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Bella Juarez is originally from San Antonio, Texas and now lives and writes on a small ranch in South Central Texas. She draws inspiration from the real-life heroes and heroines of the United States military and her many experiences in the twelve years she worked within that world as well as from her life in the civilian world. Her love of thrill and adventure is reflected in her stories. When she’s not writing, Bella runs a business and is active in the business community. She also runs half marathons and loves to be in the kitchen whipping up something to feed her hungry boys.

Q: Okay let’s start with the obvious, where are you from?


A: Originally, I’m from San Antonio, Texas. Now I live on a small ranch outside of San Antonio. I have traveled quite a bit and reflect that love of adventure in my books.


Q: Adventure? Let’s stay with that. Your series, Black Ops Brotherhood, sounds like the military or espionage. Tell me about that.


A: The series is very military. The old adage write about what you know is prevalent in my books. I grew up in a military town and worked with the military in Aircraft Maintenance. I write about the Navy and Marines. My favorite aircraft is the F-14 Tomcat, the Navy fighter in Top Gun. I would have loved to have worked on those planes. I spent twelve years with the Air Force as well as having a husband, a dad, a mom and a brother all in the military or civil service of some sort. I guess it was a natural fit.


Q: What do you do when you’re not writing?


A: I own and run an Information Technology firm. I’m very active in the business community in my hometown. My family is my top priority so I spend all the free time I have with them. I also run half marathons with my buddies and my sister, an attempt to keep in shape.


Q: EEEK! You do a lot of stuff! When do you write?


A: I make time. I can be very prolific once I sit down and start writing. I have to do it. I have to get rid of those voices in my head screaming for their stories to be told otherwise they would drive me crazy. I can be very good at compartmentalizing my time. I would eventually like to write full time. But, we’ll see…


Q: What inspires you to write besides the crazy voices in your head?


A: My inspiration comes from the extraordinary men and women who serve with the United States military, both civilian and in uniform. Most of them will tell you, I make them seem larger than life. I will tell you, THEY ARE larger than life and very dedicated people. Other things that inspire me can be a blip of something I hear or just see someone sitting outside surfing on their cell phone. I’ve always been able to see a backstory in really strange things. I’ve always loved to write and can’t remember a time when I didn’t write or come up with some kind of story in my head.


Q: What made you decide to submit a book to a publisher?


A: Funny story! My longtime client and friend, Heather Rainier, called me up and asked me to design a web page for her. I had already started working on the Black Ops Brotherhood series and was almost through one of the books when I started working on her web site. She was the bug who bit me and gave me the confidence to submit the books. Heather and Corinne Davies have been my mentors through this process and I am forever grateful. This has been a long time goal of mine.


Q: How do you figure out the stories?


A: It’s automatic. It’s kind of like how do you breathe? I guess I have one hell of an overactive imagination. I can tell you that my plots are complicated and I can have two or three running at the same time in a single book. I do a lot of story maps, outlines and character biographies and a lot of research. And just what I know to be true from past experiences.

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