No Truer Love (MFM)

Hondo, Texas Wolves 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 33,554
4 Ratings (3.5)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, werewolves, HEA]

Chloe Campbell has grown up with loving parents. Now she’s determined to go it alone with her own business, a flower shop in Hondo County, Texas.

Beau Wolford has spent his life working on his father’s ranch. As the oldest of his siblings, he’s looked out for his brother, sister, and cousins. Now he’s met Chloe, and his passion for her makes his responsibilities as ranch foreman come second to the trouble she’s in and her stubbornness.

Growing up with a brother who suffered their dad’s beatings to protect Ty and his siblings, Ty Wolfgang has tried to protect others from danger. Now Ty would offer his life for Chloe when before he only expected to briefly share her with Beau.

Protected by their love, can Chloe accept their feral nature? Before Chloe can believe in their forever love, she must overcome her self-doubts, and face the animal who falsely loaned her money and now threatens to hold her captive to get what he wants.

A Siren Erotic Romance

No Truer Love (MFM)
4 Ratings (3.5)

No Truer Love (MFM)

Hondo, Texas Wolves 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 33,554
4 Ratings (3.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing



Earlier he’d driven over to Jim’s Steak House to make their reservation for a private table. Beau wanted to get to know more about Chloe. Since Ty was also interested in her, Beau needed to find out as soon as possible if she’d be amenable to a ménage with him and Ty. A secluded table with great food and drinks was the best way he knew of so soon after just meeting her today.

He turned off the ignition and decided to wait a little while longer before knocking on her door. He glanced at her front door just as it opened. She gestured for him to come inside. Her motions were jerky. What was wrong?

Maybe something came up and she needed to cancel their plans. He opened the truck door and closed it as he hurried to join her. If it didn’t work out for her tonight, he could always ask her out for another night more convenient for her. He hoped they could spend time together tonight. He wanted her so bad it was like a hunger in him.

Ty had agreed to a threesome with her. Beau wanted to feel her out about that possibility tonight so he could let Ty know. He didn’t want to scare her off even though she’d probably tell them to get lost if she found out they were werewolves.

“Hi.” He took the front steps two at a time.

She held the door wide. “Come in.” Her voice sounded different and strained.

Something scared her. He could see it in her dark-brown eyes. “What’s up?”

“I got a phone call from someone who said basically that I’d better pay my rent now or else.”

“Shit. Did you recognize the voice?”

“He sounded a lot like Cinco Gonzales. That bastard. Why did I ever take a chance on trusting him? I should never have taken a loan from him.”

“You couldn’t have known what he’s like if you didn’t live in this area. He’s a small-time loan shark, but he’d love to be bigger. Right now, I doubt that he has many clients. He probably needs your money to pay his rent.”

Her hands shook as she smoothed stray strands of her long hair back from her face. “I’ve never had anyone talk to me like that before.”

“You want to get out of here? I’ve made a reservation for us at a great steak house.”

She met his gaze, and he could see that she was too uneasy. He quickly reassured her. “We can cancel going out tonight if you want.”

She nodded in agreement. “If you don’t mind, I’d rather stay here. That phone call shook me. I think I can put something together for us to eat. I just need to check and see what’s in the fridge.”

She was shaking so bad it affected her voice. Hoping to calm her, he stepped close to her and took hold of her shoulders as gently as he could. “We’ll figure out something together. Don’t worry about Cinco. I’m not going anywhere. I’ll stay here as long as you want me to, all night if that would help.”

Her beautiful eyes widened. “That sounds great. I’d appreciate it. I’m a little shaken and being new in town, I don’t know who to call for help. I know he just wants his money, but still, that phone call surprised me. I want to handle this problem, but I’m not sure how to go about it.”

Beau nodded in understanding. “I’ll talk to Cinco and straighten him out. Tonight, I’ll be right here for you.”

“Thanks.” She smiled at him for the first time since he’d gotten there. “Let’s see what there is to eat.”

He squeezed her shoulders and released her. “After you.” Her scent teased him unmercifully as she led the way into her kitchen, her curvy hips tempting him. He’d wanted her since the moment he’d first met her.

From the small living room they crossed the long dining room and through a door to a large kitchen. These old houses had big kitchens. People needed plenty of room to prepare meals for large families back in the old days in the early 1900s. This kitchen had been renovated with new counters and a modern sink. In the middle of the room was a huge old table surrounded by several chairs. “Where’d you find the old farm table?”

Chloe took a couple of plates from an upper cabinet that had glass in the door and set the dishes on the table. “It’s a great table but it’s not mine. The house came with the furniture in it. Good thing for me, since I haven’t had time or the money to buy my own furnishings.” When she crossed to the pantry doors, he followed her.

The old pantry was large enough for two or three people to walk inside and move around at the same time. Her meager supplies only took up a small area near the entrance. The six rows of shelves built in a horseshoe shape and attached to the three walls would have held enough supplies to feed a large family back when the house was built. Two-by-four posts spaced at even intervals supported the inside of the shelves.

He heard a can hit the floor and turned to pick it up just as Chloe bent to retrieve it. Her sudden nearness hit him as if she’d taken his cock in her hand. Feral lust grabbed him in the middle. He took a deep breath and then another, striving to control his inner beast. No one had ever affected him like she did.

Frowning, she shook her head. “I’m sorry. I just can’t seem to quit shaking, and I fumbled it.”

Her warm breath and sweet scent as she spoke so near to him made him shake with desire and need. She bent over him where he squatted on the floor holding the can in one hand. Her silken hair touched his face as the long curls bounced and swayed. He looked up but not high enough. The sight of her lovely breasts behind the V of her neckline caught his attention and hardened him painfully.




She watched them gobble up their dessert but couldn’t keep up with them. Soon, she just happened to notice them give each other a look and put their bowls on the bedside tables on either side of the bed. That was definitely a signal of theirs of some kind. Adrenaline kicked in her stomach. Just the thought of these two sexy guys showing her a new way to enjoy sex made the flesh around her vagina ache and her labia swell.

Beau took her bowl from her. “I think you should take a little break and finish this later. There’s something else we want to do right now.”

She wondered what he had in mind but didn’t have to wait long to find out as he took hold of the hem of her top.

“Let’s get you out of these clothes, babe.”

On the other side of her, Ty joined in helping Beau lift her shirt up and off over her head. Ty’s touch was as gentle and light as the touch of a butterfly’s wings. He made her shiver as he brushed against sensitive pleasure points around her breasts and upper arms. How did he know about those places? He must be well practiced in the art of lovemaking just like Beau was.

Beau unhooked her bra in the front, and Ty stared at her, his eyes glittering with his intent. A soft, male hum of appreciation came from him.

“You’re beautiful, darlin’. Your breasts are the most gorgeous globes I’ve ever seen. No lie. I love that pearly color and those pale, blue veins. I want to lick those rosy nipples.” He cupped one breast in his callused hand. “May I?”

“Yes,” she said, her body quivering in anticipation. She’d never had sex with two guys before, and the reality of it shook her with the excitement of the unknown. She anticipated lots of touching.

Ty lowered his head and touched the tip of his tongue to her nipple. He licked and then closed over the nub with his lips and drew hard, suckling and titillating her.

She inhaled swiftly at the aching heat that streamed through her body all the way to the sensitive flesh between her thighs, all along her slit, and over every heated inch even into her tight, little hole. She moaned as he continued to tantalize her, brushing his fingers over her other nipple across some the most delicate nerve endings in her body.

“Let’s get the rest of your clothes off, babe,” Beau said, his voice a deep growl. “I want to taste you.”

He’d been watching. Having an audience was new to her. “You two get naked, too. Fair’s fair.” She crossed her arms and waited.

“No problem,” Ty said, grinning as he eased her clothes down her hips and off her legs with Beau’s help. “I want to see all of you, darlin’.” He placed his hands on her knees and pushed them apart.

She leaned back on the pillows behind her against the headboard and spread her legs for him, trying hard to act like having sex with two guys was nothing unusual. Already, she felt her cream filling her opening.

Ty’s eyes flared with a glow of light just as Beau’s had done yesterday. She watched Ty as he gazed at her bared private parts. His nostrils widened, and his face took on a look of hot, ravenous hunger. His erection strained against his jeans. “I want to taste your sweet pussy, darlin’.”

She smiled at Ty’s eagerness. “You may as soon as both of you guys finish taking off all your clothes.” Giving herself a small measure of control pleased her, until she realized she’d outsmarted herself this time. As she watched them undress, waiting impatiently for Beau’s and Ty’s arousing touch, her sensitive flesh swelled and pulsed around her opening. She could feel her fluids trickling slowly along her slit, and she was wide open and totally naked for these two sweet-talking cowboys. They could easily see how aroused and wet they made her. They probably knew that her vaginal opening clenched and pulsed. Still, she refused to let her legs close and reveal her nervousness. She trembled all over with sexual need. She couldn’t keep from imagining Ty’s fingers touching her slick pussy. Just the thought of Ty sliding a finger slowly inside her hole made her back arch and her hips writhe. Her opening contracted again with hunger for his touch.

It didn’t take them long to get completely naked. They both sported stiff, erect cocks. Ty was as tall as Beau but just slightly more slender. Muscles rippled along his cut abs and muscular shoulders, bulging in his arms and thighs as he lowered himself onto the bed and positioned his shoulders under her spread legs. She could feel his heat and soft breath against her thighs and her pussy. He made her shiver.

He met her gaze and spread her thighs wider. “I’m going to eat you up, darlin’.”

She smiled nervously. “Go ahead.”

Ty lowered his head and nuzzled her outer folds right over her clit. Her hips jerked upward. He gave a soft, deep growl and moved lower. All she could see was his dark-brown, short, straight hair. His hot tongue swiped long and gently between her folds. He pulled back a little. “Darlin’, your juices are flowing so sweet. I love the taste of you.”

She grabbed the bed covers in her fists as he lowered his head again and his wicked tongue lapped at her opening, delving to the sensitive flesh below. She bucked uncontrollably, and her swollen folds bumped his face. She heard his deep, warm chuckle as he continued to drive her need higher with his talented mouth. “Ty!” She writhed beneath his firm hold.

“What, sweetheart? What do you need?”

“I need you inside me,” she whispered.


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