[Siren Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, demons, shape-shifter, vampires/werewolves, HEA]
The Demon’s Bears is the story of how love changes everything…
Brody and his brother, Jayce, are the demon offspring of angelic parents. When their parents mysteriously disappear, they spend decades searching for them. But when the search becomes dangerous, Jayce leaves Brody in the care of a wolf pack. But the wolves are barbaric, and Brody’s life becomes a living hell filled with nothing but abuse and neglect. 
Landon and Elliot Damarin are bear shifters who desert their sleuth when they refuse to be forced into a mating. They believe fate has a mate for them, and they’ll wait forever for him if necessary. When Pine Falls becomes their home, they find acceptance and wait patiently for their mate.
When Brody is coerced into traveling to Pine Falls to protect the Alpha’s mate, he never imagined how drastically his life would change. Not only does Brody find acceptance, friendship, and love, but he discovers a strength he never dreamed he possessed.
Note: This book contains double penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
The Demon's Bears (MMM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Loved this book!! I don't read a lot of MM books but this one was so good. Can't wait until the next one.
I don't read M/M books but I had to make an exception for this one because I adore Brody, Elliot & Landon and just wanted to read their story ... and I'm glad I did because this book is AWESOME!




Brody tried not to cry as he looked up at Jayce. This was worse than he’d even imagined. These people, wolves, were vicious and nasty. Brody could feel their animosity prickling against his skin.

“They’re a strong pack, Brody. They’ll keep you safe as a matter of honor.”

Brody nodded as he saw Jayce’s eyes shine with emotion. This wasn’t easy for Jayce, and Brody hated making it harder for him.

“I’m sure I’ll fit right in as soon as I get the lay of the land,” Brody said, plastering what he hoped was a genuine smile on his face. “You go and find the bad guys. Don’t worry about a thing. I’ll be right here when you come back.”

Jayce pulled him close and gave him a brief hug. “You’re the worst liar in the history of the world. Love you.”

Brody sniffed back tears as Jayce’s words rang out after his brother had disappeared. It was a warm day, but Brody felt colder than he had at the top of Mt. Everest the day before. He took a deep breath and lifted his eyes to meet Patrick’s gaze.

The shifter looked indifferent to Brody’s pain, and he supposed that made sense since the man knew nothing about him.

“Sorry for the delay, sir.”

The wolf shifter turned on his heel and strode off, not glancing back to make sure Brody was following. Brody scurried along behind him, almost running to keep pace with the man’s long-legged stride.

“This used to be a tool shed.” Patrick had stopped outside a small wooden hut with a pitched roof. “Richard had it emptied and a cot put in there. If you want it to stop smelling of dirt and manure, you can clean it. We weren’t paid to be your housekeepers.”

Brody opened his mouth to speak but the man was already striding away, so he closed his mouth and sighed. The shed looked shabby. The boards were weathered and the roof was sagging, but it was large enough for him to hide in for a few days until Jayce came back. 

He pulled on the loop of leather that served as a handle and pulled open the door. His eyes began to water from the strong smell of horse shit. There was a metal cot inside with a thick mattress and clean-looking bedding. The rest of the six square feet of space was empty. There wasn’t even a window.

“I didn’t know demons smelled like shit,” a cold voice said.

“Must be why they keep to themselves,” another man said. “No one would associate with them if they all smell as bad as this one.”

Brody was so mad he felt like his ears were on fire. This was their damned shed. If it smelled like shit it was on the wolves, not him. He spun around, his anger making him braver than he’d been a few minutes ago.

Kids. A group of kids stood behind Brody. His anger drained away as he stared at the group of six boys who looked to be no older than sixteen.

“What?” one teenager asked. “Are you saying you don’t smell like shit?”

“I think the tool shed smells like horse manure,” Brody said calmly. “I’d like to clean it. Do you know where I could find a bucket?”

The boys all laughed and nudged each other with their shoulders as they strolled off. Brody just shook his head and set about dragging the bed outside so he could thoroughly wash out the shed. He wasn’t going to sleep inside until it stopped smelling. He had his standards, even if the shifters thought he didn’t. He just had to make the best of it until Jayce came back.

“Don’t be too long, Jayce. Please.”


* * * *


“What do you think?” Elliot asked.

“It’s a nice, small town, but it stinks of cat.” Landon stood and brushed pine needles from his jeans.

“We’ve been circling their territory for a month now and haven’t seen any trouble. Everyone seems really happy.”

“But they’re all cats,” Landon said. “How happy will they be when two bears ask for sanctuary in their territory?”

“You won’t know unless you finally grow a set of balls and ask the Alpha.”

Elliot and Landon spun around and saw a tall, solid man with dark hair, leaning against the tree Landon had just been sitting against. His scent was carried to Landon on a gust of wind. Cat.

“Good God. I didn’t hear you at all,” Elliot said, his admiration genuine. “If we join your pride, can you teach me to move like that?”

The tall cat threw his head back and laughed. “Not if your behavior the last few weeks is any indication. You two have been making so much noise the Alpha has already approved your sanctuary just so we can finally get some sleep.”

Landon felt his anxiety lessen. “You’re not much smaller than us. If you can move silently, we can learn to, as well.”

“Prescott,” the man said, thrusting out his hand. “Cougars are naturally agile. Bears are naturally lumbering.”

“Landon.” Landon shook the man’s hand and then watched him closely as Elliot introduced himself. “You’re the pride enforcer?”

“I am. The Alpha is waiting for you in his office if you’re ready to come and make your case for sanctuary.”

“And if we’re not ready?” Landon asked, his bear preparing for a fight.

“Then we’ll prepare for more sleepless nights. We already have an order in for some ear plugs.”

The cougar took off running. Landon didn’t want the cougar to be under any misapprehension about a bear shifter’s skills so, he followed, with Elliot right beside him.

“I think we’re going to like it here,” Elliot said.

“That remains to be seen,” Landon said as he reached out his foot and tripped Prescott up. Prescott rolled smoothly and kept running, his laughter loud in the quiet of the forest.




 “You’re a gift we won’t ever deserve,” Elliot said. “But undeserving or not, I’m never letting you go.” He held Brody with one strong arm, and tilted Brody’s head up with a finger under his chin. “I can’t believe the fates have blessed me with such a wonderful mate. If anyone’s not enough, it’s us. But you love us, and we love you, so that’s all that matters.”

Brody went to protest, but Elliot’s expression showed his absolute sincerity. He wasn’t fishing for compliments or trying to sweet talk Brody into bed. So, Brody thanked him for the compliment by kissing his mate and letting all his protective shields down so Elliot and Landon would know how much Brody loved him.

Landon growled softly, his elongated canines grazing down Brody’s neck as he kissed a path to his shoulder.

“Thank you,” Landon said. “For whatever you just did to let us in at last. As shifters, scent is a huge part of our world. Not being able to scent your emotions was like being blind.”

“I like how you smell when you’re aroused,” Elliot said. “We can wait.” Elliot kissed him, panting as he released Brody’s lips. “If you’re not ready, we’ll wait, baby. There’s no rush for us to make love. We can scent you now, and we know how scared you are.”

“I’m scared because I’ve never done this before. I want to be your mate.” Brody needed them to know what he was scared of. He knew how much they truly loved him, his only fear now was of the mechanics of the love making.

“We would never hurt you,” Landon growled as he pushed his erection against Brody’s ass.

Brody’s cock filled painfully and he pushed his erection against Elliot’s stomach. The friction made him moan in pleasure.

“Jesus,” Elliot whispered before crashing his lips onto Brody’s. His tongue thrust between Brody’s lips and Brody writhed between his mates.

He licked at Elliot’s tongue and delved into Elliot’s mouth, the musky taste making his skin so sensitive it was almost painful. His fears dissolved as his passion burned hotter.

“I need to touch you both.”

“We’re here, little mate,” Landon said.

Brody sighed as his mates pressed tighter against him. “Nothing has ever felt so wonderful.” Wrapping his legs more tightly around Elliot’s waist, he stretched his arms back over his head to run his hands through Landon’s thick silky hair.

Soft lips and warm, calloused hands caressed and kissed, driving Brody nearly crazy with need. Brody was about to come just from their touch. When Landon’s hand slipped inside his briefs and wrapped around Brody’s cock, Brody cried out as he came.

Landon gently pumped his shaft as his balls emptied. Pleasure arced through him as pulse after pulse of cum soaked his underwear, as well as Landon’s hand and Elliot’s stomach.

Brody let out a gasp as the pleasure turned to pain, and Landon released his shaft and pulled his hand from Brody’s briefs. Brody opened his mouth to apologize for ruining their mating by coming too soon, but he was rendered speechless as Landon brought his hand up to his mouth and licked Brody’s cum from his fingers.

“Delicious,” Landon said. “I want to do that again, soon.”

“I need to taste you, too,” Elliot said.

Brody bounced on the bed a second later and Landon dived onto the bed beside him. He licked more of Brody’s release from his palm, and growled, his eyes blazing a fiery amber as he smiled wickedly.

“You taste like heaven.” 

Landon kissed him and then nipped a path to his nipples. They ached and pebbled as Landon sucked one into his mouth and teased the other with his fingers.

Elliot kissed his inner thigh and dragged the soiled briefs off his legs before tossing them on the floor behind him. He cupped his balls gently before taking Brody’s cock into his hand. Brody had just come, but his shaft filled and grew painfully hard with just a few gentle strokes.

Elliot licked the head, growling as he lapped up the drops of pre-cum that were now beading at his opening.

“Nothing has ever tasted so fucking amazing. Tell me again that you’ll be my mate?” Elliot said, his expression tortured. “I’m not trying to pressure you, but if we make love now, you need to understand there’s no going back.” 

Brody’s cock twitched, and he felt his balls draw up tight as the tingling shot down his spine. 

“I’m... I’m…”

Elliot wrapped his finger and thumb around the base of Brody’s cock, holding it tight as he licked around the sensitive head before taking the length into his mouth. Brody’s cock ached and filled, but his orgasm was held at bay by Elliot’s firm grip.

“I thought you weren’t going to pressure me?” Brody managed between gasps.

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