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Zara Chase is a British author who spends a lot of her time travelling the world. Being a gypsy provides her with ample opportunities to scope out exotic locations for her stories. She likes to involve her heroines in her erotic novels in all sorts of dangerous situations—and not only with the hunky heroes whom they encounter along the way. Murder, blackmail, kidnapping and fraud—to name just a few of life’s most common crimes— make frequent appearances in her books, adding pace and excitement to her racy stories.

Zara is an animal lover who enjoys keeping fit and good wine—yes the two can coexist— and believes in making the most out of life.

Q: Why do you do it?

A: What—write, you mean? Because I can. Because I always have. I’m blessed with an over-active imagination and have my head permanently in the clouds. I prefer fictional life to the real thing. Doesn’t everyone? In my books, I’m in charge, can make everyone dance to my tune, and, eventually, do the right thing. Ah, the power! How bad can that be?


Q: What do you hope to get out of it?

A: If I can give people pleasure, if they get enjoyment from my words and take the trouble to tell me so, I reckon I’ve achieved my goal. Getting paid for doing what I love is an added bonus!


Q: Why erotica?

A: Why not? I think the e-book revolution has given women more courage to read romance in general and erotica in particular without the fear of being sneered at. A bit like magazines on the top shelf no longer being quite so taboo. I abhor literary snobbery. We all like what we like and shouldn’t have to defend our tastes or apologize for them.


Q: Where do you get your inspiration?

A. I wish I knew; then I’d bottle it and flog it on eBay! Seriously, I’m blessed with the ability to start with a simple idea and run with it. I’ve written entire novels before now, starting with just one sentence and a vague notion of where I’m going with it. The characters take over and I tend to let them run wherever they like. After all, it’s their story and they never fail to surprise me.


Q: How do you discipline yourself to sit down and write?

A: No discipline necessary. If I’m not writing then I’m plotting in my head. Inattention gets me into trouble so often, you have no idea! This is such a competitive trade that if I needed to force myself to write then I’d be in the wrong business. Fortunately that hasn’t happened yet and I don’t see it becoming a problem any time soon.


Q: Why do you combine erotica with thriller writing?

A: I think it makes it more exciting. Half the programmes on TV are detective things, so I guess that’s what people like. Besides, confronted with scary situations, people are more likely to act out of character, which can make for interesting developments between the central characters. Let’s face it, if you think your life’s on the line, you’re gonna make the most of the time you have left, aren’t you? I certainly would!

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