I have always loved books. Reading was a passion early in my life. I read everything the famous and not so famous authors wrote. I was a die hard historical romance-only fan until I found contemporary to be just as satisfying to read. I began the rocky journey to publication, blind to all the rules and terribly afraid of rejection. With the help of patient critique partners and surviving more than a few disappointments, my first full-length novel was accepted for publication.
     I live in the Midwest, and enjoy being near my two adult children and my wonderful wildflower garden. I will never stop being delighted by the notes sent by a reader commenting on my work. Hearing from readers is important to me. I want to write stories that stay with you for a long while. I do it all for you.


Q: Of all the books you have written, which is your favorite?

A: I really can't come up with an answer. I love them all, each one dear to my heart. I think of the characters long after I have typed in the final word.

Q: Which genre do you most enjoy writing.

A: I would say romantic suspense. With some humor tossed in the mix. I love action and the process of falling in love in the heat of the battle.

Q: What are you planning for the next book.

A: I have to wait until the characters give me the nudge. The story will lead me on some new and thrilling escape.


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