Brandy Golden

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I've always loved to read and have spent many wonderful hours between the pages of a good romance. Faraway settings, rugged and dominating heroes, beautiful young women in need of a good man, I've read so many I could never count the number. I grew up in the Midwest with my husband and five children and still live here today. I always enjoyed writing in school but never really had the opportunity to do it until a few years ago. Now I'm thoroughly enjoying the experience and I hope those that read my stories will enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed writing them. It's been great having the chance to write and put some of my dreams and fantasies down on paper, to make them come alive in my imagination and into the pages of a good book and I'm thankful for the opportunity. Naturally I favor strong and forceful men, the kind who don't mind standing by the things they believe in, and who believe in protecting and loving their women, even if it means a spanking now and then. Long may they live and long may they spank, if only between the pages of a good book.

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