistress Of All She Surveys by Carmel Lockyer Valerie considers herself an expert in all things BDSM and the queen of mind games. She’s served her apprenticeship in fetish clubs and dungeons, learning how how to give submissives exactly what they need. When her latest client brings her an expensive statue as a tribute, she vows to earn it in a way he will find exquisitely painful

Teaching Derek by Primula Bond Jane and Sally are enduring a rainy week in Devon when the team from a TV makeover show arrives and interrupts their latest sex game. With the glamorous female interviewer out of the way, they can get down to tying up cute young cameraman Derek and showing him just how much fun he can have with two horny, experienced women.

Political Prey by Jim Baker When David knocks on her door and canvasses Susie for her vote, she soon realises he’s her ideal man – a young virgin who’s willing to be tutored in how to give a woman pleasure. But Susie’s methods of domination go way beyond the norm, and as far as she’s concerned, his most important asset is that he’s unlikely to be missed...

Maid To Misbehave by Stephen Albrow Madeleine doesn’t normally visit sex shops, but she can’t resist the French maid’s outfit she sees in the window. The shop’s dominant, rubber-clad salesgirl is only too happy to help Madeleine try it on, and to give her the punishment she deserves for selecting such a slutty costume.

Tie Me Up
0 Ratings (0.0)

Tie Me Up

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 60,829
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Liz Ponting

The boy was beautiful. He’d come to stay at the insistence of a relative.

‘Francis needs somewhere to stay – it’ll only be for a while. Besides, it will do you good. Make you behave yourself instead of using these women the way you do.’

His aunt had been insistent. She was old and wealthy and he had no intention of upsetting her.

She was right of course; he did treat women badly. He expected and got total submission. They’d nibble his toenails if he asked them to. He was handsome, rich and never lacking for female company – physical contact only. Nothing emotional. He preferred variety for the sort of sex he enjoyed.

The boy was an encumbrance he would learn to live with. Shut him away in a room in the east wing, and that would be that. Or so he thought.

The boy, a lad of not much more than sixteen it seemed, had other ideas. Everywhere Carew went, Francis was there at his elbow.

At first it annoyed him, but over a period of weeks something happened; for a start he registered just how attractive the boy was. His hair was dark blond, soft and silky, falling over his temple in a gentle wave. His eyes were of the rarest blue and fringed with dark lashes. His lips held the sensuous lines of a courtesan, full, wide and the colour of crushed rose petals.

In the beginning he had sought to escape the boy’s company, but as time went on he found, much to his unease, that he sought the boy out, missing him when he wasn’t around. And that smile! That soft hand easing into his, the round bottom, the hairless chin and even the scent of the lad were intoxicating.

At night he dreamed; wet dreams that he’d been inserting his cock between boyish cheeks, kissing that sweet, girlish mouth. His desires sickened but also tantalised.

His friends began to notice.

‘Are you turning the other way?’ asked one of his friends. ‘It’s been noticed that you’re spending more time with the lad than with the ladies.’

Carew fixed him with an icy glare. ‘How would you like your nose rearranged?’

The friend had laughed and pretended it was all just a joke, but Carew knew it wasn’t. They had noticed his behaviour and losing face worried him. His reputation as super-stud was at risk. It embarrassed him. He had to do something about it.

Priscilla Palmer-Tovey arrived at ThompsonTowers on the dot of seven. Like any parson’s daughter, Prissy was polite, punctual and, although not exactly plain, she wasn’t beautiful either. Carew watched her walk up the drive, straighten her hat and smooth her dress before she rang the bell. Priscilla was neat in dress but not prim when she was out of it, and at times that suited him very well indeed.

He smiled and drained the lingering dregs of whisky from his glass.

There followed a gentle knock on the door to his private sitting room which was on the first floor and had high lead-paned windows and wainscot panelling. Imran, his servant entered, bowing before making his announcement.

‘Miss Priscilla Palmer-Tovey, sir.’

‘As her to come up, and, Imran, tell Master Francis that I wish to see him.’

‘Yes sir.’

He poured himself another drink to help drown the confusion deep in his groin. He loved women. He knew he did, so why did the boy unnerve him so much and make him think otherwise?

‘Don’t worry, old chap,’ he muttered to himself. ‘With Priscilla’s assistance, it will be confirmed before the boy’s very eyes. He’ll not mistake your meaning, old boy. He’ll get the message that you want no more of those doe eyes and come-on looks. Good God, didn’t you leave all that behind you at boarding school?’

e’ll not mistake your meaning, old boy. He’ll get the message that you want no more of those doe eyes and come-on looks. Good God, didnGood

A peel of laughter preceded Priscilla’s entrance. She rushed into his arms, her face flushed and hot beneath his lips.

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