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Cricket Sawyer is an award-winning, multi-published author who is fun loving and imaginative. She also enjoys taking the ordinary and twisting it just a tad to create an entertaining bridge to new thoughts about a status quo world.

She lives in a tiny village/town in Northern Wisconsin where long cold winters bring plenty of opportunity to snuggle by the fireplace with a good book, a good husband, and a rescued cat who owns them both and thinks she is queen.

Q: Your first book with BookStrand is titled Lavender Lust. Can you tell us a bit about the book and why you chose BookStrand for your publisher?

A: Lavender Lust is about a split personality. The black and white side of Elinore Muich is as straight laced and business minded as they come. When she is not in corporate America, she is on the street as Lavender Paige, a vengeful prostitute out to right all the perceived wrongs to her and her sisters. It is a erotic romantic suspense including a smattering of the paranormal. Heather Highmark is a fledgling psychic who is only beginning to understand her powers. She needs to figure out who is the woman's face in the lavender haze that only she sees hovering over each victim when they are discovered. Her brother, Roy, or her want-to-be-lover, Langdon Cruise, could be the next victim of the purple feather serial killer if she doesn't figure out who.

Q: What is your favorite genre to write in and would you consider writing in other genres that you haven't tried yet?

A: I love romantic suspense with a touch of the paranormal. I love shape-shifters and were creatures and find it an incredible challenge to make these all seem as if they could be. Just as normal as your next door neighbor, but I also love to experiment and whatever fits the story becomes the genre I will write it in.

Q: If asked to participate in an anthology would you? Why or why not?

A: Absolutely I would! It is such an excellent opportunity to get your name and your voice out there where others who may not pick up one of your books as an unknown author may discover you quite by accident. Plus, the added power of more than one when it comes to promotion is another plus. You bet I would be happy to be part of an anthology.

Q: When you begin writing do you start with plot, theme, character or just an idea? Where do you get your ideas?

A: I have gotten story ideas that start with a three word prompt, from magazine or newspaper articles, from a person's name or from seeing an interesting person on the street. So my writing depends to some extent on where the idea came from, but I do a complete and extensive character sketch for all my main characters before I even begin. That way I have conflict built in by choosing zodiac signs that would be opposites or at least in opposition to each other for the antagonist and protagonist and sometimes the romantic interest. I sometimes use The Marshall Plan for Novel Writing. Sometimes I just sketch a sort of outline. Sometimes I'm just a pantser and write with the story goal in mind from beginning to end. Like I said at the beginning, it all depends on the story.

Q: Do you have any input as to title and cover art for your book?

A: Yes, so far the title has remained the one I chose and I get to give my ideas of what I see the cover design being as well as anything I don't want to see on my covers. I may not always have the best idea for a cover, but I trust the cover artist as that person usually finds the essence of my story without even reading the whole book. It's amazing.

Q: What are you working on now?

A: I have an idea for a series using the titles of musicals that I'm in love with as my impetus, my story idea. The first in this series I see as The Sound of Music, I have begun a preliminary story line for that one. I have ten similar themes in mind. An ambitious plan perhaps, but they are swarming in my head so I guess it's time to put them on paper.

Q: Do you have a particular writing process How does writing fit into your day?

A: I try to write first thing in the morning. I generally get up by 6 a.m. and put on a pot of coffee and have a piece of peanut butter toast. My kitten, Lady Slipper, loves to lick the peanut butter off my knife so that has become our morning ritual {grin}. Then I write until my newly retired hubby gets up, usually until 8:30. I find time to write after I feed him breakfast from 10 a.m. to noon and again in the evening. I love to write more than anything and I do.

Q: Do you prefer to have your books published in e-book (electronic) or print format and what are the advantages to each, in your mind?

A: There are advantages and disadvantages to both. E-books are cheaper for the consumer and easier on the environment, and a book case of books will fit in a very small space *smile*. However, some of my family and friends prefer to hold a book in their hands, smell the newsprint and feel the real thing. Being able to read them even if the electricity is out, or the battery is weak on an e-book reader and some say crawling into bed with a good book is by far better then crawling into bed to read with a e-book reading device or lap top computer. I am glad there are those choices now.

Q: Who is your favorite author and why?

A: I have so many favorites I hate to list them for the fact that I may miss one. And it really depends on what I'm looking for. Jude Devereaux has the best way of story telling. Her words are like Natalie Goldberg's. They are so perfect in describing what she wants her readers to see. I like Lisa Jackson because she can send chills up my spine when I need to crank up the heat on my characters. Or some of our new erotic authors really can write so well they make me want to write to emulate them: Angela Verdenius, Liana Laverentz writing suspense with sizzle, Destiny Blaine. Oh, so many, and I'm discovering more all the time.

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