Her Private John (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 52,000
22 Ratings (3.9)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance]

Bella Cantatore wants her ex-Navy pilot bodyguard. She burns to make erotic dreams of him a reality even though their three year relationship has been stormy.

John Lawless was supposed to be Bella Cantatore's bodyguard until her twenty-first birthday. 

To keep her sizable inheritance, Bella is required to marry John and stay with him for six months. John agrees to the stipulation to help her. She agrees because she loves him and sees this as her chance to win his love. They begin a journey of contentious married life, tested by unresolved problems they both carry in their hearts and sizzling passion that screams for releases.

This title was previously published.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Her Private John (MF)
22 Ratings (3.9)

Her Private John (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 52,000
22 Ratings (3.9)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
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4 Blue Ribbons: "Her Private John is realistic and often funny. I giggled at Bella's deliberate attempts to make John mad more so when she achieved just that. But then I would shiver at John's sexiness and Bella's luck at having such a wonderful man at her beck and call. Her Private John was an entertaining read and Betty Womack used just the right dialogue to keep me interested. This one is a keeper!" -- Natasha Smith, Romance Junkies

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When he rang her doorbell, a low rumble of thunder rolled across the blue-gray sky. On the tail end of the ominous sound, she opened the door and stared at him like a regal, sable cat. She didn't seem surprised to see him at her door, looking like a starving dog.

"Bella, let’s talk."

"Did you come for my jewelry? You can't possibly have any good reason to be here."

"Get your purse. We're going out to the county line and getting married."

She yawned and waved negligently over her shoulder as she walked away from the door. "Go home, John. I need to catch up on my sleep after being out all night for the past two nights."

She looked sensational, small and voluptuous at the same time. Some kind of white, shimmery material was draped around her hips and knotted under her belly button like a low-slung gun belt. The top she wore hung off her shoulders and barely skimmed her naked midriff. He was stunned by her blinding sensuality.

"Listen to me." He followed her and caught her arm in a firm grip. "I don't care about your social life. I don't think you understand what being poor is all about."

That caught her attention. She opened her eyes and studied him speculatively for a moment before smiling. That worried him. It was the smile of puss got the cream, and he’d seen it too often not to be concerned. She sank down onto a white silk brocade couch and patted the cushion beside her.


"No. We don’t have time to waste." He glanced at her bare feet and admired the two toe rings and ankle bracelet she wore. The sparkle of her gold adornments made him remember who he was talking to and the fact he was about to do something completely crazy. He had gone completely loco. He didn't want to get married, especially to Bella. If she refused to go along with him right then he was running like hell. "Okay, lady. Listen good and get this straight. You’ll never hear me say this again, not to you."

Her pouty lips parted to reveal white teeth and her left cheek dimpled a little. "My God, John. You aren’t going to propose, are you?"

Holy Hell. How did she know? He must be slobbering. He grabbed at his pride as it drifted by. "Nothing of the sort. It’s a business arrangement." He tried to swallow without her hearing the scrape as it went down. "Well? Yes or no?"

"Is this to help me or you?"

"It’s to keep you out of my pocket whenever you want to pay your rent."

"Will we be having sex?"

"Not unless you just have to have it."

He didn’t like the secretive smile on her rose pink lips.

"Will you take care of me and buy me food and candy?"

"Don’t be a bitch."

He couldn’t help the flood of relief that hit him when she laughed and jumped to her feet.

"I’ll get my shoes."


* * * *


The Justice of the Peace Chapel was overrun with couples in a hurry to put on the ball and chain. John eyed the group with mild curiosity. He touched the license in his back pocket, glad it had been no trouble to obtain from a friendly judge in Dallas. Bella stood close to him, clutching the bouquet of daisies he had bought for her from a street corner vendor. She poked her small nose deep into the flowers every once in a while and now she had yellow flower dust on her nose and chin.

He wasn't ashamed of the male pride swelling his chest and squeezing his gut. There was no contest as to who had the best looking woman in the room. She hadn't changed her clothes for the wedding. Maybe her bridal garb was a bit unorthodox, but she was a knockout. She had fashioned her mop of sun streaked honey-brown hair into one of those forties looking haystacks on top of her head.

He grinned at her, almost passing out when she smiled at him and ducked her chin as if she was shy with him. He wondered if he would survive six months of steel hard-ons and no way to relieve himself. In a few minutes he would be committing himself to hell on earth. He had to be nuts.

"What are you so nervous about?" She leaned against him, obviously tired of standing in line and oblivious that she was the sexiest woman in Texas. She glanced up at him and he looked at his watch.

"We might be here for days at this rate. Hell, we should have flown to Las Vegas."

"So you're anxious to strap on the old saddle."


Bella’s breath quickened just watching him lean in the shower stall to get the rain shower started. She was so in love with his lean muscular body and never tired of inspecting his generous sex. Her palms tingled in want of touching his chest and shoulders, his flat belly and strong back. But, most of all, she loved being in his arms and hearing him call her his sex goddess.

He stepped under the lovely fall of warm water and made room for her. He had been right, there were several condoms in the toiletry rack. She pointed to his stash and smacked his rear.

"Remind me to show you which appendage those go on."

He knelt and pulled her hips against his face, darting his tongue in and out of her navel, kissing and tasting the softness of her folds. She had wanted this for so long, dreamed of it and now while it happened, it was too intense and joyous to explain.

She experienced a pleasure and a pain that was new and she feared it would elude her if she reached for it again. She gripped his ears as he tasted her delicate inner folds, letting him hold her still until her knees buckled and she draped over his shoulder. His voice sounded far away when he spoke.

"I love the way you come, baby."

"Not half as much as I do," she said softly. Her hand went to his member as he stood and drew her against him. She reached around him and took one of the packages from the shelf, breaking the cellophane.

"I'm hot, baby." He rocked against her.

"That's the idea." She gripped him and moved her fingers up and down his hard length, reaching down to cup his scrotum in a firm hold.

"I see, you're not going to let me be nice and wait until we're having sex, are you?"

"No." She wanted him to do just that, and smiled in a bewitching tease at the prospect of making him reach orgasm with her simply touching him. "Go ahead."

"No, I want us to come together. Now."

She laughed and popped the condom out of its package and worked it onto his engorged member. "Fine with me." She gasped as he lifted her up and entered her in a measured hard thrust. "Umm, cowboy."

He didn't treat her with kid gloves this time, pulling her legs up to his waist and pushing her against the shower wall. She heard the splash of water and tasted his mouth with his every thrust and the moving tease of his tongue. He stole her very last inhibition, her will to say no to anything and her desire to be just one person alone any more.

 He took her high above ordinary sex into his rough-and-tumble, go-for-broke lovemaking and his heart melting kisses.

The dull squeak of her back sliding against the tiled wall roused Bella from a deep euphoria. A new blaze burst up from her cleft where his thrusting hips sent her chasing a new uplifting need. She bit his shoulder in her quest for release, laughing when he moaned.

"Did you like that?" she asked, spanking his rear.

"I'll tell you in a minute, you little cat."

He held her still, kissing her so deeply her heart threatened to stop and her legs went weak as cotton candy, kissing her until she became part of the fire of climax, coming with him and slipped into a near faint.

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