Gina's Private Police Force (MFM)

Men of Montana 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 89,364
16 Ratings (4.1)
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois, Romantic Suspense, M/F/M, light consensual BDSM, HEA]
Gina Picard, the waitress that Connor Lawson and Jared Pierce have been pursuing, has a big secret. One that could have them scrambling to remove themselves from her life forever and one that could land her in prison. 
Chivalry is not dead as Gina finds out when Connor and Jared stand by her while introducing her to the ménage relationship they wish to have with her. While mistrust, cynicism, and fear rule her life, she tries very hard to let these two men into her heart and mind as they make love to her and show her how much they love her. 
When Gina’s past literally comes back to haunt her, she fears for the men in her life and what this could cost all of them. The men have to find out who is trying to hurt her while getting her to open herself up to them, to accept the love they have to offer her and their protection. 
A Siren Erotic Romance
Gina's Private Police Force (MFM)
16 Ratings (4.1)

Gina's Private Police Force (MFM)

Men of Montana 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 89,364
16 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Oh yes! This was a hot and sexy book. Loved it.
I liked Gina but I couldn't really connect with her but it's still a great read!




The older man came around to the door and peered in at her. “You moving?”

The reminder was too much. The tears began to run in rivulets down her cheeks. Failure overwhelmed her and she knew she couldn’t afford to be like this. She had to get on the road and get on with her life. There wasn’t room for self-pity right now.

When the man reached into the car and touched her shoulder, she turned and pushed against him with all her might. He didn’t move very far due to his bulk. “Miss, you seem very upset about this. Let me take you home to the missus and then I’ll come back to get your car to work on it. You’ll feel better next to a fire and not sitting in a cold car on the side of the highway.”

Getting out of the car, Gina stood up to the man who stood only a few inches taller than her. Yes, she felt intimidated by him, but she wasn’t about let this man get close to her.

“I appreciate the offer, but I think I will wait on the tow truck,” she said quickly, hoping he would believe her lie. When he stepped in closer to her, he put his hand out onto her left shoulder. Feeling trapped Gina pushed out against his chest. The man stumbled backward but caught himself before he fell. Righting himself, he moved toward her.

“Listen, little lady,” he said, putting his hands up in a sign of resignation. “I was just trying to help. With it being the holidays, there’s no tellin’ when the truck will get here.”

Before she could say a word, tires in the gravel came to a quick halt behind her car. Turning to see who had stopped to help, relief and apprehension filled her body as the driver’s side door opened, revealing the Lake County Sheriff Department’s logo. In a surreal moment she watched black boots appear from under the door as they moved down to the pavement of the shoulder of the road and then the tan leg bottoms of the uniform. The door slammed shut, revealing the tall muscular body of one of Gina’s men.

Connor stood there for a brief second, looking at her in a way that broke her heart.  It was a look of disappointment and anger. He brought his hat up to his reddish-brown head to complete his ensemble and then adjusted the utility belt around his waist that held his revolver. His gray eyes flashed at her as she swallowed hard and leaned back against the backdoor of her car. Body language indicated he was pissed.

“Hey, Harvey,” Connor said as he walked up to the duo, sticking his hand out for the man to shake which he did. “How’s it going?”

“Good, Sheriff. Was just trying to help this little lady here, but I think my good looks must have spooked her,” he said with a belly laugh and a wink in her direction.

Stepping back, Connor moved his arm around Gina’s shoulder and held her. His stiff body let her know he was upset with her while he kept a smile on his face as he continued to face Harvey. “Thanks for stopping to help our girl here. I was planning on getting her a new car for her in the next week or two, but it would seem like she needs it now,” Connor said pulling her closer to him.

Boot crunching on gravel on the other side of the car indicated that Jared was coming up the other side. He had traveled to the front of the car. “Hi, Harvey,” he said, opening and looking under the hood.

The older man looked between the two lawmen and then at Gina. Gina felt uncomfortable under his scrutiny and unintentionally leaned into Connor’s side. As if he knew he was causing a discomfort for her, Harvey turned and leaned in under the hood.

Gina stiffened in Connor’s embrace when the older Good Samaritan turned from them, but his arm remained around her shoulder while she squirmed, trapping her. Feeling him lean down, she felt his breath on her hair near her ear.

“You’ve been a very naughty girl, Gina. When we get back to my house, you are going to have to be punished,” he whispered in a deep commanding voice. “And then we are going to fuck you to mark you as ours.”

An involuntary shudder ran through her body, making a sharp tingling pit stop at her nipples and again at her pussy, at the tone of his voice and his words. She didn’t know why they affected her the way they did, but she was now wet between her legs at the thought of what he said. How could being punished cause her pussy to weep the way it did?

With a sniff in the air, Connor licked at her ear and hissed, “Nice!”




Connor kissed his way to her other ear, adding tongue along the way. He licked the shell of her ear, a shiver coursing through her straight to those pussy lips they were talking about. “And, you’ll love the feel of your smooth, naked flesh down there,” Connor whispered.

A finger slipped into her slit but bypassed the treasure that lay near the top. It kept moving and found the access it sought, sinking in until it could go no more. Gina hadn’t realized Jared’s fingers were so thick until that moment, but perhaps, it was just that Frank really didn’t do anything for her.

The finger moved out of the dark moist passage and pushed back in with a friend. Now two fingers began fucking her, moving in and out a few times slowly, causing her hips to move back and forth as Jared’s teeth gripped her earlobe. Connor’s hand moved back down to her tit, squeezing it and pulling it upward until his mouth could cover the nipple.

Gina gasped at the sensations shooting through her body. Never in her life had she been so turned on. The books she read were right. There was nothing like having two men using their mouths and hands on a woman.

Jared’s fingers found the soft sweet spot within her pussy that she thought was a myth. Using a come here motion, his fingers massaged the spot, driving pulses throughout her entire body. The heat from the water was no longer heating her. It was the heat within her own body as her temperature began rising higher and higher.

With Jared fucking her cunt with his fingers and Connor sucking on her breast, she knew she was lost within their web of sweet sexual seduction. After a couple more movements of Jared’s fingers, the tightness there broke, sending orgasmic shocks through her entire body. Her pussy walls gripped Jared’s fingers as her body tensed and she felt the sensations all the way to her toes and fingers. She felt as if her whole body was going to burst open from the exquisite feelings these two men were drawing from her.

Ragged breaths escaped her lips as shards of bright colors seemed to dance across her vision though she still focused on her men pleasuring her. When a second orgasm ripped through her, a howl seemed to emanate from her as she rode it. Feeling an arm slip around her shoulders, she fell against it, letting it hold onto her as she embraced her climax that the men were so unselfishly giving her.

As she was beginning to come down for her orgasmic high, she felt the fingers slide out from her depths and arms, moving her around until she was straddling Connor’s lap. His large thick cock sat in the groove of her nether lips which still quivered.

A mouth at her ear caused her to turn her head slightly. “Lean back against me, sweetie,” Jared whispered, “so Connor can get his cock inside.”

Doing as she was told, she leaned into the hard muscular chest behind her as Jared’s hands slipped around her waist and came up to mold around her breasts. She felt his long hard erection between her buttocks and sucked in a breath at the thought that someone would fuck her back there soon. It may not be tonight, but it would be soon. Moving her hips, she wanted someone’s cock and she wanted it now.

“Easy, baby,” Connor murmured. “I’m not even in you yet. Lift up a bit.”

Doing as she was told, she felt his latex-covered prick moving, lining up with the mouth of her pussy. When Connor’s hands moved to her hips, she felt him guide her down the length of him, her pussy swallowing him whole. Feeling full to the point of pain, she relaxed her muscles as she reveled in the feel of Jared’s rough calloused hands rubbing on her sensitive nipples.

Lifting her own hands, she placed them on Connor’s chest, over his pecs, and lightly felt her way around them. Under the soft skin was hard muscle. His flat nipples sprang up under her palm as her eyes met his lust-filled ones. Lowering his gaze, she saw him watch Jared’s hands on her breasts, his tongue licking his lips anxiously.

Boldly, she leaned her head back against Jared’s shoulder, turning her head toward his neck. “I think Connor wants to taste my nipple, Jared. Can you feed it to him?”

The sound of both men’s gasps caused her pussy to spasm around the Sheriff’s cock which in turn twitched within her depths. It was Gina’s turn to gasp as she slid her tongue out to lick at Jared’s neck beneath his ear. It actually felt to her like Connor’s cock had grown within her and she shifted slightly to accommodate him.

Jared’s husky voice came to her. “Sugar, watch while I give Connor your breast.”

Moving her head lazily, she looked down at her breasts. Jared’s hand still covered one, but the other he held out to Connor’s waiting mouth as he moved closer to her. When his lips closed around the rosy tip and sucked hard on it, Gina groaned, thrusting her chest outward. The suckling motion of his mouth pulled at her womb causing pulsing waves to move through her. Teeth replaced his lips as he bit lightly, pulling on her nipple, causing a bit of pain, yet causing pleasing sensations also. Squeezing his pecs in her hands, she knew she was close to another climax even though Connor hadn’t begun to fuck her yet.

Surprise enveloped her along with all the other feelings she had as she heard her own voice demand, “Fuck me! Please, fuck me, now!”

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