Twin Pleasures (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,317
100 Ratings (4.2)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, sex toys]

When Donavan and Chase come upon Liana undressing, they are overcome with lust and realize that she is the woman of their dreams. Liana is strong and passionate, with just the right amount of submission to balance out two such dominating men, but will her strength be enough to overcome their past? All her inhibitions crumble in the face of such passion, and the only course left to her is surrender.

Terror is lurking around every corner as dark forces try to keep these three lovers apart. When Donavan and Chase realize what could be lost, they tighten their defenses and will go to any length to protect what is theirs.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Twin Pleasures (MFM)
100 Ratings (4.2)

Twin Pleasures (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,317
100 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Good; but a very abrupt ending.
I am liking this author! Loved the story; the twins were hot, and smokin' sex! What more could a girl want?
Professional Reviews

5 TEA CUPS: "Twin Pleasures is like the gum commercial—double the flavor, double the fun. Suzanne brought you to a world where you want twins and you want them now. Liana McCarty was helping her sister taking care of the horses and making sure everything got done in the barn. What is the old adage? Good deeds don't go unnoticed and let me tell you when Chase and Donovan noticed Liana they knew that she was for them. From the first moment they saw her they knew they wanted her in their bed and in their life. Liana wasn't so sure, she wasn't into dating or anything at that moment. Liana felt the sexual tension from their first gaze and the first touch sent her in flames. Chase and Donovan came for Majesty, a prize horse, and what they got was the horse and the lady. A lady who wasn't afraid to show her inner desires. They were dominant brothers who shared their life with one woman. Liana led a safe way until she hooked up with the two cowboys, now someone was after her. But instead of being worried about herself she worried about the men who came to mean so much to her that it was like losing her breath if she lost them. When did she come to love them so much? They are bossy, demanding and controlling and Liana loves it. She didn't realize that she was into submission. The world came together for her when she turned over the control to the men. This book is hot and gets you seeing a ménage in a perfect way of life. What woman wouldn't want to be satisfied with men catering to their needs and wanting to keep them safe and satisfied? Hot sex and a little thrill keeps you reading this book that Suzanne wrote and know that you will need a fan when you read this. Great quick read!" -- Wendy, Happily Ever After Reviews

4 CHERRIES: "Are you prepared for so much hot lovin’ that it will have you seeing double? Chase and Donavan Marsh waste exactly no time in declaring their intentions to cowgirl and rodeo champ Liana McCarty. Her reaction and attraction to the brothers is no less explosive. Honestly, the chemistry burned so hot so fast I wouldn’t have been surprised if read that the barn where they met had suddenly gone up in smoke! Twin Pleasures is the second book by Ms. Thomas that I have read, the first being Her Mates. I can tell you from my experience, she has a very scintillating voice for ménage relationships. Whether it's two men to one woman or five were-bears to one woman the chemistry is present and the sex is scorching! Never fear that her books are all sex and no plot, though. Ms. Thomas built a very plausible and layered plot in Twin Pleasures. While I would have liked to have had a little more history behind the antagonists involved I felt like I understood their motives well enough that the story wasn’t flat. Chase and Donavan are twins but also have their own distinct personalities. They work well together to keep Liana distracted and happy. What woman wouldn’t be thrilled to have two gorgeous men giving their full attention and devotion to her happiness and sexual gratification? Chase and Donavan tend to be dominant and the story contains some light BDSM elements without being over the top. Liana is the perfect heroine for these two alpha males. She’s submissive but with an independent streak that doesn’t allow them to simply walk all over her. She’s talented and self-confident around the horses and is an asset to the men. They are impressed with her from the moment they see her and never have a single doubt that she is the missing piece to their triangle. I appreciated the fact that there wasn’t a lot of wishy washy 'this will work' 'this won’t work' 'I should just leave' 'I can’t leave' type of mental gymnastics. Liana recognizes very early that what they are offering is exactly what she wants. Twin Pleasures was a really fun read and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for something to hot to warm them up on one of these cold nights." -- Honeysuckle, Whipped Cream Reviews

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The chilly breeze filtered into the Ford Dually’s cabin through the slight crack in the window. The wind flipped his jet-black hair around, making Donavan impatiently lift his hand to smooth it back while still keeping a hand steady on the wheel.

“What is the address again?” he asked his brother.   

“Take the next driveway, and that should be the house, if I’m reading this right.”

The rattle of the trailer echoed throughout the cabin's interior. The unpaved road offered no respite as the truck and trailer headed to the house and barn in the distance. The fence-lined drive snaked its way past large shade trees that seemed to loom over the passing truck. The paddocks had a few horses grazing, spread out over the area. 

Donavan gritted his teeth, remembering the reason they were even here. He just had to come to terms with the loss of Starlight, he thought.

“You know, grinding your teeth is bad for you,” Chase remarked.

“Fuck you.”

“You know this horse is the one. The bloodlines and the championships all make Majestic the obvious choice. I thought we already decided. If you’re unsure, then maybe we should keep on looking. Though he’s already made more than Starlight, and I seriously don’t think we could do better,” Chase stated.

“That’s not what has me frustrated, ass.  The fact that I even have to replace Starlight is still pissing me off. I can’t believe he just died like that. Fuck, he was only 12 years old.” Donavan cursed.

“I know, I know. The investigation will hopefully turn up something,” Chase said in a soothing voice.

Donavan shook his head irritably. It still amazed him sometimes how different they were in personality. Here he was, still angry, and his twin, his carbon copy, was calm and controlled. He smiled to himself and shot a glance to the side toward his brother.

“You know, I remember a raging lunatic punching walls and kicking stall doors just a few weeks ago,” Donavan said with a smirk on his lips.

“Fuck you.”

Donavan laughed, relaxing a little from the tension tightening his shoulders. That was what his twin did for him. He balanced his life.

Donavan pulled the truck up along the circular driveway and stopped at the entrance of the house. The wraparound porch was vast and held an assortment of chairs, inviting people to sit and relax. The cushions on all the chairs matched, with a festive fabric that brightened the otherwise dull whitewash. He could see that the house and the surrounding grounds had a well cared for but worn look to them. The slight aging of the property might be from hard times, but the care and love that was present spoke highly for the present owners, he thought.

 “Well, the address is correct, but no one seems to be home,” Chase said as he came down the stairs and got back into the truck.

“Let’s go over to the barn and see if anybody is working,” Donavan stated as he drove the truck over the gravel road to park behind the barn where he could see other trucks and trailers parked.

The huge barn could house fifty horses at least, but many of the stalls stood empty. The walkways, though, were swept clean, and everything was well organized, clearly kept in immaculate condition. The heads of the few horses swiveled their way, and the bright, intelligent eyes followed them as they walked down the corridor.  They had only gone a little ways when his brother’s hand blocked his path. He looked over in question and turned to follow his brother’s stunned gaze. Donavan swallowed and stood transfixed.

The girl coming out of the farthest stall was dancing and gyrating her hips to some music that he couldn’t hear. Donavan could see the earbud cords hanging down her chest. She continued to gyrate and move to a hidden beat, much to his pleasure, as her breasts bounced and hips undulated. Her hair was fashioned in a ponytail and hung to just the edge of her beautifully rounded bottom. She lifted her hands over her head and pumped her hips, making his cock harden painfully against his jeans.

“I want her under me when she does that,” Donavan groaned while his brother just stood there smiling.

She was going in and out of the stall and kept checking the front entrance, but never looked toward the rear. The music must have had a heavy beat by the way she was moving. He could see the fine sheen of perspiration over her face that indicated she had been at it for a while. Her chestnut hair swung and whipped around while she moved. She had finely boned cheeks and very full lips made for kissing. He could make out her thick eyelashes but couldn’t see her eye color. He stepped forward to rectify that when the lights overhead started to blink on and off suddenly.

The girl dropped the pitchfork and ran toward them without noticing they stood staring at her, hidden in the shadow of the rear barn doors. She stopped at a little alcove and pulled out her earphones. She took a few steadying breaths before she picked up the phone. Apparently, they had their phone wired to the lights for some reason.

“Petersen Farms, this is Liana, how may I direct your call?” she said with her head cocked to the side as she listened to the caller. A smile bloomed on her face as she started laughing. “I am just creating a professional persona for you. No, the Marsh brothers haven’t arrived yet. Yep, his Majesty’s been groomed from the tip of his glorious tail to his cute little nose. No, no problems. 20 minutes, okay. Well, then I am going to head out,” she said as she dragged a duffel bag out from under the phone stand. “No, Charlie came and took my car to get new tires on the front and a tune-up. I had planned to go for a run and figured the five miles to town would be a great stretch. The rain's not supposed to start until midnight if we believe the weatherman. Okay, I will see you on the driveway. Bye, sis.”

She replaced the phone and picked up the duffel, heading toward the front.

Donavan followed slowly, enjoying the view of her ass encased in her tight jeans. He was just at the point of calling out to get her attention when she replaced the earphone. He shook his head. He didn't want to shout.

Donavan could see her wiggle her hips as she once again lost herself in the music. She reached up and, to his shock and delight, whipped her top off. He stopped and glanced over at Chase and saw the same look of disbelief and pleasure on his face. He turned back and just couldn’t believe what he was seeing. She unhooked her bra, and it dropped to the floor. She danced around in a circle showing off her bountiful breasts as they bounced and jiggled with her every movement, much to his cock's enjoyment. She used the edge of the stall to steady herself while taking off her boots, before unbuttoning her jeans and wiggling out of them. She bent again to the duffel, giving them a titillating view of her plump bottom in nothing but a white thong.  Her iPod was strapped to her upper arm, and the cords swung with each movement, sometimes catching on turgid nipples, making them harder. 





“Come here,” Chase said, pulling her into his lap. He looked deep into her eyes before claiming her mouth in a kiss of pure male dominance. He had her naked before they left the property. He positioned her to lie flat on the seat and settled between her thighs. He quickly released himself and with a guided hand thrust to the hilt, making her cry out. She wrapped her legs around him and met his every thrust with an almost frenzied zeal. The leather seats made the ride very slippery, and he had to brace his hand on the door to keep from hitting her head as he forcefully pounded into her slick folds. Her breathless cries filled the cabin along with the slap of flesh as he drove into her repeatedly. The sweet sucking sound of her wetness drove him to new heights. He felt her every climax as her pussy grasped his cock and her cream flooded her passage even more.

“When we get you home, I am going to eat all the sweet cream you can produce. I feel it coating my cock, little one. That’s a girl. Come again. God, Donavan, her pussy is so tight, and it keeps grasping my cock like it doesn’t want me to leave.” Chase groaned in ecstasy.

“I know, it’s fucking wonderful,” Donavan replied.

Her little cries were music to his ears. She screamed as another massive orgasm convulsed around his cock, causing her to buck uncontrollably. He sped up his thrusting and joined her in the climax. She slowly lowered her legs, making one rest on the floor bed and the other to be wedged between him and the backseat. With every labored breath, he felt her breasts brush against his shirt, pushing the nipples deep into his chest.

His cock slid out with a slight sucking sound, as if her pussy didn’t want it to leave. He knelt between her legs with his cock still hard, glistening with their combined passion, and looked down at the voluptuous beauty spread before him. He stroked her little rounded belly and fondled her plump breasts as she watched, biting her lips. He sat back down and pulled her up to straddle his lap, continuing to play with her.

The tinted windows were the only thing keeping the passing cars from seeing inside. He released her braid and draped her flowing auburn hair over her shoulders, creating a curtain of fire, which tickled his knees. Her head tilted to allow him better access to her neck as he used his thumb to trace the delicate line of her throat down a winding path to cup a breast, molding and fondling the mound overflowing his hand. He hadn’t bothered to replace his cock, and it nestled against her slick folds.

He continued, slowly stroking his hands on every part of her body he could reach. The glistening sheen of perspiration made her skin glow in the filtered sunlight.

He lifted her and turned her to face the front still straddling his legs. He shifted forward and leaned back to give her room. “Lift up and come onto your knees. That’s a girl. Now tuck your knees and come down. Ahh. That’s my baby.” He kept her flush, fully embedded on his cock. “Now look at the rearview mirror. Can you see Donavan watching you? Let’s give him a good show. Ride me, baby, and let these beautiful breasts bounce and jiggle for him,” he whispered in her ear, all the while plumping her breasts and pulling on the nipples.

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