He Didn't Expect to Fall in Love (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 31,200
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Romance, Alternative, Futuristic/Near Future, MM, HEA]

Myles Booth is a freelance journalist who accidentally stumbles upon a murder scene. He's the sole witness who can identify the faces of the murderers. Consequently, he's being relentlessly pursued by the murderers who want to silence him forever. The police try to protect him by keeping him in a safehouse, but the location is leaked within days.

While on the way to another safehouse, Myles gets separated from his police escort, and he somehow ends up in a secluded estate that belongs to Ewan Rees, a billionaire who earns his money by developing a few successful virtual reality games. Ewan agrees to let Myles stay on the estate after his police acquaintance vouches for the man. What starts out as an awkward friendship soon turns into a mutual romantic attraction. Ewan and Myles begin to date while staying hidden on the estate.

Can they ever date like other regular couples and find their happily ever after?

He Didn't Expect to Fall in Love (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

He Didn't Expect to Fall in Love (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 31,200
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


“Shall we take my car?” Myles suggested.

Randall shook his head. “I’ll ride in the police vehicle. If anything occurs later, I want you to get away as fast as possible. I’ll try to stop your pursuers. You’re an important witness. You have to stay alive.”

Myles didn’t like the sound of that, but Randall had made a valid point. “Okay. Is there another secure shelter nearby?”

“Yes,” Randall answered. “I’ll text the address to you. The lock to the door requires a password. I’ll also send it to you.”

“All right. Thanks.”

A few minutes later, Myles was on his way to the new place. He switched on the surveillance system installed in the car. The video camera at the back of the car was activated, and Myles saw on the television screen that the police car was still right behind him.

“Fifteen minutes to the destination,” the system announced.

Myles was frightened, but nothing bad happened so far. He thought he would be able to get to the new house without any incident. Unfortunately, he was dead wrong about that. He gasped in shock as a large van suddenly crashed into the police vehicle behind him. He was worried about Randall, but he knew he shouldn’t stop and check on the man’s condition. He wouldn’t be able to do much anyway.

“Computer, speed up by twenty miles per hour!” Myles instructed.

“Denied,” the system said. “The speed limit is—”

“Override! Speed up by twenty miles per hour!”

In the next instant, the car began to dash away much faster in the air. Meanwhile, Myles had moved his seat to the front of the car by pressing on one of the buttons on the armrest so he could get to the keyboard. He started to frantically search online for a location where he could possibly hide the car. He didn’t hold out much hope because there were only rows of buildings, mostly houses, on either side of the road. Then he noticed something on the map of Lancaster. It showed that there was a place less than half a mile away where his car might be concealed, but the turn would be quite sharp. Myles didn’t have a choice, though. There were two cars right behind his own, and he was pretty sure they weren’t there to rescue him.

Myles quickly commanded the car to pick up its pace by another ten miles per hour, ignoring the warning from the system that it would be dangerous to do that. The risk paid off, though. There were honking sounds coming from some other cars behind him, especially when the vehicle he was riding on swerved left and right. His luck must be great that day because his pursuers were momentarily blocked by those vehicles. Myles’s car swerved to the left mere minutes later, and it was effectively covered by some tall trees so it wouldn’t be visible by anybody who was passing by.

Myles stayed inside the car. He didn’t dare to get out from the car or do anything else. He was honestly terrified. He was scared that the people who wanted him dead might discover his car. He would definitely be killed then. He also couldn’t stop thinking about Randall and wondering if the police officer was still alive or not. With every second that ticked by, Myles could feel his heart pounding much harder than before, but that calmed him down somewhat. At least, he survived.

All of a sudden, somebody knocked on the left door of his car, and he jumped slightly in surprise. Most people would usually bang on the right door because that was the main entryway into the vehicle. The left door was utilized as an emergency exit in case something was wrong with the right one. There were two other ways to get out from the car, and that was either through the roof of the car or the bottom door.

Myles glanced to the left side. He was able to see everything outside clearly. However, nobody could view the interior of the car from the outside. A massive giant with green eyes and black hair was standing next to Myles’s car. The gigantic man had to be over six feet in height. Probably around six feet and four inches. The stranger was also extremely muscular. Myles briefly wondered if the man could possibly weigh three hundred pounds or more, but he shoved the ridiculous thought to the back of his mind. That was too much. The unknown man must be somewhere around two hundred and forty pounds. Or slightly more.

“Whoever is inside the car, please get your car off my property,” the enormous man shouted while tapping on the door lightly with his palm. “You’re blocking the main entrance to my estate.”

Myles hesitated. He knew he shouldn’t do it, but he was desperate. He hastily opened the window with a click of a button.

“Sir, my name is Myles Booth. I’m being chased by some unknown individuals. Help me, please.”




“I’m so fucking horny, and I want you so bad,” Ewan whispered loudly.

His voice sounded husky, and Myles thought that it was sexy. He glanced downward, and he was astonished because Ewan was obviously awake. The two of them gazed into each other’s eyes. Myles liked Ewan a lot. He certainly wouldn’t mind having sex with Ewan.

“What are you waiting for then?”

Ewan got up in a hurry. He stood next to the couch before bending forward and lifting Myles up into the air. Myles didn’t expect that so he automatically reacted by wrapping his legs around Ewan’s waist. He also grabbed on to Ewan’s shoulders tightly with both hands as if his life depended on it.

“Let’s go to my bedroom,” Ewan said.

Myles enthusiastically nodded while grinning at Ewan. It took them less than a minute to get into the master bedroom. Ewan didn’t bother to switch on the lights. Instead, he made a beeline toward the bed before gently depositing Myles on it. Then he got up on top of Myles before proceeding to press their lips together. Myles had made out with a few men in the past, and even though he wasn’t the most experienced lover in the world or the most skillful one, he was confident that he was a good kisser.

However, Ewan took Myles’s breath away. He nibbled on Myles’s lips, and the way he licked at them was so sensual and tender. He didn’t stick his tongue into Myles’s mouth like a desperate man who was about to plunder and conquer. He took his time. Myles felt as if Ewan was caressing his tongue, along with some other parts inside his mouth, and the sensations were out of this world. Their kisses didn’t feel like a duel. Myles felt as if Ewan was worshiping every inch of the inside of his mouth.

He was taken aback moments later when Ewan moved on to his ears. One right after the other. Ewan was definitely horny. Myles could feel the proof of Ewan’s arousal throbbing against his own so he thought that his lover would be impatient. He was dead wrong. Ewan took his time, tenderly working his way downward. It was as if he was attempting to get a taste of every inch of Myles, starting from the ears and neck. Myles did his best to remain stationary while Ewan was taking off their clothes until they were both completely naked.

After that, he peppered Myles’s face with sweet kisses. Myles grunted in pleasure when Ewan was suckling on his nipples one right after the other. It hurt a little when Ewan bit on them, but Myles didn’t protest at all. He whimpered softly when Ewan planted face first against his balls and sniffed at them. Something about that action was so filthy and nasty, and it turned Myles on like crazy. He loved it even more when Ewan was lapping at his balls and the base of his pulsing cock. He could feel his dick leaking out precum immediately.

“Ewan,” Myles said after enduring the exquisitely torturous sensation for a few more seconds. “It’s my turn now.”

“I’m not done yet.”

“Get into a sixty-nine position with me,” Myles suggested. “I want to suck on your cock and lick at your balls. It’s only fair.”

Ewan nodded. When Myles got to see Ewan’s hard dick up close and personal, he was amazed and impressed. Many men liked to exaggerate the size of their endowments. Ewan certainly didn’t have to do that. His cock was massive. It had to be at least ten inches in length, and it was really thick. Myles could barely wrap his fist around Ewan’s dick. Moreover, Ewan’s balls were huge. When Myles tried to take both of Ewan’s balls into his mouth, he failed miserably. They were too big. He briefly wondered if that was the reason why Ewan’s precum was flowing continuously like a leaky faucet.

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