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Eileen Green lives in the beautiful state of Washington after recently relocating from California. What started out as the most dreaded time in her life, moving away from all of her family and friends, turned out to be a new beginning for her, as she submitted her first erotic novel for publishing and she also found the love of her life. Falling in love after reading her first romance novel, she knew was hooked from that moment and knew writing was embedded in her. Being able to create interesting characters and provide them with love, lust, and mind-blowing sex along with those unexpected twists, is like welcoming new family members into the fold.

Writing is Eileen’s main hobby though she enjoys the outdoors when she can find spare time away from the computer. She enjoys finding the beauty in things, whether it is in nature or even the human body. A people watcher, she admits to enjoying just watching people and their nuances in the one place people can really be themselves…Disneyland, for even in the Happiest Place on Earth, she is unable to turn off the creative switch in her head. Many a character has been created in her mind while people-watching.

For the quirkier side of Eileen, anytime of the year you can find her watching Christmas movies or even singing Christmas carols. If her family didn’t threaten to commit her, she admits she would have Christmas decorations up all year long. How does she get away with some of those decorations sticking around? Coca-Cola decorations adorn her kitchen, and what are Coca-Cola decorations without a few Santas on them?

Now, Eileen would like to welcome you, the reader into her family of characters, to let them come alive for you in your own imagination and mind’s eye.

Q: When did you start writing?

A: I began writing while in Jr. High School. I was writing anything I could besides school work. I wrote a story in English in eighth grade and my teacher Ms. Weekes told me not to stop. So I haven’t.

Q: What inspired you to write Erotica?

A: I had a problem writing “mainstream” romances. I tended to put too much “adult” details in my love scenes so I thought, why not erotic novels. My best friend told me after reading Lyndee’s Saviors that I had found my niche when it comes to my writing. I will continue to write both mainstream and erotica, but I believe I know which one I’ll be writing more of.

Q: Where do you get the inspiration for your characters?

A: When it comes to my male characters, I think of the type of men that I would like to date; suave, sophisticated, chivalrous, and oozing sex-appeal. I have a prince/princess syndrome where the man is still the knight in shining armor whether that armor is actually jeans, t-shirts, cowboy boots, and a Stetson. My female characters have to be strong-willed women, whether or not they appear to be on the exterior. They cannot be faint of heart and, since BDSM is called for in my books, they know their submissive state does not make them weak. Too many believe that is what a submissive is.

Q: Where is it you would like to be able to retire to and write for the rest of your life?

A: I would love to go to Ireland, find a nice piece of property along the coast and build my dream house, or next to one of the fabulous lakes there. If I can’t do it there, I have found Washington State seems to be an ideal place. I like to be able to see the mountains but still be close enough to the city to enjoy both.

Q: What helps you overcome writers block?

A: Since I usually have several books going at the same time, I will go to one of my other books and work on that a bit until I work out the block. Also, since I love to do research for my books, I’ll do that until I get to where I can go back to my work.

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