Sentries Box Set (MM)



Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 377,509
0 Ratings (0.0)

Three hundred years ago, natural disaster reformed the face of North America, and the people who lived in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains would never be the same.

Now, the master/slave bond in New Colorado has become a sacred rite of service, protection, and, sometimes, for the lucky, love. Follow Nick and his beloved Master, Todd Ruger, a sentry of the territories, as they struggle to survive together amid the collision of old superstition, new beliefs, territorial war, and the ever-present danger of the natural and supernatural frontier.

This box set contains all six books in Elizabeth Noble’s best-selling Sentries series, including:

Marked Yours: Todd is a sentry, raised and trained to stop evil. Born a slave, Nick’s a psychic, meant to be another weapon in Todd’s arsenal. Todd doesn’t want a weapon and Nick doesn’t want to be one. They both want a partner, a mate. What they get is so much more. More than the sum of their partnership, they set out on a life together determined to make a difference. If they can survive.

Together Bound: Mysterious attacks are taking place at the Chancellor’s Estate. Against their will and their better judgement, Todd and Nick go undercover to track a vicious killer. Catching it, thought, could turn their lives upside down and the love they have for each other could be the real victim.

Chained Hearts: War rages in New Colorado Protectorate. Try as hard as they do, Todd and Nick Ruger can’t run far enough to avoid being drawn back into the conflict. Used as pawns by the power-hungry Vice Chancellor forces each man to the breaking point. Love and forgiveness become their most powerful weapon in the fight to preserve the family they’ve created.

Collared Souls: War is hell and conspiracy theories abound. Todd and Nick Ruger are thrown kicking and fighting into the thick of things. Attacks come from all sides threatening not only their lives but the bond they’ve forged. All fences can be mended, and again, this is a hard-learned fact for the Rugers. Their family is forever if they can survive. Love each other is the most important lesson of all.

Tethered Pair: The battle to preserve New Colorado Protectorate rages on forcing Todd and Nick Ruger to use every skill they possess to survive. Their most powerful weapon against the supernatural threats they face is the bond they have with each other. Will their bond survive a war with a demonic enemy?

Ringed Love: You are everything to me. My breath, my heartbeat. Without you my life would be empty. Todd and Nick Ruger live a life filled with adventure, surprises and danger. Throughout it all, good times and heartbreaking events their love holds fast and grows, always there, never ending. That was the way it was always meant to be.

Sentries Box Set (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Sentries Box Set (MM)



Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 377,509
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Written Ink Designs


Sliding to one side, the guy pushed off an elbow and swung at Todd, rock in his hand. Getting one foot under him, Todd slipped in the mud and landed flat on his back, watching in horror as the rock bore down on him.

From somewhere that seemed far off, he heard a knife whistle through the air.

The man screamed, clutching at his hand, a knife sticking out. The rock fell from him grip. Turning, Todd barely had time to register that it was Nick sitting on a horse, throwing a knife, before Nick's eyes went wide and his face turned the color of curdled milk. The brander had staggered away a few more feet, pulled his own gun from a hip holster, and fired.

Nick's horse jerked, then screeched a high-pitched and hideous noise and threw herself into the air as the bullet grazed her flank. Nick tumbled off the back of the rearing horse and hit the ground on his back with a hard thud. That gave Todd the time to regain his own weapon and fire.

Todd's aim was accurate and true, his prey dead before hitting the ground. "Ya should've stuck to branding, 'cause you were a terrible shot," Todd muttered.

Thunder rumbled off in the distance, and the rain picked up intensity.

"Nicky!" Todd ran to Nick, grabbed his arms, and hauled him off the ground. "Are you okay?"

On his feet, Nick looked at him, face going from fear to anger. He seemed to shake himself. Then he straightened and shouted, "You don't get to do this to me!"

"Nick? What --?" Todd's words were cut off when Nick's hands slammed against his shoulders, forcing him back a few steps. Then another hard shove and Todd went back a few more steps.

Nick backed away from him, crying and looking like a lost boy and pissed-off man all at the same time. "You don't get to do this!" he was shouting again. "You gave me a home. You made me yours, loved me, and let me love you. You don't get it! Jimmy was right. You're a moron. I'm yours, but you're just as much mine! And you goddamn don't ever get to take that away from me!"

Todd stood there, blinking stupidly, as much shocked by Nick's actions as his words. He realized his mouth was hanging open, shut it with a snap, took a deep breath, then another, and watched Nick's face crumple as sobs welled out of him. After taking a few steps toward Nick on shaking legs, Todd reached out and put both hands on Nick's face.


"Just because you're pissed off by what they did, doesn't mean I am. It doesn't mean you get to leave me just so you can have some payback."

"I ... I'm ..." Didn't that sound like he was the complete moron Nick accused him of being? "Sorry."

"You keep saying we're in this together and we have to trust each other." His arms wound around Todd as Nick stepped closer and pressed his face to Todd's shoulder.

"Nicky ... I ..."

"You don't get to take that away from me," Nick repeated. "You don't get to tell me to trust you if you won't trust me the same way."

"I'm sorry ... Nicky ..." Todd took one step back, separating them. He kissed Nick's cheek, murmuring against Nick's skin, "We gotta get outa here, buddy. You can't be here."

"I don't care."

"I do. Same for you. You don't get to take it away from me either, because I love you too much to be without you."

Todd's attention jerked to the canyon walls, confused as to what sent him into near panic mode. Nick's horse bolted away, his own right behind her. "What the ...?" Gripping Nick's arms, Todd looked around.

Nick gasped and leaned back, staring at his feet. The ground rumbled and popped.

"Nick, as much as I'd like to take credit for that ..." His words caught in his throat when the sound of rock hitting rock reached his ears.

"What's that?" Nick exhaled. His hand gripped Todd's forearm.

Todd grabbed Nick's other hand in a crushing grip and darted around him, pulling Nick after him. He'd taught Nick a lot of things, but not this. "We have to get out of here." Nick hadn't grown up in an earthquake-prone area; he'd have no clue what was happening.

The world went deathly quiet for a few seconds before exploding in a crash of cascading rock and bucking ground.

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