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Ursula Grey has always been fascinated by the written word, both as a reader and a writer. A Northern transplant, she now resides in the sultry South with her husband and crazy puppy. When not at work, she is either reading, writing, relaxing, practicing yoga, or in route to France.

URL: http://ursulagrey.wordpress.com/

Q: Do you plan your books or just write?

A: I just write. The spark of an idea usually begins with an image or scene in which the main characters materialize. It becomes my job to animate themwith their input of course! The characters guide me in telling their story. As the writing progresses, the plot and storyline unfold. With hard work and dedication, eventually a novel is born.    

Q: What is your writing day like?

A: I like to set a goal of a certain number of words per day, but it varies. There are times when the words flow and I lose track of time. On other days it's more difficult. During the work week, after yoga, I'll spend the early part of the evening writing. On the weekends it depends. The most important thing, and sometimes the most difficult, is to just sit down and write! Once I do I become deeply immersed and it's an exhilarating feeling. Getting that first draft complete is the most difficult part. Next it's time for editing, expanding upon, and polishing what I've written. Sometimes it's a pleasant task, other times a challenge, but the act of writing provides a creative outlet that I find extremely rewarding. What I hope most is that my writing will touch my readers and leave them feeling good!

Q: What do you like to read?

A: Everything from the classics to contemporary works. A good book is a good book regardless of the genre or when it was written. If I had to choose one, historical fiction would be my genre of choice.

Q: What other projects are you working on?

A: Well, I have a few different works in progress. They range from a darker women's fiction title featuring two wronged women, an erotic work of science fiction, the story of a woman who mysteriously appears in a small town during nineteenth century America, and last but not least, an erotic comedy starring Aphrodite and her escapades upon returning to Earth. I have only the title of a western and the two women who will star in the adventure, does that count as number five? I like to experiment with different genres and time periodsI like to read as well as write them!

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