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Arneda Everett’s love for writing began at a young age. The passion for writing was ignited when Ms. Everett was asked to pen her first story in the sixth grade. The love continued throughout her college years. It was during these years Ms. Everett had the privilege to work with both a published author and a professional editor. Ms. Everett attributes her refinement of her craft to this time in her life. After college Ms. Everett worked in customer service for several years. Although she found success in that industry, her first love of writing never was far from her heart. One day feeling the call, she sat down and began to write again. Ms. Everett is thrilled to have returned to her first and true love. Arneda Everett currently resides near the beautiful beach city of Santa Cruz, California.

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Q: What’s something unique you do to get in the head space to write?

A: I take time to be alone. I find a quiet place and empty out my mind. Once my mind is still then I am able to focus on my writing.

Q: How do you develop a story?

A: Basically what I do is think about what I want the story to do. I write an idea down and then develop it into an outline. I break up my outline into chapters and flesh out the story. From there I do a type of brainstorming. Finally I think about the characters and what I think their interactions would be like.

Q: What is something important for you to have while you write?

A: Music. It not only helps me concentrate by drowning out the surrounding world, but it also helps to set a mood in a scene I’m working on.

Q: What inspires a story you write?

A: Life. I can be anywhere or doing anything and something happens which sparks my imagination. Usually something that I believe others will understand and relate to like I have.

Q: Advice you live by?

A: That would be KISS or Keep It Simple, Silly. I really believe this is the best thing to do in life. Sometimes I try and complicated things and I end up missing what’s right in front of me. So I’ve learned to keep it simple. I believe this fact has helped me a lot in my writing.

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