Dominant Deception (MF)

Black Ops Brotherhood 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 108,262
10 Ratings (5.0)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Romantic Suspense, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

Navy SEAL Captain Jack “Rock” O’Malley is playing a deadly computer game with a hidden enemy. Jack must look outside his SEALs to an unlikely savior. Anna Santiago keeps her head down as a quiet system administrator hiding a painful past. Anna buried her outgoing, confident personality along with her husband and daughter. Jack sees behind the glasses and is drawn to the irresistible Anna. Both fight the pull of a powerful attraction. Can Jack keep his relationship with the unwilling Anna professional?

In fighting an enemy he can’t see, Jack drags the reluctant Anna into his Black Ops world. They are sucked into a cyber rabbit hole of dire consequences. Jack and his SEALs discover that his beloved Anna is the terrorists' next target, and he is faced with a choice that could end his military career and possibly his life. Can Jack and his SEALs keep Anna alive before the terrorists stalking him decide it's game over?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Dominant Deception (MF)
10 Ratings (5.0)

Dominant Deception (MF)

Black Ops Brotherhood 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 108,262
10 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
This series keeps getting better and better. Bella had my emotions all over. Not only is there romance and sex(hot sex) but her attention to military detail is awesome. I love it Bella, and I cant wait until I read Tactical Error (Black Ops Brotherhood, #4)
I loved Rock and Anna's story! Bella just keeps getting better and better. The stories interweave brilliantly, the books are full of intrigue but aren't lacking in sexual content. The characters are interesting, they are more mature than the average book in the genre. The further I get into her books, the more I appreciate the depth of the stories. Pick this book up - You won't be disappointed.
Professional Reviews

4 STARS: "DOMINANT DECEPTION by Bella Juarez is a book in the Black Ops Brotherhood Series. For me, the story truly begins at Chapter 4, when we are introduced to both Anna Santiago, IT tech and chef, and Captain Jack O'Malley, heartthrob of a badass Navy Seal. And from there, we have a set of ingredients comprised of a mystery, some espionage, some well-done sexual tension, a dusting of kink (bdsm) and a whole lotta jargon that is really optional in this recipe. Overall, the storytelling is great. I loved the age of the characters. So often, I read stories where the characters are barely out of puberty. It is SO nice to come across characters in their forties who are just as sexy, if not more. Ms. Juarez does a great job of putting the story together into a fun romance. The sex scenes, bit of kink, and well, ALL the interactions between Jack and Anna were absolutely enjoyable as the development of their personalities played off each other well." -- Gabrielle Sally, The Romance Reviews

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Jack took the reader and shut it off. He gazed at Anna and leaned in close. He inhaled her scent and was amazed at how it always affected him.

“I don’t need to read it because I already know how this ends,” Jack said dismissively, handing the e-reader back to Anna.

“Oh? I don’t. I haven’t gotten that far.”

“She winds up falling in love with that irritating Irishman and figures out she can’t and won’t live without him.”

“I’m betting the irritating Irishman gets his throat slit and dumped into the sea.”

“No, I’m telling you she winds up with him in the end and she lives blissfully ever after.”

“I don’t think so. Miserably ever after is more like it,” Anna shot back.

“Let me educate you about those irritating Irishmen. We never give up and we never quit until we get what we want,” Jack said confidently.

“Those irritating Irishmen really should be careful what they chase after. They just might catch it and get what they deserve.” Anna took another sip of her coffee.

Jack smiled a slow, wolfish smile and took the e-reader. “We can only hope.”

“You really think you have it all figured out, don’t you?” Anna asked.

“Most of the time I do,” Jack confirmed, flipping through the screens of the book. Anna took another sip of her coffee as she smiled and shook her head. “Let’s take you, for instance, a shy, repressed computer geek who likes to cook. I can look it up any time I want.”

“You think that little database tells you everything, huh?” Anna asked.

“No, it doesn’t tell me everything, but the rest I can observe.”


“What’s that supposed to mean? Tell me where I’m wrong,” Jack said.

“You are wrong, on so many levels, Captain,” Anna said.

“Okay. How?”


* * * *


Anna was starting to tire of Jack’s smug, know-it-all insolence. She was starting to regain some of her old self on this trip because Jack was pushing her limits. Every conversation seemed to turn into a contest of wills between the two of them.

It was time the captain got a dose of his own medicine. Anna set her coffee down, took off her glasses, and leaned in close, coming almost nose to nose with Jack. She read the surprise in his eyes and waited for a moment. She knew what he was thinking and watched as his emerald eyes glazed over in lust. If Captain Jack wanted a taste of her, she decided it was time to oblige him. The real, unabridged Anna was about to make an entrance.

“Your little database can tell you I was a five-star chef at a five-diamond resort for eight years. What it doesn’t tell you is that being a five-star chef at a five-diamond resort and staying there for eight years is a cutthroat endeavor and you don’t get there by being shy, Jack,” Anna said seductively.

Jack looked down and started to trace Anna’s finger as it rested on top of her coffee cup.

“Okay,” Jack whispered as he looked into her eyes with a hot intensity.

Anna watched as an annoying grin started to play around his lips.

“It can tell you that I was married to a man who was a lawyer and later entered politics. What it doesn’t tell you is how I managed to keep a pack of women who were constantly throwing themselves at him at bay. It also doesn’t tell you how I managed to control a very powerful man for over eighteen years. I didn’t control him by being repressed. What you’ve seen in the short time you’ve known me is what I want you to see, Jack,” Anna whispered.

Jack leaned forward a little more. She knew the move. He was calling her bluff, but Anna knew how to stand her ground.

“Are you that good, baby?” Jack whispered against her lips.

Anna moved closer to Jack. She lightly rubbed her cheek against his as she leaned into his ear. To anyone passing it looked as if she were telling him a secret.

“All your charm and little head games you like to play don’t play here. So far all I’ve seen from you is amateur night. You want to play for real, Jack? Then let’s play chess instead of checkers. And bring your A game because if you don’t, I will hand you your ass.”


* * * *


Jack closed his eyes when Anna’s cheek brushed his. The feeling was like a whisper, soft and light. It was a good thing they were sitting because her touch and her luscious scent would have made him drop to his knees otherwise. The sensation of her hot breath against his ear was going straight to his cock. She knew exactly what to say and do to reach into his soul. This is what he’d been searching for in a woman, someone who would challenge him, take him on, and not back down. This was so unexpected and so very sexy.

Anna’s next move almost sent Jack off his chair. He fought the urge to grab her and kiss her again. His eyes flew open in surprise when she took his earlobe and started nibbling ever so gently. His cock twitched when her lips nibbled at him and he thought for a moment he would come all over himself. He closed his eyes again and exhaled as he melted. There was no hiding his reaction from Anna.

“Yeah, I’m that good,” Anna whispered as if she knew every sensation he was feeling.

Anna leaned back and calmly put her glasses back on. She picked up her coffee and took a sip. Jack was rooted where he sat. He couldn’t move and was stunned speechless. He stared at her for a long time before he moved. Anna finally looked at him, daring him.

Jack sat back and attempted to gain his composure. “Game on.”




Anna woke slowly to the feel of Jack’s body next to her. She pulled the sheets around her and caught a glimpse of her wedding band. Anna lifted her hand slightly and looked at the diamonds in the band glinting in the dim light that flowed into the bedroom. She felt Jack shift and take her hand. He pulled closer to her and enclosed her body in his arms as he planted a slight kiss on her shoulder.

“Are you okay, Anna?” he asked.

Jack’s deep, sensual voice vibrated through her as she closed her eyes and lay still, letting the comfort of Jack’s embrace enfold her. It felt so good, so perfect. She took a deep breath and sighed.

“Anna…baby?” Jack questioned.

“I’m okay.” Anna snuggled closer.

Anna turned around, and without thinking, reached for him. Jack took his time, lips caressing hers and hands moving over her body. No one had ever touched her like that. And she’d never touched a body like his, so lean and muscular. She inhaled and slid her hands under his shirt to the warm skin of his chest. It felt so perfect, so right, just lying there with him. Jack cradled Anna’s face in his hand as his free arm slipped around her waist, drawing her closer. She leaned in and pressed her body to his. She closed her eyes and just held on, kissing him slowly.

Jack removed Anna’s clothes as well as his own. She marveled at how slowly he moved, not wanting to break the spell that was being cast between the two of them. He held her tenderly but securely as he turned on his back and pulled her on top of him. Lying across his chest, Anna continued exploring his mouth with her own, learning and tasting him. Anna brought her fingers up to see his face through touch. Jack leaned his face into her hand as if he understood her unspoken need. He wanted her to know him.

Anna straddled his thighs and reached down to feel Jack’s cock. She leaned forward as she stroked has hard cock and smiled against his mouth because he wanted her so badly. She wanted to feel the sensation of fullness that his cock gave her. She tried to position herself to start giving him the sex he seemed to enjoy so much the first time. He stopped her and slowly eased her onto her back.

“Nice and easy, baby, lay back and let me do this my way,” Jack whispered as he kissed the tip of Anna’s nose.

Jack’s fingertips slid over Anna’s body, caressing and exploring, burning a trail she could still feel long after they had left the spot. She’d never known any man who could touch her as if he’d always known her. He kissed her deeply, slowly, and passionately. He made his way down to her breasts and started his slow rhythm of licking the tips of her nipples, nipping at them with his lips and then suckling. She felt the flick of his tongue against her nipple jolt down to her pussy.

Anna arched her back and pressed against Jack, feeding him. His hand slowly massaging the other breast that wasn’t receiving the attention from his mouth. He would alternate between her breasts, first making love to one and then the other. Jack was making Anna understand he was in no hurry. She arched once more, wanting to be one with him. He kissed his way down her ribs and to her belly. The carnal stimulation Jack was giving Anna was almost enough to make her lose consciousness. Just when she thought she couldn’t take any more, he would stop and move to something new. He touched her clit and started rubbing tight little circles.

“Ahh, Jack,” Anna moaned.

Jack slipped his finger inside her pussy as his mouth took over where his finger had been. Instead of the tight circles from his finger, it was now his tongue. She started to writhe with anticipation as he continued to lick and finger-fuck her. He’d worked her to a fever pitch and when she thought she’d finally explode, he stopped and lazily made his way up her body, returning to his sweet torture of her breasts.

“Jack…please!” Anna moaned as she dug her nails into his shoulders.

Jack laughed a low sensual laugh and then gave a very erotic growl as he made his way to her mouth.

“Anna, baby…What do you want?” Jack whispered teasingly against her lips.

“Jack…” Anna panted.

Anna grabbed Jack’s hips and pulled him to her. He was using his muscular weight to his advantage and was able to stay firm.

“Tell me, baby,” Jack said.

“Fuck me!” Anna cried and breathlessly whispered, “Please just fuck me!”

Jack positioned himself at the entrance to Anna’s pussy and started slowly rocking his hips against her. She could feel herself clench every time he rocked forward, teasing her.

“Why are you always in such a hurry, Mrs. O’Malley?” Jack whispered against her throat.

Anna was shivering uncontrollably. She felt like a junkie in need of a fix and Jack was the drug she so desperately wanted. She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled at him, wanting to feel him plunge into her pussy, giving her the relief she urgently needed.

“I’m teaching you how to make this last,” Jack said as he continued his erotic rocking against Anna.

“Jack…please…” Anna whimpered.

“Should I start over?” Jack sensually teased as he licked her nipple.

NO! Please…no…” Anna gasped.

“Knight takes queen.” Jack rocked forward, thrusting his cock fully into Anna in one smooth motion.


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