Lady Elinor at Hampton Court

Dark River 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 17,009
2 Ratings (3.0)

[Ménage and More: Erotic Multiple Partner Historical Romance, with F/F/F, mild Consensual BDSM]

At Hampton Court Palace, Lady Elinor Thewesbury is caught in the currents of Lord Eric Wysse’s dark desires when he recruits her to spy on King Henry VIII’s courtiers. Amid bacchanal, bondage and female ménage a trois, Elinor uncovers how information concerning the dissolution of English monasteries is being secretly passed to the Duchess of Heresford. Menace follows Lady Elinor in the person of Lord William Roxley as she secures the necessary proof.

Also uncovered is Elinor’s predilection for domination by the attractive, sensual Lord Wysse. Each searing encounter increases their craving for each other, but the assignment must take precedence. Once the evidence is in hand, Lord Wysse takes Elinor further into the depths of domination and submission sealing their future…

A Siren Erotic Romance

Lady Elinor at Hampton Court
2 Ratings (3.0)

Lady Elinor at Hampton Court

Dark River 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 17,009
2 Ratings (3.0)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Professional Reviews

5 CHERRIES: "Dark River: Lady Elinor at Hampton Court is a short story which can only be described with one word: Intense! From page one the story is extremely sexual. The characters and the setting are stimulating and provocative. Lord Wysse warns: “My tastes are dark. […]. That river runs swift and deep. You could drown in my needs.” The warning just served to encourage me to read on. Neither Elinor nor I knew towards where the river flowed but we were both more than willing to find out. Hooked, I found myself officially aboard a raft, trying, along with Elinor, to ride Lord Wysse’s tide, and uncover the truth behind who was smuggling documents to the Queen. Just like Wysse is dominant, so is Ms. Gravier’s style of writing. She wastes no time with unnecessary embellishments but goes directly to the point with avid descriptions. Suffice to say, as Elinor’s arousal increased so did mine. (What occurred in the Duchess’s house was unbelievable.) Nonetheless, the author knows how to keep a good balance, and while the sexual charge heats up the page, the dangers of lurking around as a spy, and the blossoming love between the commanding Lord Wysse and Elinor, helped me keep my feet on the ground." -- Bittersweet, Whipped Cream Reviews

4.5 DELIGHTFUL DIVAS: "This novella was written by a new author, Kestra Gravier, and I couldn’t have been more impressed! The dialogue, setting and Ms. Gravier’s knowledge of historical times allowed me to escape into another era. Her attention to detail and use of language impressed me. I read this novella in record time. If you enjoy historicals with a kinky edge, you’ll love Kestra Gravier’s new release, Lady Elinor at Hampton Court. I can’t wait to read more from this brilliant, new author. She took me on a journey back in time and indulged me in the naughty activities of Lords and Ladies of late. Bravo!" -- Stacey, Dark Diva Reviews

4.5 TEA CUPS: "Lady Elinor at Hampton Court held my interest so intently that I finished in it one sitting. The touch of history in setting, and dialogue felt true to the time. This was a hot, sexy read that ended with a happily ever after. For a quick read, by a very talented new author, try Lady Elinor at Hampton Court. Kestra Gravier…more, please!" -- LynnMarie, Happily Ever After Reviews

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“And I come in…where?”

Momentarily distracted, Elinor allowed her eyes to wander over his sharp cheekbones and the shadow of whiskers darkening his face. He suffered the regard in silence, cocking an eyebrow when she returned her gaze to his eyes. Another hot blush suffused her body, and Elinor straightened to better attention.

“You, my lovely,” he explained, “are to help me confirm the source of Her Majesty’s information. If I can shut off the flow of specifics, it is more likely King Henry will dismiss her requests. And the hope is that once she is delivered of the heir, she will follow her motherly instincts and cease to meddle in affairs of state.”

“And you have an idea of the source of the Queen’s information, My Lord?”

“Yes.” He paused and held her gaze. “I believe it comes through the Duchess of Heresford. Somehow.”

He did not need to elaborate on the significance of that statement. The Duke and Duchess of Heresford were among the most powerful nobility in the land. They supported the Catholic cause, at least the politics of the old religion. But there was nothing religious in the Duchess’s reputation. Heresford was on the Welsh border—Elinor knew better than to ask how he had come by this information.

“So, you want me to find out if the Duchess is receiving copies of the monastery reports going to Lord Cromwell. And you want me to find out how the information is coming into her possession.”

“Well stated. Will you do this? You know the danger. All conspirators are likely to end up in the Tower.”

It took Elinor only a moment to decide. The money was needed, and the opportunity to see more of Lord Wysse was not to be squandered. “I will. Access to the Duchess’s retinue should not be too difficult. John can carry to you reports of my progress.”

He walked back to the side table and then held out a purse. “Here is your retainer.” The bag was pleasingly heavy.

He took Elinor’s arm, gently this time, and walked her back toward the door. He raised his hand and grazed his knuckles across her lips, close enough so that his scent once more surrounded her. Lord Wysse stroked a curl that was still free, bent his lips to her ear, and whispered, “Perhaps a dip in my dark river would suit you.”





Fingers stroked the nape of her neck. “Let me show you, Elinor. I can elicit from you that ecstasy.”

He tipped her face up, catching and holding her gaze. “Trust me.”

Elinor nodded slowly, trembling in his arms. His hands moved over her back, gentling her fears.

He licked at her lips until they relaxed and parted then claimed her mouth. He kissed her, plundering, seeking surrender. The room spun, her will gone on a tide of desire.

He pushed gently away. Elinor swayed as she watched him remove cloth from a desk drawer. He beckoned her over, and she stood before the massive desk. Carved pillars rose as a continuous piece from the desktop corners to hold candles.

Eric used the sashes to tie first her right arm then the left to these stout stanchions. He reached over her shoulder, loosening the bodice of her dress. Breasts leapt free, lifted high by her outstretched arms. His harsh breathing buffeted her neck. He pulled her hips back, jutting them out toward him, then raised her skirts and underskirts, exposing her thighs and buttocks. The air felt cool against her heated flesh.

“Elinor, tell me you want this. Otherwise, I will halt.” His voice held threat and care.

“I want this experience, Eric. I…I trust you.”

“Ah, my love, you will give me your closely-guarded heart just like you are giving me your body. And I will treasure your gift.”

Elinor was silent. Just to herself did she admit he already had captured her heart.

The only warning was a slight breeze before his palm landed with a sharp crack on the lower curve of Elinor’s bottom. Shock spread through her, followed by a burn. Her center moistened as her sex swelled. Swiftly, a second then a third smack landed. All her senses smoldered, the heat coming from a fire deep in her core. Desire radiated from Eric, his hand now caressing Elinor’s flaming skin as she heard him fumble with his breeches. She tugged at her bonds, wild for his touch, wild for release.

“Easy, Elinor. I will take care of you.”

The heat of his shaft stroked her wet sex, Elinor nearly screamed with frustration and delight.

His cockhead breached her wet opening, sliding inside, and stretching delicate tissues to their utmost. The rough hair of his groin and thighs scraped Elior’s tender, spanked flesh. Eric’s groans pulsed through her. His cock jumped, he pulled back, and began to stroke. Calloused fingers rolled the expanding flesh of her sensitive nub. Tremors swept through her. She felt fluids wash onto him. Elinor was held cruelly upright by the silken bonds. Her pebbled nipples pierced the air.

“Come for me, My Lady,” he rasped as his thrusting increased in pace.

 She could feel her sex thicken, the nub hardening as the swirling sensations began to coalesce in the pit of her belly. Nothing mattered now except Eric and his hardness. Elinor began to tremble as dew gathered between her breasts. Then a quiver shook her. Eric took notice, moving a hand from hip to velvet delta. He began to rub in time with his thrusts.

“Now, Elinor,” he said, rapping her buttock sharply, “now, find your release.”


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