A Member of the Profession

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 17,000
0 Ratings (0.0)

A collection of five erotic stories with mixed themes including girl/girl, interracial, alfresco, historical and bdsm.

A Member Of The Profession by Angel Propps

A beautiful, bored trophy wife offers a desperate young woman the chance to make some much needed money in an unexpected but thrilling way. She agrees and after being tied to her buyer's bed she finds herself getting far more from the bargain than she dreamed of.

Arjun’s Wedding by Carmel Lockyer

Melinda's got to attend a wedding, her ex's best friends wedding. That would be bad enough, but add in that it's an Indian wedding, her ex will be there with his new lady, and Melinda doesn't have a dress to wear. There's only one thing for it – find a new man, test drive the biggest dildo in Birmingham and develop a totally new take on the uncle of the bridegroom.

The Clearing by Chris Ross

Lucy likes nothing better than a spot of sunbathing and the chance to top up her all over tan. There is no one but her in the forest clearing so she strips off completely and indulges in a little girl fun while she is alone. Then she realises someone is watching her and she invites him to join her.

Libertines by Cyanne

Paris, at the turn of the century, Art Nouveau – a time of change. The artist tells her he has lots of money. He asks her to be his muse. She was such a simple country girl, but now she is drawn into a dark underworld of absinthe-induced sex and art and finds herself posing naked and allowing men to touch her for the artist’s pleasure. Will she ever escape from this debauched underworld and does she really want to?

One Night Only by Alex Severn

Danny didn’t fancy Eva when he first started working with her. There were better looking women at the office, and ones easier to get along with. Eva was an ice queen. At least that’s what he thought until the night she invited him back to her flat for a One Night Only offer. By the end of the evening he has discovered that Eva does not like to be disobeyed. But that’s OK because by then he is ready to do absolutely anything for her.

These stories have also been published in Kinky Girls ISBN 9781907016561

A Member of the Profession
0 Ratings (0.0)

A Member of the Profession

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 17,000
0 Ratings (0.0)
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‘You don't understand,’ I said to the blank faced man behind the counter at the jewellery store. ‘I need to return this ring. I am no longer engaged and ... And what could I say? My bastard ex fiancé had decided to dump me three weeks before our wedding and head off to Europe for a few months with every dollar in our joint bank account. The bills from the wedding had all come due and even after my parents had given what they could I had been stuck with cancellation fees and costs that were eating away every dollar I could lay my fingers on. I was broke and desperate and I wanted the man behind the counter to allow me to return the ring so I could at least have a little money in my pocket.
‘No,’ the thin and prissy-faced man said stuffily, ‘You don't understand. You cannot return that ring for a refund because it did not come from this store.’ He said that last with a look of utter distaste that would have been funny on any other day.
‘I don't understand,’ I said angrily. ‘What do you mean it did not come from here? Here is the box and it says... ’
‘No matter what the box says, the ring did not come from here. That is not even a diamond, it is a cubic zirconia.’
I stared at him and then down at the ring he had lain on the counter like it would dirty his hand if he touched it too long. A stunning blonde stood at the long counter pretending not to hear us and I had enough time to wonder if she was there to pick out her own ring before I burst into tears. I could not help it, I was just a wreck. I grabbed the box that held the ring the bastard had given me and went out their door reflecting bitterly that he had certainly pulled a fast one on me. I had a bum ring and he had all the checking account money. I was trying to find ways to pay for everything and he was walking across good old Paris.
‘Wait,’ a husky voice said from behind me. I spun around and there she was; a tall, thin beauty in full make-up and dangerous red stilettos and a red and white designer sundress that cost more than my entire wardrobe. It was barely noon. I stood there and she came closer, I could smell the musky bitterness of her perfume, see the perfectly glossed streaks in her honey and platinum hair.
‘What do you want?’ I could hear the tiredness in my voice.
‘I couldn't help but overhear. I was wondering ... I could ... if you would like to make some money I could help you with that.’
I stared at her. She looked like a model or a life sized doll. I couldn't figure out what she wanted with me so I just asked, ‘What do you mean?’
We were standing outside the glass windows of the jewellery store and she took my arm and guided me out of the jeweller’s vision before she spoke. ‘I like sex,’ she said bluntly, ‘I like to fuck. I don't want a relationship or to be bothered with dinner and dancing or sweet words. I don't like games; I just want to get laid. If you want to let me fuck you I will pay you $1,000.’
I burst into laughter. I mean it had to be a joke. For one second I actually looked around to see if I could spot the camera crew. There I stood, all five foot five and one hundred and fifty four pounds of me. Dark brown hair that hung to my shoulders, a face that was pretty when it wasn't so worried looking. Stubborn curves of both hip and tits and thick thighs that always seemed to draw attention. Nothing special. I mean Demi Moore might get hit on like that but me?
‘OK, $2,000.’
She wasn't joking. I stood there looking at her face and the thing that kept me rooted to the spot was that simple truth. She meant it. She wanted to pay me two grand to fuck me.
‘I'm not gay.’
‘Neither am I. I am married, though, to a 74-year-old bastard who has a private eye who follows me as a career so there’s no way I can talk to men. If I could I would, believe it.’
I knew it was insane. I mean who does that kind of thing? But I kept thinking of the way the jerk behind the jewellery store counter had been fawning over her when I walked in. I kept looking at the beauty shopped hair and the perfect toenails peeking from the open toes of her stilettos. I kept thinking how much I could get done with two grand.
‘Fuck it,’ I said, ‘I'm in.’
Half an hour later I was wondering if I was crazy all over again. She had put me in her limo's plushy interior and we had chatted casually. She had whispered that there was a camera and the driver was nosy and a spy to boot so we pretended to be old college friends who had run into each other again.
We had not been inside her luxurious condominium for ten minutes before I was tied to her bed. Literally. She had me stripped bare, shoved down onto the mattress and restrained so fast I did not know what hit me. I was flat on my back with my legs hoisted high and tied to the bed posts so that they were wide open and my ass cheeks were exposed. My arms were outstretched and also tied while a hard red ball gag was shoved in between my lips before I could even think.
‘Now we are ready to fuck,’ she purred and I stared as she took the dress off. Under it she was both unbelievably beautiful and naked. Her tits were small but firm, her ass curved upwards and her belly in. Her ribs stuck out and her pussy was clean shaven. I had to fight to breathe I was so scared but turned on all at the same time. ‘You better be worth my money bitch,’ she added and I screamed behind the gag as she slapped my ass cheeks with one dainty hand.
The spanking went on for a long time. At first I quivered and shrieked, tried to get away but then the pain faded and a boiling lust ignited in my belly. I could feel come dripping down the crack of my ass and dropping onto the bed. My eyes rolled back in my head and I whimpered with pleasure when she pushed a finger deep inside me.
‘You like that?’

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