Woman Friendly

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 15,800
0 Ratings (0.0)

A collection of five erotic short stories with mixed lesbian themes including corporal punishment, crime, and revenge.

Woman Friendly by Olivia London

Jill and Rona have been neighbours for two years. They have a lot in common and could be destined for true love. If only they could look for love closer to home instead of all the loud places ...

Dirty Girl by Lynn Lake

Kaylee‘s a dirty girl. She lezes out every chance she gets; if it‘s got boobs and quim, she wants some. And in one super-satisfying fortnight she managed to get down and dirty, and off, with her next-door neighbour, a co-worker, and even her dental hygienist; one after another after another. A dirty girl never comes clean.

Patching Things Up by Jordan Alleyo

When your new lover has scars you can’t help but wonder. When your past means you recognise them as healed cigarette burns, there’s a great desire to know more. How did she get mixed up with someone like that? Who was it? Why had they done that? Why had she let them? I stopped abruptly at this last point and chastised myself for assuming everyone is as capable of defending themselves as I am. The fact I can disable a person of any size with a few well-placed jabs of a finger or thumb makes me the exception, not the rule.

The Flat Landscape by Johnson Green

Janet has reached middle age. With her husband gone and her son at Uni she had reached a dead end. That world changes forever when she employs Agnes. This young Polish woman appears shy and secretive at first. Soon she ignites feelings that Janet both fears and cannot restrain. But it takes a battered old novel to bring them together.

A Sport Without Balls by Landon Dixon

Nicole signed up for the company’s women’s volleyball team for two reasons: one to ogle her team mates, and two to ogle her opponents. She takes good care of her body, and her body usually takes good care of her. But when she got sweet, shy, little Lori all alone in the steamy-hot shower room after a strenuous game, it was her acting, not her athletic abilities, she put to good, sexy, seductive use.

Woman Friendly
0 Ratings (0.0)

Woman Friendly

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 15,800
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Jill lifted her shirt over her head and revealed two luscious orbs neatly packed into a push-up bra.

‘Kiss me,’ she commanded and Rona responded in a rush, her full provocative mouth bussing the lips of her new lady-love.

Their tongues kneaded together, gliding and probing until Rona reached behind Jill and unclasped that black, lacy impediment to desire.

Jill gasped with delight as Rona cupped each breast before tilting the areoles to her lips and tasting of their splendour. She let her tongue loll over Jill’s nipples, already hard and jutting like thimbles.

They toppled together on the sofa and Rona looked pleadingly into her new lover’s eyes.

‘Yes,’ was all Jill had to say for Rona to embark on a new journey of carnal discovery. She let her perfectly straight teeth toy with the elastic of Jill’s panties before biting them off altogether. Rona’s pussy wasn’t shaved but there was no subterfuge of pubic hair either. Rona had recently dated a smarmy fellow who liked bushy women. Women should look like they’ve just been pulled from the Garden of Eden, he’d said. Since then, she’d made a habit of giving her quim crew cuts.

Rona pivoted her tongue tantalizingly close to her lover’s mound. But good things only come to those who wait, so Rona was determined to make Jill squirm. She gently tapped Jill’s clitoris with the pads of her fingers allowing one digit to slip inch deep into warm pomade just as though leaning on a bell push.

‘Oh, yes,’ Jill murmured, but Rona continued to tease with the tips of her fingers and tender knuckle brushstrokes. She parted her lover’s legs and let her tongue swivel the lengths of Jill’s toned inner thighs. Jill’s quim was agleam and quivering with want but still Rona nibbled and supped on those lissom legs and pussy purlieus.

‘Rona, please. Please.’

The tone of Jill’s voice was irresistibly vulnerable and plaintive. Rona could hold out no longer. She plunged her tongue into the greatest of elixirs, petals of flesh opening like a flower in bloom. Rona’s tongue rollicked with frenetic abandon until she brought her lover to climax.

Rona peeled off her clothes, saying, ‘Hope you don’t mind, but I’m really more of a giver than a receiver. I’d really like to make you come again.’

Jill twined her arms round the beautiful blonde’s neck, thinking she may have just met the woman of her dreams.

‘Follow me!’ Jill led her sweetheart to the bedroom as sofas don’t lend themselves to multiple orgasms.

Supine on the counterpane of her full-sized bed, Jill surrendered completely as if this were the moment she had waited for all her life.

Rona gave and gave with tongue and fingers moving in tandem, until the spell of hypnotic rhythm broke with a solid round of finger-fucking.

‘Oh, yes! Fuck me with those fingers!’ Jill hardly recognised her own voice as she squealed and shamelessly begged for more.

Rona slid one palm under the small of Jill’s back while using her other hand to pleasure a thoroughly wet pussy, sleek and covetous with womanly passions.

The gorgeous blonde pumped the brunette’s vulva with her fingers in a way that felt better than any penis Jill had known.

If I had known lesbian sex could be this good, I’d never …

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