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I graduated from CSU with a BA in Psychology. I've been writing for seven years professionally, but I have written for newspapers and genealogy magazines' for over 15 years.

I'm married, have two children, and three cats. I was born in Elyria, Ohio and moved back with family to live here. I have a large family -- my mother has 8 brothers and sisters all living in Ohio. I have to say my mother was the one that told me to write stories. She encouraged me to try my hand in this business and for that I can't thank her enough.

I love to read and write all genres of romance. I find my favorite is Menage and erotic.

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Email: [email protected]

Q. What is one thing we don't know about you that would be different?

A. When I was 15 I ran away from home and actually joined a traveling carnival. It was horrible and I would not recommend it to anyone. I had to hitchhike to each new place, sleep in the back of trailers where rides were stored, take showers with hoses or in bathrooms in stores. Some days I didn't eat, drugs were everywhere, most of the people that worked there didn't want to be found and I missed my mom. Thank God she found me before we went out of state!

Q. Have you had any bad experience in the writing business?

A. YES! When I was first starting out I joined a critique group hoping to get help with my story. I submitted one chapter for them to tear apart and that they did. They were not nice. Needless to say, they said they wouldn't use my chapter to line a cat box and this was from a well established author. For a long time I didn't write until I met my now critique partner and friend Ava James. She brought me back and encouraged me. We have grown together in our writing and friendship.

Q. What one thing would you recommend to new authors?

A. Easy; find one or two people that are going to be by your side to tell you the truth about your writing, but also help you in the process. Find a group that helps authors with their work. There are a number of them out there including mine.

Q. Have you had anything paranormal or anything weird happen to you?

A. Yes! I have dreams sometimes that come true. I told my mother that I would meet my husband soon and that he would be Native American and his family would be from Montana. A month later I met my husband and his family is from the Rocky Boy Reservation. I was born in Elyria at Elyria Hospital, and so was my husband, daughter and son. But what is really weird is that my daughter was born in the same room where I was and that she also had to be kept an extra week like I was for jundace problems. Also when my mother was first divorced she bought a Mustang. I had no idea about this, but after my first divorce I also had a Mustang. There are many more weird things that have happened to me.

Q. What was you life like when you were small?

A. My mom and dad divorced when I was six. We moved all the time. I have lived in Michagan, Flordia, Minnesota, South Carolona, Califorina, Ohio, and Wisconsin. In one year I remember moving three times. That was the year I gave up on reading. I was in fourth grade and at a sixth grade reading level, but when we moved they dropped me to a second grade reading level. Talk about being pissed! I didn't want to read for over three years!

Q. What is your day like?

A. I start my day at 6:00 am getting the kids out to school and checking email. When this is done, in-between housework I'm writing, editing, and answereing email. I work on this all day until it's time for the kids to come home. I do my heavy and best writing though when everyone is in bed and the house is quiet.

Q. Who has helped you the most with your writing?

A. This is easy. I have three real close friends. Ava James, Faith Bicknell-Brown, and Kaylie Scott help me with my writing and support. However, I have many other friends who have helped me with my website, group and many other things. One such person is Lex Valentine!


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