Carla Angela

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Carla Angela lives with her husband, DeRohan, in Adelaide, Australia. When she’s not tapping away on her keyboard, she loves fashion shopping, spending time with her family and friends, renovating her 1925 bungalow, and listening to music—from 90s R&B to retro 80s. Watching telemovies and obsessing over her star sign are guilty pleasures.

Job roles she’s held down range from bank teller to gift wrapper, shoe salesperson, promo girl, journalist, copywriter—and now—author.

Carla has known she wanted to be a writer ever since she learned how to read. Writing allows her to escape to glamorous worlds, without having to change out of her pyjamas. Though she’d change in a heartbeat for a surprise trip to Monaco aboard a private jet!

Q: How and where do you normally write?

A: I am blessed now to have my very own study at home, side-by-side alongside my husband’s. After various house moves, including having my PC in a tiny, cramped bedroom for a while, I now have a space of my own, adorned with colourful bits and bobs, a view out onto our back garden and plenty of light spilling in. It’s my sanctuary. Hence, why I rarely get out to a library or café with my laptop, like the dream version of myself would! 


Q: First book you read under the covers as a youngster?

A: Forever by Judy Blume. I remember giggling with my school friends about the love interest, Michael, who’d constantly refer to his member by the name of “Ralph”. Then there were the actual sex scenes…This early reading no doubt fuelled my later obsession with Jackie Collins novels and Mills and Boon tomes.


Q: What inspires your writing?

A: Everything! I’m like a bowerbird, picking up on things I see in the media, as well as from conversations overheard when I’m out and about. And watch out if you’re a family member or friend of mine as chances are your life events may in some way inspire what happens between the pages of my books!


Q: Types of characters you love?

A: When it comes to female characters, I love a woman who doesn’t have it altogether—has her issues—but is lovable all the same. Think Rebecca Bloomwood in the Confessions of a Shopaholic film (a financial journalist with a secret shopping addiction) and Annie in the Bridesmaids movie (lovelorn, broke—and her bestie’s maid-of-honor). In heroes, I love a good alpha male–tall, dark and brooding, just like my first love!


Q: Three things you’d take with you if you were stranded on a deserted island?

A: Tweezers (got to keep the eyebrows manicured), a crate of tinned food—and my husband (he’d be alright at hunting and gathering, I reckon!).

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