Customer Service

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 18,500
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A collection of five erotic spanking stories.

Customer Service by Jade Taylor

Gemma is the successful manager of a top-class hotel, but business is business when the hotel owner sends her to apologise to a key, corporate client concerning a booking oversight.

The head of Toshikoe Enterprises is not quite what Gemma expected, but he is determined that she make amends for her hotel’s mistake and demands immediate compensation. Only for Gemma his requests for redress bring more than just a flush to her cheek.

Grip by Sommer Marsden

When Annalee comes home with a new haircut, her husband Jacob is far from happy. Is she concerned? No. It’s her hair and her decision. She’s in charge, or is she?

Their evening out with her husband’s boss leads Jacob to regard her hairstyle in a different light. Her new look begins to weave its magic on her husband. Deep, dark desires are stirred that begin to herald the animal within.

Master, Come For Me Again by Kitti Bernetti

Nineteenth century England is a place of two worlds. One is tight-lipped and respectful of status, the other full of hidden passion and desires.

Reflecting on her past life, Lizzie Langdale recounts a journey from rustic, childhood innocence to the wilder and uninhibited excess of the City. It’s within the City’s embrace that she delights in her own sexual discovery and submits herself to the demands of a rich and powerful gentleman from her past; a man who demands obedience and is more than prepared to crack the whip to ensure it.

Schooling James by Bryn Allen

In order to pick up a huge bonus a desperate teacher must tutor an unwilling student to pass his statistics exam. When the usual methods fail to capture his attention and commitment, she must turn to a harsher, more disciplined regime. Little does she know that a strict programme of extra-curricular punishment is just what her student needs for him to make the grade.

My Initiation by Eva Hore

When a young woman turns down an offer to secretly watch her roommate having sex with her boyfriend, she is soon regretting her decision.

However, her imagination soon takes her on a voyeuristic journey, where she finds herself watching the couple as they embark on game of dominance and submission. It’s not long until she discovers the pleasures and delights of being the captive audience, in an increasingly wanton show.

These stories have also been published in Spank Me 9781905170937

Customer Service
0 Ratings (0.0)

Customer Service

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 18,500
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Elizabeth Ponting

The office was large and spacious, with a large dark mahogany desk dominating the room. Gemma had expected some elderly Japanese man, but the man who stood up from behind the desk as she entered definitely wasn’t what she was expecting. He was tall and broad shouldered with dark hair and dark eyes, with the haughty arrogance of English aristocracy, and the kind of smile that could be sexy if it wasn’t so damn intimidating, so chilling.
He was very sexy.
‘Ms Madison, I’m Lord Chatterton, how good of you to come.’
Like she’d had any choice, Gemma thought as she listened to his complaints. They were valid, and as she assured him that they wouldn’t happen again, as she offered him discounts and various other incentives to keep his business, she realised that he wasn’t actually listening to what she said; he was looking at her legs. They looked good, she knew, in her tight pencil skirt and silk stockings. She’d dressed this morning thinking of Sam, but it looked like it wasn’t to be wasted now, as Lord Chatterton blatantly looked her up and down appreciatively.
She caught his gaze, and he licked his lips, smiling.
‘Would you like a glass of wine?’ he asked, walking over to the drinks cabinet, opening it to display an impressive array of expensive looking bottles. ‘Red, I think, a merlot perhaps?’
Red wine made Gemma sleepy and slow, but she still nodded; there was something about this man that made it difficult to disagree with him, a presence that commanded compliance.
As he turned away she quickly she undid another two buttons on her blouse, low enough to show a hint of her red bra; if she needed to flirt her way out of this mess it could be an enjoyable way to spend the afternoon.
As he passed her a glass and sat back down Gemma realised that she could see an erection stirring.
Lust flooded through her.
Bad idea, thought Gemma, Sam was mad enough with her already and starting something with a disgruntled customer was hardly going to improve things.
Despite that, as he started flirting with her, talk about the hotel suddenly becoming laden with innuendo, she flirted back, slowly stroking her neck and playing with her hair.
But she could still hardly believe it when he started stroking his hardness through his trousers, his conversation not even faltering.
She was flustered as she drained her drink, trying to summon the courage to say something.
This couldn’t be right, could it, even if it were turning her on?
‘Lord Chatterton, I don’t think this is appropriate,’ she told him, but even as she said the words she was watching his cock grow, wondering what it would be like to have him stroke her that way, to feel his thick cock herself.
‘I think it’s entirely appropriate Ms Madison. Now why don’t you make me and your boss a little happier by undoing that blouse a little further.’
She knew she should go, should leave right now, but there was something about him that had her enthralled.
She undid another button.
‘Now stand up and bend over my desk,’ he commanded, and she blushed immediately.
Protests crowded her mind, she was a thirty-four year old successful woman, a manager of one of the top hotels in the country, he couldn’t talk to her like that! There might have been a problem with his booking, but all he was due was an apology, nothing more.
And the look on his face told her exactly what else he was expecting.
She’d never had anybody else look at her like that, so unashamedly lustful, eyes filled with nothing but sex, looking so damn horny.
Despite herself she shivered.
‘I said bend over,’ he repeated, and this time she did, swallowing the words she’d meant to speak and meekly moving over to his desk.
She bent over.
A moment later he was behind her, caressing her arse through the thin material of her skirt. He moved his hands lower, stroking the back of her thighs, and she heard the catch in his breath as he realised she was wearing stockings and suspenders.
Gemma felt herself flooding with desire, and moved her legs wider apart.
She felt him tug at her skirt, and without saying a word she moved his hips so that he could pull it up more easily. The silence only made the sensations more erotic, as if speaking too were forbidden.
The whole thing felt so deliciously forbidden.
Beneath her skirt she was wearing flimsy French knickers and suspenders, and as he saw them she felt him move closer to her, felt his cock twitch as it grew harder yet.
He had her so confused she didn’t know whether she felt more scared or more turned on, but the ache between her legs was so strong she knew she couldn’t walk away, so strong that she knew she’d do whatever he demanded.
Then he spanked her.
It was only once, not hard but enough to make her bum tingle, to make her wriggle away slightly. She stopped as he placed his hand on the back of her neck to hold her down; it wasn’t hard enough to stop her moving away but still she complied with his unspoken demand.
I should say something, Gemma thought, there could be anyone outside his office, anyone could walk in on us like this, I’m letting this man I don’t even know spank me.
He waited for her to say something, for her to burst into outraged tears or worse, outraged swearing, for some complaint, but she said nothing. Her passivity was as much of a turn on as the situation, and he felt his cock pulsing with heat.
He spanked her again, his cock feeling twice the size of normal, hard and heavy.

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