Daughter of Man

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,500
3 Ratings (3.7)

Abduction. Seduction. Annihilation.

Ellen, an ordinary woman, is walking home to a romantic dinner prepared by her boyfriend.

On her way there, a gorgeous, dangerous and virile specimen of a man forcibly abducts her from the realm of earth. He is not human. His immolating seduction overpowers her, as he demands her complete submission in all the ways of carnal pleasure. Again and again.

Heaven has never been this sizzlingly hot, nor its angels so sinfully wicked.

Along the journey to discovering her deepest, darkest desires, Ellen erotically encounters many fantastical beings and engages in sensual celestial trysts of every kind -- even to the point of surrendering her body to the ultimate Evil. Her actions lead to the threat of annihilation, not only of herself but also of reality.

Is she the hapless sexual plaything of the angels or is there some grand design?

Where does her heart lie? How can she realize her true feelings when the pleasures of the flesh are so overwhelming?

Daughter of Man
3 Ratings (3.7)

Daughter of Man

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,500
3 Ratings (3.7)
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She retraced her steps. Thinking excitedly about seeing Eric, she was absent-minded when she took the alternate path. Ellen was some way down this path before it broke into three. She had never encountered this before.

"Damn it," she muttered exasperatedly, looking for any familiar landmarks above the tree line, but the vegetation was overwhelmingly tall. She turned around again and went back the way she had come. As the shadows grew longer, unfamiliar thoughts flittered through her mind. Were the grasses clinging more to her legs as she brushed past? Did the scraggly branches of the bushes seem to claw at her arms and handbag?

Snap out of it, she thought.

She did not arrive back at the place where the path had broken into three. Instead it veered a sharp left which she had never encountered before, not even a few moments ago. Confusion was blooming into bewilderment. Thoughts of annoyance that she would be late were lost as the terrain became increasingly unfamiliar. She began to panic.

Heart thumping, she nearly cried out when rounding another corner of clinging leaves, she came within a meter of stumbling into someone.


Her eyes widened in shock.

A half-naked man stood before her. His perfectly muscled, naturally toned arms were folded carelessly and artfully across his broad, hairless chest. His admirable upper body tapered down over a well-ripped abdomen. Hanging almost effortlessly from his elegant waist were a pair of shimmering trousers of indescribable color--a confusing blue-gray that form-fitted to his perfectly muscled legs. These legs also seemed to be deliberately arranged, one crossed over the other as he leaned against a burned-out hollow trunk.

His pose of nonchalant arrogance gave the impression that somehow he had beckoned her and had waited for her for an indeterminable amount of time. Now that she was finally here, the moment seemed to hang in the balance--the shocking and unexpected were waiting to be unleashed.

Ellen could not help but blush, admiring this perfection of masculine physiognomy. She glanced up at his face.

And gasped.

His ice-blue eyes gazed at her hungrily, predatorily.

His sensual lips held a slight audacious curve, poised like those of a dangerous seducer.

She could not believe that sensible her almost swooned at the sight of him. She felt a rush of inexplicable faintness. The periphery of her vision blurred. He still had not uttered a word. How could she feel like she was falling under his spell?

A small voice screamed from somewhere inside her, Get away now! Get back home now! Run!



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