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Book 3: Transgressions

Faith Savage, Demon Huntress

Mojocastle Press

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 6,682
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For the humans, the veil between Heaven and Hell, Light and Darkness, grows thinner with each night’s passing. On Earth, the fallen have spread their dark army far into the city of man. In the shadows, the weary tremble and the weak are overtaken.

For the few who walk the dark mile on the trail of suffering’s madness, they alone know the strength of a whispered prayer. Because sometimes, even darkness’ wrath and hatred can learn to bow before a spirit’s faith.

My name is Faith Savage, I hunt Demons. I know that even the strong and righteous suffer the weight from a world filled with sin. For in the end, it is the true believers who know that a loving God forgives you your transgressions.

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I watched the dark sexual specialty that was all Salvitor swagger forward. Determined consternation and burning resolve radiated from him in dark flowing waves that I could almost touch. Power rode the air like the coming of a summer storm. His eyes shown with their own form of lightning. I felt it all in the racing beat of my heart. Couldn’t seem to tear myself away from the dark mystery that enveloped him like a plague dipped in molasses. Sensuality wove around him like oxygen takes to fire, stirring the fire of want in my belly. Yet I knew that if I touched it, I’d be more than burned.

Swallowing the hard knot of my impending doom, I realized that, for the first time in my history, I was in deep, deep trouble.
Breathing grew difficult the closer he got, my chest a tight ache. The lump in my throat became the size of a small boulder and he’d only reached the edge of the bed. “You will be mine, Faith Savage,” he whispered, his left knee now pressing the bedding, the hard, sculpted planes of his torso leaning forward.

My eyes scanned the length of his body, dark shirt open to reveal the feral delights beyond, black jeans encasing sin, and my airways constricted. Ravenous dark curls swept the length of his shoulders. A stern jaw with its cleft chin drew my eyes to full lips and I think my breathing stopped altogether.

My pulse beat madly, almost out of control. I tried to swallow past the pain, the fear and the need that I was certain wasn’t my own. I was effectively trapped by his hunger. Deer in the headlights, rabbit in the cage—trapped. He had me in his lair, with the soft edge of his voice and the closeness of his body pressing in on me. I was frozen with terror, derived by desire.

Fear and need. His. Mine. Both of us. I wasn’t quite sure who was to blame at this point and by now, it didn’t really matter. My brain was shutting down.

His voice lulled over me, forcing his will over mine. “Nothing and no one will stop me,” he whispered. “It is just you and me, Faith. I will know every inch of your body, and delight in your surrender.”