Tony McGuin

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Born In Bradford in 1972, I have completed my circle of terrible places to live by residing in, at various times, Stevenage, Haringey, Edmonton and Chessington. This should give an insight into my unerring knack for repeatedly making the same mistakes.

Having led a life distinctive only for its lack of interest, I quickly found I had a gift for standing semi-naked in peoples gardens and peering through their windows. It was whilst being arrested for living under a young couples bed that the idea for Ordinary World first presented itself.

Although I have always been interested in writing, (mostly crank letters to the late Rod Hull asking him to send me Emus soiled underwear), Ordinary World is my first full novel and has been ten years in the writing. It reflects its writer very well because it is flaccid, a bit scary and the world would be better off without it.

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