Ellie Moonwater

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I am an Australian author and I write romance and erotic romance under the pen name of Ellie Moonwater. I live in Tasmania with my family--husband, son, and dog-who-may-be-a-cleverly-disguised-cat.

Q: Of all the kinds of romance you could write, why did you choose paranormal romance?

A: I like the paranormal because it lets me explore things I wouldn't feel comfortable exploring in a 'realistic' contemporary setting, plus I get to work with all sorts of cool monsters and fairy-tale settings.

Q: What is your favorite paranormal creature?

A: I'm not sure. So far I've worked with ghosts, but I have a hankering to try shapeshifters--not wolves, although I think they're cool, too, but maybe cats and birds. After that, who knows? I might decide I like something else.

Q: Where do you get your ideas?

A: The ideas for my stories come from all sorts of places: a pretty candle, the mountain outside my window, the woman next to me on the bus, an air trip, a cathedral, or Hobart and places I visit.

Q: How do you keep track of your ideas?

A: I write them down as they arrive, or shortly thereafter. I have 28 notebooks (the paper kind) and will soon have to start another.

Q: Where do you find the time to write?

A: Any where I can. I try to write a thousand words a day on whatever project I've designated my 'lead' project, and usually go for more. Three thousand is good, but five is better.

Q: How do you keep track of your characters?

A: I usually use a system of file cards and jot notes down as I go. If I start with a definite idea of the character, I have those ideas on the card before I start. When the stories interlock, this is really helpful.

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