Kuroki-san's Slave (FF)


Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 30,323
0 Ratings (0.0)

After volunteering for a Kinbaku exhibition, Micheleen finds that all she’d ever wanted in her life could be given to her by one woman. When Kinbaku expert Yuriko offers her a contract to become her main exhibition model, it also carries the terms that Michy will become her sex-slave.

Can Michy give away or sell everything she owns and move across country to be at Yuriko’s every whim? Or should she stay in her boring 9-to-5 in San Francisco?

Michy finds that a new lifestyle with a new name reminds her daily of Yuriko’s wants and desires. Can this be love and not just a job?

Kuroki-san's Slave (FF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Kuroki-san's Slave (FF)


Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 30,323
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Written Ink Designs

“We also use bamboo in Kinbaku-bi.” Daisuke walked onstage and handed her a five-foot pole of bamboo about one inch in diameter. Yuriko explained that because of its strength, resilience, and beauty, bamboo was the perfect addition to binding. “It will not break, like a similar sized piece of regular wood, and it is a lot lighter.” She held it up.

Yuriko placed the rod behind my shoulders. “Hold on to this with both hands,” she told me softly.

I stretched my arms out to the sides and grasped the bamboo. Yuriko made five slipknots into the rope and placed them over one of my arms. In a few moves, the knots were lined up my arm and she had pulled each tight, binding my arm securely to the bamboo. She went to the other side and did the same to that arm.

She turned me around with my back to the audience. She slipped the ends of the ropes under the ones around my shoulders, and then I felt her tying something behind my back. She stepped to the side and told me to turn around.

“Do any of the ropes feel loose?” she asked me loudly. I tried to bend my elbows, but couldn’t, and I shook my head. She stepped in back of me and I heard the sounds of the metal wheels of a pulley above my head turning. She was doing something with the ropes behind my shoulders.

“Takeo?” I heard her call and the tall, bare-chested man walked on stage. He reached for a rope that was hanging from the ceiling and I felt myself being lifted up. My waist was just above Mistress Yuriko’s head. She bent my right knee up and started wrapping the rope around it to bind my calf to my thigh.

“Do you feel any stretching in your knee?” she asked me.

“No, ma’am,” I replied and then I felt my leg being pulled to the side. I had to turn my hips to the right to get my leg that high. It was tied to the end of the bamboo pole near my wrist.

Daisuke brought her a shorter bamboo pole and she wound it onto my left leg. It was tied to the other end of the long pole.

“Are you all right?” Yuriko whispered to me.

“Yes, I’m fine,” I answered.

“Look to the right,” she said. She smiled and turned to the audience. She held her hand out to me. “This pose is Chōyaku no shika: Leaping Deer. The beauty of Kinbaku-bi.” She spun me slowly around so the audience could see me from all sides. They went wild.

When they had quieted down, she said, “From there, however, we can take it in several different directions depending on your own fetishes and desires.”

“You can easily turn it into torture,” she said. She and Takeo tied ropes from the ceiling to each end of the long pole and adjusted other ropes. She stepped back. Takeo adjusted the rope tied to my back and I felt myself being flipped upside down.

She slowly spun me around. “As you can see, there are several places that have been left vulnerable. The breasts have been elongated and the nipples are bare.” She brushed them gently, and then pinched them. The audience chuckled when my face showed surprise.

“The ass is accessible.” She turned me and gave me a hard slap on my rear. “In fact, the whole genital area is open and available. And gentlemen, you might find this rather interesting.” She turned me toward her, put her hands on my head and pulled me forward and back, my mouth level with her crotch. There was laughter and applause around the room.

“And there you have one example of the beauty, the pleasure, and the torture of Kinbaku-bi.” She bowed to the audience and then sent me spinning around and around.

I heard her say to the audience, “Are there any questions?”

I’m not sure what happened next but I felt the men around me as I was turned right-side up again. The ropes holding my legs apart were untied and I was lowered until I was standing on my own two feet. My arms were still tied to the bamboo which hadn’t been untied from the ceiling ropes. It was probably the only thing keeping me upright. The spinning had left me a little unstable.

Yuriko was in front of me. “How are you feeling, Micheleen?” she asked.

“A little dizzy but I’m fine. That was an incredible experience.”

“Good.” She patted my cheek. “Stay like that until the dizziness goes away.” Then she called. “Daisuke? Get her some water.”

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