Mixed Up (MM)


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 38,142
0 Ratings (0.0)

In order to save face for his family, chef Kairi Nakano agrees to stand in for his identical twin who has flown the coop on her wedding day. Kairi had no idea his twin was getting married and has just arrived home from America. But within hours of being home, his older brother talks Kairi into standing in for Kana until he can find her. Kairi, not one to make waves, agrees. The next thing he knows, he’s being kissed by some guy after being declared man and wife.

Denji Kikuchi knew better than to trust anyone associated with the notorious yakuza. But when his family and the Nakano family agree to call a truce if Denji marries Asaki Nakano’s younger sister, Denji agrees after seeing how beautiful Kana is. He gets the surprise of his life on his wedding night when he realizes the beauty sharing his bed is not Kana, but Kana’s identical twin brother, Kairi.

Mad at first, Denji understands Kairi didn’t mean to deceive him, but was just doing a favor for Asaki after Kana ran off with her boyfriend. Now Denji can do one of two things. Ask for an annulment since same sex marriages aren’t legal in Japan, or hold Kairi to the contract until Kana returns.

Mixed Up (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Mixed Up (MM)


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 38,142
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Written Ink Designs

“Have you managed to find your daughter?” Daido asked after Denji joined them at the table. He sat across from his fake bride. In the olden days that one would have been killed for the deception. But there had been enough bloodshed between the two families.

“Not yet,” Yamato answered. “She fled to the United States.”

“I didn’t think I was that bad-looking,” Denji joked.

Daido did not fail to see Kairi smile and wink at Denji. Apparently, the little brother didn’t think Denji was an eyesore. He didn’t know if he wanted the young woman in his family now. Besides being flighty, she had caused her family a large sum of money for the wedding, reception, honeymoon and not to mention the dowry “Do you have any idea when she might be back?” Daido asked.

“No,” Yamato answered. “We have sent people to find her. It could take days or even weeks, depending on how hard she’s trying not to be found. I will personally deposit her at your feet to apologize to such an act.”

“And what is my son supposed to do until then. Everyone outside this room thinks he’s married to the beautiful bride they saw at wedding yesterday.”

“Technically the bride is here,” Yamato said.

Kairi looked down the table at his father with a what the fuck look on his face.

“As handsome as he is, I’m sure it won’t be long before someone finds out he’s not a female. Though my wife and mother surprisingly doesn’t care about his sex. Once they found out he was a chef they wanted Denji to accept him.”

Kairi choked. “A marriage between Denji and me is not legal in Japan.”

“Whoa, is that our real voice?” Daido asked.

“Yes, sir,” Kairi answered.

“It’s very soothing. Have you been cut?”

Kairi hissed. “No.”

Daido chuckled. Denji had already told him that Kairi was gay.

The two lawyers interrupted the conversation, looking very guilty.

“What?” Daido asked.

“Their marriage might be legal,” their lawyer Akira Sato said. “It’s not a well-known incident, but a Shinto priest did recently perform a wedding ceremony for a same sex couple. For those of Shinto faith, their marriage is legal in the eyes of the temple and their gods.”

Of course, Akira had to be lying. Kairi Nakano looked like he was about to faint. While his son, Denji had a wicked sneer on his lips.

“What’s wrong with you?” Daido asked Denji.

“Suppose I want my fake bride instead of that traitor Kana.”

“Are you nuts?” Daido asked. “Why would you want to do that?”

“It is no big secret that I’ve dated guys before,” Denji said.

“Your mother thought it was a phase,” his father said. “Dating and marriage are two different things. Everyone will know about the dupe.”

“Not if I tell them that I planned it this way all along,” Denji said.

“I don’t understand,” Asaki Nakano said. “You want to go on your honeymoon with Kana’s twin brother? For what?”

“Because it’s already paid for and I need time to regroup after being left at the altar.”

“And you want to take my brother on your honeymoon to Singapore for two weeks until we find Kana?” Asaki asked.

“Something like that,” Denji said.

“What my strange son is trying to say is that he’s into guys and in his eyes, Kairi is the best of both worlds,” Daido said.

“Hey,” Kairi said. “I’m not a girl. What am I supposed to do on a honeymoon with him?”

“The same thing as other married couple do. Thank of it as a graduation gift.”

“But I just got home after being away for four years,” Kairi said.

“Then what’s two more weeks?” Denji asked. The weather is beautiful and we can see some shows and visit casinos.”

“Gambling is illegal in Japan,” Kairi said.

“We won’t be in Japan. Plus, if you’re afraid you can watch me play or get a massage or something,” Denji said.

“And if I refuse?” Kairi asked.

“Then we’ll kill your family,” Daido answered.

“I’ll pack his things and have my mother dress him and do his makeup,” Asaki said.

Daido chuckled. This one was smart and knew they would have no problem putting a bullet in each of their heads for their daughter’s duplicity.

“I’ll be expecting you to cook for me and my family when we return,” Denji said to Kairi. “If it’s good I’ll buy you a restaurant.”

It seemed like Denji had forgotten all about Kana Nakano.

“Deal,” Kairi said. “What’s your favorite dish?”

“Korean ramyeon. The spicier the better,” Denji said.

Daido had the feeling that Kairi Nakano, not Kana was going to end up a permanent member of the Kikuchi family.

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