Xandra James

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Xandra has always wanted to write romance books. Even when she was sneaking peaks at the hot bits, too young to fully appreciate them, she dreamt of writing her own.

Now, older and wiser, she's got the opportunity to project her slightly dark and wacky, British sense of humour onto others, whilst still writing the hot bits—bonus!

When not writing, Xandra is thinking of excuses as to why she shouldn't be doing the housework, looking after a husband and cats that refuse to pick up after themselves and climbing the mountain in her house that's affectionately called her tbr pile.

She currently holds the crown for Queen Procrastinator—something she's very proud of—so you can usually find her online, somewhere, when she really should be writing.

Q: You're English. Is it all cups of tea, fish and chips and cucumber sandwiches whilst watching the Queen on TV?

A: Absolutely! That really is my life. On the rare occasion when I'm not doing those things, I spice it up by eating a good old roast dinner, inhaling coffee and watching something like American Horror Story or NCIS (current favourites).


Q: What's your favourite part about writing?

A: I love writing, full stop. If I had to pick one aspect I'd say it was finishing a first draft. Throughout it all you've had your ups and downs in writing it, but as soon as you finish writing that last word, everything's alright with the world again.


Q: If you could be in the circus, what role would you have?

A: I'd either have to be the ringmaster and wear a sexy outfit and hold a whip, or, I'd be a clown. Clowns actually freak me out slightly but if I was one, I'm sure I'd be fine. ;) 


Q: How do you decide on what your characters look like and their names?

A: I'm always making a note of names I like so, usually, I'll just look through my lists and am drawn to a certain name. I don't have any idea of what my hero or heroine look like at that point so I'll sit down and see what comes to me. It very often happens that I'll start off with a certain look for a character and, as I'm writing their story, they'll evolve somewhat. Usually into a celeb like Josh Holloway or Hugh Jackman - and that's never a bad thing!


Q: What's your favourite holiday of the year and why?

A: I love Christmas. There's something charming and innocent about it. Seeing gifts under the tree makes me all warm and fuzzy.


Q: When did you first start writing stories?

A: I'm not actually sure of the age, though I was reading since I was very young and the two seemed to go hand in hand with me. Two instances of me writing pop into my mind, right now. The first was a children's short story when I was about ten years old. It happened to be about my dog at the time— a beautiful Staffordshire bull terrier. And the second I started when I was about eleven. That ended up being the strangest accumulation of words ever. It was part romance, part YA and part adoration of New Kids On The Block. And it was the longest thing you ever did read. I had notebooks and notebooks of my scribbles. Every time I'd get near something that resembled an end, I'd go off on another tangent. I never did finish it! Lol.


Q: What format do you prefer reading books in, paper or e-reader, and why?

A: Both. I will never, ever stop loving the feel of a physical book in my hands and still prefer it. But now, with the popularity of e-books rising, there isn't any reason why not to embrace owning an e-reader. I only got my Kindle a short time ago but I wouldn't be without it. Of course, there will always be a pile of paperbacks on my bedside table too and I doubt that will ever change!


Q: Do you plan any other books to follow on from Shadow Justice?

A: Yes! There's going to be three books altogether in the Moon Magic series. After that, I have plans for other stories set around characters from the Meta-World too. I'm looking forward to getting stuck in ;) 

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