A Magical Story

Phaze Books

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 15,000
7 Ratings (4.7)

As an indentured slave to the worst magician in the land, Hawk hates his life. When he suddenly finds himself matched in a duel with the one of the most famous wizards in Aurora, Hawk is in way over his head.

In less than one match, Hawk finds his life completely changed, and he now belongs to the wizard, Brael. Regardless of the fact Hawk has adored Brael since his youth, he's now a grown man and things are different. But are they really?

When his former master, Ejada, plots to kill the king and have Brael blamed for it, Hawk must go way beyond his limits to try to save the king and mage. If he doesn't, Brael will die. And if he succeeds, he'll probably be the one to die.

A Magical Story
7 Ratings (4.7)

A Magical Story

Phaze Books

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 15,000
7 Ratings (4.7)
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A good short story. I've read better by this author, but all in all a decent little book.

Brael opened the tower door and saw Master Jakob beside a cauldron with a young boy next to him. Though the child could barely see over the edge, he carefully added the ingredients the elder man gave him. 

After Brael dismissed the servant, he closed the door behind him. The instant the child, Hawk, noticed him, he tugged on Jakob’s robe. “Brael’s here, Grandpa.”

“Just in time, Brael. I’ve finished with my work already.” Jakob turned, a broad smile wreathing his features. The genial, elderly man motioned for Brael to sit as he headed to a nearby cabinet and poured them some wine. 

The moment Brael sat and held out his arms, the five-year-old boy chortled and clamored into his lap. He pulled playfully at one of the blond curls, and Hawk laughed at the bright, merry green eyes staring trustingly into his.

Jakob settled into the chair beside Brael and handed him a glass. “Are you fully prepared for the coming tournament?”

As Hawk’s fingers deftly plaited his long hair, Brael answered, “Of course. I thought to try the new spell you taught me last month.”

“Look what I can do, Brael.” Hawk lifted his hand and a glass flew across the room to him. 

Brael’s brow arched as he eyed the boy, then glanced at Jakob.

“It’s getting harder and harder to dampen his ability.” Jakob sighed before he took his grandson gently to task. “Hawk, you know you aren’t supposed to do that.”

“But I wanted to show Brael.” The child’s lower lip stuck out mutinously.

“I know what you can do, little bird. You don’t have to show me.” Brael tickled beneath his chin to coax a smile from him.

The stubborn jut to Hawk’s jaw relaxed, and he beamed at Brael before he buried his face against the wizard’s shoulder. His slender arms wrapped around Brael’s neck, and Hawk sighed happily.

“Hawk, it’s time for your dinner. Brael and I will come to your party after you’ve eaten.”

Only the promise of his party convinced Hawk to move. He pressed a kiss to Brael’s cheek, then scrambled off Brael’s lap to give his grandfather a kiss as well. “Brael, it’s my birthday, and you promised me a story.”

“You’ll have your story, Hawk.” He already had Hawk’s birthday gift in his pocket. “And your present, too.”

A sunny grin was his reward before Hawk left the room.

“He’s growing stronger, Jakob.” Brael had felt the distinct fluctuation of the child’s power when he’d entered the room. For most, magic was a learned practice, but for a few humans, the ability lay in their blood. In Hawk’s case, the ability already showed far stronger than normal. If it weren’t hidden, the temptation to abuse the power would come from all sides. It wouldn’t only be Hawk’s father trying to use Hawk, but every faction of magician above and below ground. 

“I don’t have the time left to protect him. You’ll be the one to train him, Brael, but not before the prophesied time.”

“I know all of that, but it might not be wise to leave it until he grows up.” Brael held his own doubts regardless of the prophecy.

“Phillip would misuse Hawk if he had a clue of his potential. The boy’s father pays no attention to him now, but the servants take good care of Hawk so I’m not worried about him.”

“I’ll keep him shielded, Jakob, and stop the growth of his power as I agreed.” He didn’t like the idea, but Brael understood the necessity.

“You know the prophecy as I do. You’re the only one who can train Hawk to reach his true strength. Anything else is too frightening to contemplate.”

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