[#223 Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Menage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, Public Exhibition]

Lust at first sight sends Tessa Calloway into a private Colorado nightclub seeking relief for her sexual needs. Dell Harper falls in love at first sight and Zachary Barrett soon follows. They believe she’s “the one” they’ve waited for and introduce her to their menage lifestyle.

Unable to see a future without Tessa, Dell and Zachary ask her to join them permanently in Wyoming for their happily ever after. Tessa, having just inherited the home and security she’s wanted all her life, must now decide if she’ll abandon her long-awaited dream home for a future with two sexy ranchers out of state in Wyoming.

What's more important after all, a new found love or an inherited family property?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Unbridled and Undone (MFM)
134 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
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I really loved this book.
Another excellent book from Elle Saint James. As with her Badlands books, this one is just as solid. A great story line with wonderful characters and very, very hot menage scenes. I can't wait for her next book!
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5 TEA CUPS: "Unbridled and Undone was intriguing from the first word. Elle Saint James did a wonderful job of capturing your attention and causing sexual tension from the first sentence. There was public sex, private one on one sex, and all three of them having sex. Anyway they wanted Tessa, she was willing and able to provide them with surprises of her own. She was a woman who knew what she wanted and wasn't afraid to ask or demand. Would she be willing to leave the only security of her grandmother’s house for love and a life away from the one she had all her life. If you like down and dirty sex, this is a must read, but don't think that is all there is. Tenderness and love in this story has a person wanting more."-- Wendy, Happily Ever After Reviews

4.5 DELIGHTFUL DIVAS: "When the very first sentence in a book is: “Put your cock in me,” she purred. And when the subtitle of the book is The Double Riders Men’s Club, you just know you are headed for a hot and sexy read. If you have read any other of Elle Saint James’ books, such as Mail Order Bride for Two, Two Men Wanted, or Double Chance Claim you know that you are about to read an excellent erotic book with great characters, a solid plot, and wonderfully graphic and loving ménage scenes. Tessa, the heroine of Unbridled and Undone, is a very likeable young woman. She is direct, courageous and spontaneous. She refuses to be railroaded into a marriage she doesn’t want, and she is strong enough to stand up to her father when he tries to control her using both guilt and money. I love that she is open to the idea of loving two men, even though the idea is new to her, and I admire her fortitude in sticking to her guns once she has made a decision. Her passion is evident in everything in her life from her devotion to her grandmother, to her anger with her father, and to her acceptance of the rapidly escalating relationship with Dell and Zachary. I love this girl. The heroes in this story, Dell and Zachary, are great guys. Not only are they sexy, which is always greatly appreciated, but they are emotionally mature and they treat all the people in their lives with respect and kindness. Once they agree that Tessa is the woman they have been looking for, they are both willing to do whatever it takes to make their woman happy. And they do. As far as sexuality in Unbridled and Undone, this story has a level of exhibitionism that is very exciting and interesting and the ménage scenes are carefully choreographed to be very stimulating. While there are many pages of sex scenes in this book, the plot and characters are solid enough to balance out all that great fun and passion experienced by Tessa, Dell, and Zachary. At the end of Unbridled and Undone, Ms St. James leaves the door open for another book; this time with Clay and Johnny as the main characters. I hope she writes it soon because I am already looking forward to my next Elle Saint James adventure." -- Donna, Dark Divas Reviews

4 HEARTS: "Unbridled and Undone jumps right into the fire with the first scene of the book a threesome live sexual event described down to the post love making cuddle. Your inter voyeur will get its full in this story where Zachary and Dell teach Tessa all about pushing the boundaries and exploring the adventures of many sexual fantasies. The story flows at a good pace both providing character development and an enjoyable realistic dialogue between the characters. It does not solely focus on this hotter than hot threesome sex feast but the many people in Tessa's life who have shaped her and who are causing conflict. This author is great at writing descriptive sexual Ménage a Trois scenes. She is both real and creative in creating a real life fantasy many enjoy reading. The Double Rider Men's Club series is her second series of hot sexy western M/F/M relationships. With such great writing experience I look forward to reading her next installment in this series. If you're interested in this genre you will enjoy Unbridled and Undone." -- Michele, The Romance Studio Reviews

5 FALLEN ANGELS: "When Tessa Calloway sees the two men of her dreams, she follows them into her father's private nightclub. What she doesn't know is that they belong to an exclusive club that puts on live sex shows. Dell and Zachary think they have met the woman of their dreams and set out to convince her of that. When Tessa's father finds out his daughter was at his club, all hell breaks loose. Tessa must overcome her issues with her father and her self-confidence to find her happy ending with Dell and Zachary. Unbridled and Undone is the first in the Double Rider Men's Club series. It is a series about men who like to share a woman. In this first book we meet Dell and Zachary. They are at the annual meeting of the Club and searching for a woman to complete their threesome. Enter Tessa, a fiesty woman who catches their attentions from the get go. She doesn't know about the club; only that she saw two attractive men who she wanted to get to know. What starts out as a temporary fling quickly grows to a serious relationship. I really enjoyed reading this book. It was a fast paced book with lots of steamy sex scenes. I felt like the heroine kind of came into her own, and with the heroes' help she finally found the courage to really stand up to the bullies in her life. I did enjoy the book though and would like to read the next book to see how the series will progress." -- Ursula, Fallen Angel Reviews

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She pulled her shirt off and flung it over one shoulder. The few short steps over to the window made her heartbeat increase. The thrill of what she was about to do heightened her arousal tenfold.

Behind her she felt someone snap her bra open. Dell’s handsome face was reflected in the window. She allowed him to bring the straps over her shoulders. He cupped her breasts beneath the fabric and squeezed her nipples as her lace bra fell to the ground. Covered only by his large hands, Tessa sucked in a deep breath when they suddenly slid to her sides. She was exposed. If anything flying low were to cross by this window, they’d see her taut nipples and a man’s hands at the waist of her short skirt.

He whispered in her ear, “Ready to go full frontal?”

She nodded, unable to speak over the fierce pounding of her heart and the blood rushing in her ears. He pushed her skirt down, and her skimpy panties came with it. She saw her own dark thatch of pubic hair reflected in the glass as a tidal wave of juice moistened her pussy lips. Her core clenched in desire and exhilaration. He then pulled off her shoes and socks. She stood completely naked and faced the city at night.

Thinking about taking one’s clothes off was much different than actually doing it. She searched the night sky for any lights from helicopters. She didn’t see any but noticed another tall building to the left. Her heart flipped over. Could anyone see? She narrowed her focus and looked more closely. She realized quickly it was an office building. Hopefully, the lights in the various windows were turned on for the nearsighted cleaning crew intent on their duties.

Dell grabbed her shoulders and pushed her legs apart with his knee. “Assume the position.”


He chuckled. “Because the things we’d like to do to you require you to open up a little bit more. Trust me, you’ll love it.”

Tessa relaxed a bit and placed her palms against the chilly glass. She widened her stance until her feet were half a yard apart and swore a trickle of pussy juice ran down her inner thigh. Dell groaned and placed a kiss on her bare shoulder. Zachary appeared at her side. His head quickly dipped below one of her elbows, and he stood up in the circle of her arms.

He blocked her body from the view of the outside.

Before she could ask what he was doing, he lowered his head and touched his lips to hers briefly. His lips were full and sensual. She wanted to nibble on them. He smelled like sex on a stick as his cologne was one of those expensive brands she loved. They both looked like cowboys but smelled much better. They exuded rich businessmen scent.

He brushed his lips along her cheek and murmured, “I needed a kiss, too.”

She twisted her face and pushed her mouth closer to his. “Need a better one?” He nodded, and she latched on to him.

Tessa may have instigated it, but Zachary’s second kiss absolutely rocked her world. He didn’t kiss so much as consume her mouth. The heat and intensity level ratcheted up several notches the moment their lips met again. His tongue swirled expertly in her mouth. He tasted like tequila and mint. Already panting, she could barely keep up with all the sophisticated moves his talented tongue delivered. His hands had started on her waist, but as they kissed, she felt them move south. One hand slid between her thighs and a groan came from his throat.

Had he just realized how wet she was?

Dell was still behind her but hadn’t touched her since she and Zachary had started kissing. The moment she realized his absence, he touched her. Dell’s hands framed her hips for a moment and then joined Zachary’s fingers currently exploring her wet pussy. Suddenly, Dell’s fingers slid to her rear hole and penetrated her. The unexpected sensation shocked her, but not as much as the arousal it generated.

Zachary broke the kiss and nibbled along her jaw line. His fingers pushed up inside her pussy as Dell probed her rosette. She gushed more fluid on their hands at the very idea.

“Ever had a man’s cock here?” Dell whispered in her ear.

She shook her head.

“Want to try it?”

Tessa closed her eyes and tried to imagine having Dell’s cock push inside her virgin derriere. Her whole body shuddered at the idea.

Zachary kissed the spot below her other ear and whispered, “Want to try it with both of us inside you? Dell can push his cock slowly into your ass while I thrust my dick all the way inside your pussy. Can you imagine it? Do you want it?” He punctuated each word of his final question by pushing his fingers in and out of her saturated pussy.

“Ohmigod,” she whispered. She wanted it all right. She’d never imagined making love to two men. Hell, she didn’t even know the possibility existed until tonight, but she wanted this experience so much her core clenched in near climax at the notion.

Dell inserted a second finger between her butt cheeks as Zachary kissed her on the mouth hard and thrust his tongue inside to duel with hers. They kissed and kissed and kissed. Dell’s fingers stretched and stretched and stretched her anal hole. The pain he caused was minimal. The arousal factor put her libido in the red zone.

Breathing so hard she could barely speak, Tessa opened her eyes and stared into the shadowy, fathomless bottom of Zachary’s dark eyes. “I’ve never imagined anything like this, but in answer to your question, yes. I want it. I want both of you inside me.”

Zachary’s seductive gaze mesmerized her. “Excellent. I’m going to go down on you right now,” he said this with a matter-of-fact tone.

“Wh–what?” she stuttered.

His seductive grin made her heart beat faster. “I’m going to put my tongue on your clit and lick it until you come screaming. Meanwhile, Dell will continue stretching your ass with his fingers to get it all ready for his big cock to penetrate you.”

While she pondered his sensual explanation of events to come, he kissed his way down her body all the way to her pussy before the meaning of his words penetrated her sexual fog.

She glanced down as he buried his face into the curls at the apex of her thighs, and his tongue zeroed in on her clit as if he’d been there a hundred times before. Tessa closed her eyes again and braced her hands against the cool window to keep her balance.

Dell’s fingers eased in and out of her rear hole slowly as Zachary licked her clit, but soon she felt him stretch the limits of her ass with a third finger. “Relax,” he whispered as a trio of fingers attempted to widen her rear passage. She took a deep breath and unclenched her body. Zachary sucked on her clit and several of his fingers slid easily into her pussy.

She was fast heading to a screaming climax but wasn’t sure about the protocol of such things. “Just so you know, it’s been a while for me, and I’m about to come,” she murmured between gasps of pleasure.

Dell slid his free hand around to one of her breasts and squeezed a nipple between his forefinger and thumb. “Good. We like to hear that.”

The pinch of his nimble fingers sent a lightning bolt of arousal from her breast to the center of her body. She opened her eyes. The reflection in the glass pushed her even further into sexual oblivion. She glanced down to see Zachary’s dark head still working fervently between her legs. Dell cupped her breast while his other fingers penetrated deeply into her virgin rear passage. Dark pleasure rose in her body. The idea of his cock pushing inside her ass made her pussy clench in desire. She clenched hard on Zachary’s fingers, still centered in her core.

With the vision of Dell fucking her ass swirling through her mind, she turned her focus to Zachary as he sucked her clit into his mouth. When his fingers shot deeply into her pussy, Tessa came in a rush.

“Oh. My. God!” Tessa groaned as an orgasm of magnificent proportions raced through her body. Her head tipped back, and she shrieked as the ripples of her climax shook her. Her legs went weak. Dell released her breast and slid his arm around her waist, which also helped hold her up. Otherwise, she would have slid to the floor in a satisfied puddle of delight.

Zachary lapped up the juice from her release and soon began kissing his way up her body. After a few moments, he stood in the circle of her trembling arms. Her pussy still clenched and climaxed from the exceptional orgasm.

Grabbing her face with his hands, Zachary kissed her mouth once again. This time the musky scent of her pussy rested on his lips. His tongue slid into her mouth and she tasted her own tangy climax.

The entire decadent experience spun in her brain. She couldn’t seem to catch her breath. She thought she might climax again from the sheer newness of this eye-opening sexual experiment.

Something occurred to her as her eyes opened and scanned Zachary’s body. They were both still completely dressed. They hadn’t pulled her clothes off and fucked her to their own orgasmic conclusion, never once thinking about her needs or pleasure. In her limited experience, men usually only worried about their own gratification. These two sexy cowboys were different. They made her come first before undressing. These gentlemen cowboys were her new favorite men.

Panting a little from the best climax she’d ever had, Tessa grinned and asked, “What happens next?”

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