Exposed Practices (MF)

Love Unexpected 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sensual
Word Count: 36,228
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[BookStrand Contemporary Romance, HEA]
Gidget Keegan is a frazzled mess. As the CEO and owner of a rapidly growing PR-marketing company Splendour, being stressed can spell disaster. Unfortunately for Gidget the last three months have been a living nightmare. So much so that Gidget’s doctor mandates Gidget to seek professional help for her out-of-control stress from a therapist. After great protest, Gidget is persuaded to accept professional help by the charming Dr. Cortland Lord. To Gidget’s ultimate delight her interactions with the gorgeous Cortland Lord are rapidly extended far behind the usual patience/doctor relationship. Cortland uses his physically gratifying sessions with Gidget to teach her how to manage her stress by infusing her life with equal doses of eroticism and tranquility. But in a business where appearances are everything, will Gidget’s secret relationship with the sexy doctor cause her to have unforeseen detrimental consequences? 
Note: This book is written in one point of view.
A BookStrand Mainstream Romance
Exposed Practices (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Exposed Practices (MF)

Love Unexpected 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sensual
Word Count: 36,228
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff




Gidget held her breath for a moment. He wanted to meet. Oh god, what does he look like sounding like that? His voice already caused her sex to tingle and become moist. Gidget was starting to lose her mind. She could only imagine how sexy he looked. Her mind filled with images of a tall mysterious creature.

“I was referred by your friend Adrian Clint. She said that you might have time to help me with things. Do you have an appointment available? I know you are quite the busy lady.” As Cortland had continued to talk, Gidget heard a trace of an accent. Where was it from? Oh my, she thought to herself, please not from Great Britain. Gidget knew that she had a weakness for the British accent. This only fueled her fantasies more.

Gidget, trying to remain calm, took a deep breath and answered him. “Yes, I do have time.  You’re in luck. In fact an opening just came up. I’m free.” She paused for a moment, fighting back her nerves, then continued. “In about, mmm, let’s say an hour. Will that work for you, Mr. Lord?”

What if he said no? Please, Keegan, she scolded herself internally. It’s not like you asked him to be yours for the rest of your life. Gidget sat back, stunned at her last thought. Why did her brain go there? She hadn’t even seen this guy.

But to Gidget’s relief, Cortland began to talk again. “Yes, that will work. But I need to ask you a favor. I was wondering.” He hesitated for a moment. “If you could come to my business address?”

“Sure, I could do that. Where are you located?” Gidget picked up a pen and waited for the address. Cortland, with a smile to his voice, confirmed with Gidget that he’d reached her on her cell phone. Once she confirmed that he indeed had, he said he would shoot it right over.

“I’m in San Diego so it might take you a little longer than an hour to get here. I look forward to our meeting, Ms. Keegan.”

“Likewise, Mr. Lord.”

“Until then, Ms. Keegan.” And with that the rich sultry voice was gone. Here iPhone buzzed and alerted her the address had arrived. She smiled, happy it had made it to her. She texted him back to let him know she had indeed received the address and she would see him soon. He sent a nice message back about looking forward to their meeting again.

Gidget put her iPhone down on her desk. She sighed. She sat there for a moment and let what just happen settle in. Yes, she had done this plenty of times before. She might be a little rusty but it was easy, something that came naturally to her.

Gidget stopped her train of thought. What was she thinking about? Her conversation in her head was ambiguous even to her. She had been thinking about how it had been a while since she had taken a meeting with a new client who was LA based, with the exception of Adrian. But she knew her thoughts had shifted to something entirely different. His silky voice had turned her on. It had been a long time since someone had stirred a reaction in her like Mr. Cortland Lord had. In fact, she had never felt a feeling like the one that burned deep inside her sexual seas.

Gidget tried to repress the feeling, but remembering his voice was making it hard to think straight. She wondered how the hell his voice could fuck her up in such a manner. She knew she had to release her pent-up sexual fire if she ever hoped to restore some kind of balance to her whirling mind.

Quickly Gidget locked her door to her office and shut the windows. She tapped a hidden panel on the wall behind her desk that was shrouded by the wood trim of the walls. She punched in the five-digit code into the black-faced keypad to unlock her hidden private back office which served as her home away from home.

Gidget heard the all-familiar sound of compressed air being released as the large crystal glass door, which had an etched frosty white phoenix rising from the ashes and flame embedded in it, slid open to reveal the concealed sanctuary. At a glance, the door could be mistaken for a piece of modern art in her office. But once on the inside of the private space, Gidget had a view into her office because the crystal door was made of two-way glass.

She quickly crossed the tan-colored carpet and came to rest on her California King bed. She sat there atop her plush, velvet, aqua duvet for a moment, thinking about his voice. But something about this was off. She then spotted her cozy settee.

“Oh, this is just right,” Gidget said as she settled into the settee. She had found her spot where she could set herself free. And she did.


* * * *


“Oh my god.” Escaped Gidget’s lips as she finished her self-satisfying moment. She stared at the ceiling as she caught her breath.

Her mind wandered back to what was ahead for her. Her naked body trembled with anticipation as she thought of Cortland’s sexy voice once more.

“Mr. Lord, my fantasy of you didn’t disappoint,” Gidget spoke out loud to herself.  “But will you?” Gidget knew this question would be answered soon.

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