Claire Adele/Jeanmarie Hamilton is an award winning author of western historical and shape shifter romance. She was a finalist in the RWA Southern Heat Chapter Contest (2nd place Historical), and the 2005 American Title Contest for historical romance. With a contemporary shape shifter story, she was also a finalist in the RWA 2006 Gothic Chapter Contest, (2nd place contemporary paranormal), and the 2007 RWA Dixie First Chapter Contest (3rd place, paranormal). She’s also an author in a western historical anthology, which is an EPIC Finalist for 2011.

When not writing, she enjoys oil painting, walks in the desert foothills, gardening, her family and pets, romantic movies, and reading a gripping romance.

Q: How important to you is reader appreciation of your stories?

A: I strive to write stories with strong characters that my readers will enjoy. Even though I’ve always wanted to be a writer, in the back of my mind is ever the question, “Will the reader love this story?”

Q: How do your ideas for stories come to you?

A: My characters pester me until I write their story about a problem they need to solve, trouble they‘re involved in, or someone they need to save from a perilous situation. Of course it depends on what genre of story I want to write at the time as to which characters I take on. Some of my characters have had to wait a while, and they’re very impatient. Many of my stories are inspired by family stories my Texas grandmother told me when I was very young. Other stories take form based on modern day events. From those seeds of inspiration, I expand on my fictional stories using research for accuracy and additional story conflict. My novels and novellas take place in thesouthwest, mainly in Texas. One of my award winning stories was inspired by the discovery of dinosaur tracks near where I live. Feeling the texture of the sandy rock with your fingers, while you stand with your bare toes at the edge of a thirty inch dinosaur footprint, can change your life.

Q: What is your writing day like?

A: I’m a night owl, so I generally start my day of writing after I feed the pets, at about 10 am. I spend an hour or so reading and answering email to warm up. If I have writing related business to take care of I do that next. Afterwards, I work on writing and editing my current story, until my husband comes home in the evening. I stop for lunch and try to take breaks about every hour to keep the muse fresh. My dog and cat help with that when they ask to go outside or come inside. Sometimes I take a break for a photo op if I notice a dragonfly hovering over the koi pond, a migrating bird, or amazing clouds above the mountains.

Q: When did you decide to be a writer?

A: My Texas grandmother inspired me with her storytelling, and my mother inspired me by reading to us kids every afternoon when we were little. So as soon as I learned how to spell, I started writing stories. I think that’s when I decided to be a writer.

Q: Why do you write?

A: I’ve always had fun being creative, whether in art, gardening, or writing. I think we’re all born with creative abilities, and a desire to expand on the ability that draws us and challenges us the most. I believe we’re given desires and dreams for a reason, so that we may help and inspire others. I like stories with a happy ending. That’s why I read and write romance. I hope my romance stories leave my readers with smiles on their faces.


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