Innate Wright Bundle 1

Innate Wright

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Sweet
Word Count: 48,908
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Life on Hera has taken a turn since Terran colonization, but the new Herans survived an incursion from a destructive alien race and repurposed the attacking ships into their own defenses. Robots. Pilot-driven robots saved the first Herans, and their engineers kept the weapons ready for action.

To keep the robots from being taken over by unqualified personnel, they were locked to their pilot’s bloodline and each engineer born for the next two hundred years had the same DNA in their bodies. Burning Day is the day that the engineers prove their maintenance and their community gains supplies from the city, two hundred kilometers away.

Burning Day is when the aliens return and Burning Day is where our story begins…

Innate Wright Bundle 1
Burning Day Book 1
Break for Home Book 2
City Strike Book 3

Innate Wright Bundle 1
0 Ratings (0.0)

Innate Wright Bundle 1

Innate Wright

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Sweet
Word Count: 48,908
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Angela Waters

Burning Day
Innate Wright Book 1

A day of celebration turns to horror as six engineers turn to their clan robots for a chance at planetary survival. A small chance.

A human colony preparing to celebrate three hundred years on its new world is suddenly faced with an enemy that hearkens back to their early days on Hera.

The giant bots that saved the colony have been dormant for nearly two centuries. During a celebration that proves the engineers have kept them ready for battle, the party turns into a race to save lives and get to the bots.

The engineers have been responsible for the mechanical stability of the bots. They are not pilots. The pilots are in the city, two hundred kilometres away. There are six surviving bots and six engineering clans that care for them. It is up to the engineers to get the bots up and running so that they can get the right pilot for the right job. If they can get the bots moving.

Six women, six stories, and six very different AIs giving them attitude.

Break for Home
Innate Wright Book 2

With the bots in operation, six women have to run across an irradiated desert, jump chasms, and face an alien threat. All before lunch.

The six engineers of Bot City cross the wasteland in a desperate attempt to gain the trained pilots for the bots they are driving need. While the women can make the bots move, they don’t know how to use them as weapons. That is a skill that the original pilots had, and they need.

The journey brings them trials, tribulations, and the nauseating thrill of using their burn jets to leap over a chasm. After some harrowing moments, they meet the early incursion force of their ancient enemy and learn that they do indeed need a lot more practice in the art of war.

City Strike
Innate Wright Book 3

The visit to the city has not gone to plan, and now, the pilots need to find the one thing they can’t do without. Accessories.

With the transformation from engineers to pilots, the ladies must fight the memories of their ancestors in order to keep their focus on finding the defensive weaponry that goes with their bots. The city holds the key to the weapons, but the bots are on the outside of the gates and the caches are on the inside.

Each ancient pilot knew where the weapons had been buried, and those memories are now pressed into service as the engineers break through the city gates to get what they need to save their own people.

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