Double Double Dare Me (MMF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 16,872
20 Ratings (3.7)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M play, light Consensual BDSM]

"The Master of the Mansion doesn't exist."

Famous last words for Katie Anstruth, who believes in the Master of Wellington Mansion more than she cares to admit. She has no choice but to accept radio rat and ex-lover Derek Ottoman's challenge after declaring she doesn't believe in ghosts and was mistaken about an earlier encounter.

Coming home to escape a disastrous relationship, Katie knows the Master is real, just as she knows he is awaiting her return.

What the Master of Wellington Mansion will do when Derek also decides to tag along and spend the night with them is anyone's guess.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Double Double Dare Me (MMF)
20 Ratings (3.7)

Double Double Dare Me (MMF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 16,872
20 Ratings (3.7)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
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4 STARS: "I have never been much for ghost stories, but Double Double Dare Me changed my mind! The Master was defiantly not your typical ghost, and this was not your typical ghost story. It was very well written, and the author did an excellent job setting up the back story for the dare. Double Double Dare Me will have you searching for a haunted mansion and a ghost of your own." -- Noelle, Romance Junkies

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He laughed. “Minx. You know I’ll have to punish you for that.”

My lips parted in a smile, and he took the invitation, recognizing the surrender as he closed his mouth over mine and did his best to devour me. As his lips and tongue worked their magic, his hands slid my blouse from my shoulder and unhooked my bra. The two of them landed on two different parts of the floor, and I was glad I’d remembered to draw the curtains.

There were certain things that no peeping Tom had a right to see. My body divesting itself of its clothes while I kissed empty air was one of them. No matter that I could see and feel the Master, I doubted others could be as lucky.

Doubted, that is, until Derek gasped.

Matthias lifted his mouth from mine, ignoring the needy whimper of protest that followed him. “You can watch, or you can join us,” he said. “But I don’t know which role you’d prefer.”

“Role?” Derek sounded as though he was having trouble catching his breath.

“Yes,” Matthias said, “What would you rather be? The Master or the slave?”

“I, I don’t know. What would you like me to be?”

And Matthias laughed.

“Undress,” he commanded, and I sensed his delight at having two of us to please him.

“Now you,” he said, turning to me and taking me by the arm. “I think I’ll turn your ass to the fire and watch the flames reflected on your cheeks. The bed will give me better access to your breasts, and the fire can light the way for the lash.”

“Will you beat me, too?” Derek asked, and I held a breath of surprise when I realized he was sliding into the role of slave as easily as I had. I’d bet a lot that this never came out on radio. It was a side of him I’d never seen.

Matthias’s glance raked him from top to toe. “I might,” he said.

Derek dropped the last of his clothing on the floor beside the picnic basket.

I half-turned to look, letting the sight of him fill my gaze and feeling more juices flow in response. I’d forgotten. I’d forgotten so much. He still worked out, judging from the tone on his abs and pecs, and half-erect, he was as wonderful as I remembered. I let a little longing fill my eyes and saw his cock twitch when he recognized the invitation in my stare.

“Come and help me,” Matthias commanded.

Derek came to do his bidding and, together, they hung me from the cross beam of the four-poster. When they’d stripped off my shoes and socks and peeled my jeans from me, they stood back to admire their handiwork.

“Kneel,” Matthias commanded from behind me, and I heard Derek hit the floor.

The chill in the air intensified, and I knew the Master had divested himself of his clothes. The cold air around him always grew colder when he was naked. It had something to do with his energy, but I couldn’t work out what. Cool fingers stroked me.

They ran down my back, following the curves of my waist and caressing the globes of my buttocks. They traced their way down my legs and up the inside of my thighs. They ran along my biceps and across the sensitive flesh of my triceps. They arced over my hips, stroking my belly and parting the folds between my thighs.

I gasped, and they probed more deeply, finding the little nub that was already starting to peer out of hiding. They plucked my nether lips apart and sank their coolness into my body, working in and out, until moisture coated my depths and Matthias chuckled at the discovery. His hands swept up and took a nipple each.

Before I could steel myself against it, they squeezed and pulled, tweaking those sensitive buds to the point of pain.

I yelped, and his hands let go. I felt him step back and trembled. I knew what was coming. I dreaded it, and desired it.


Derek’s shout reached me just as the lash cracked down, leaving a line of ice and fire along my back. It was pain and pleasure. It was followed by a tongue, soothing the sting, caressing the welt it had left. I knew it would come again, when the tongue finished its ministrations and left me hanging.

“Come here, boy,” the Master grated, and I heard Derek shuffle forward. “You voted to be my slave, when you were not master enough to tell me what you wanted. Tell me, do you know what you want now?”

There was only silence in reply.

“Suckle me,” Matthias ordered.

Derek said nothing in reply, but I remembered when Matthias had last given me that order. I’d knelt before him, his erection bobbing before me. ‘Suckle me,’ Matthias had commanded, and I’d obeyed, but not in the way he’d expected.

First I’d traced my way down his length with my tongue, then I’d reached under him, wrapping my tongue around one of his balls and pulling it into my mouth. It had been cold to the touch, but not too cold. It had tasted… I searched my mind for the term, as Matthias groaned.

I imagined my ghostly lover, then, his ethereal fingers buried in Derek’s tawny surfer locks, while my radio man moved his lips down and over his shaft. I thought of the slow thrust of Matthias’s hips accompanying the movement and wondered if they’d forget about me. I hadn’t known Derek had been with men. There was so much I didn’t know about him, so much he hadn’t let me see, before.

The lash stung me again, this time moving down my back. There was another groan, and I thought I heard Derek chuckle, then the lash struck again. After a fourth strike, I heard Matthias’s hoarse command, “Stop!”

What the pair of them were up to now, I couldn’t see, but the lash did not sing out again, and shortly afterwards, two sets of arms embraced my waist. Two tongues soothed away the pain of my welts, and two sets of hands roamed my flesh.

“Let’s get her down,” I heard Derek say.

“No,” Matthias answered, “let’s taste her first.”

I could feel him standing behind me, now, the icy aura of his presence causing my back to ache where the welts raised small ripples on my skin. Movement in front of me caught my eye, as Derek clambered across the flowered coverlet and came to a stop in front of me.

Master Matthias folded himself in close, wrapping his arms around me from behind, sliding his hands over my flat tummy, and bringing his fingers to my labia.

“Drink,” he commanded, opening me to Derek’s gaze. I watched as my radioman accepted the invitation, leaning into me as he brought his mouth to those parted lips. I felt his mouth graze my clit, and then his tongue drove out to find the opening hidden below it. The feel of it making its way inside me drove a soft cry from my mouth, one that turned to moans of approval as he reached around me to pull me to his mouth.

He suckled me.

I imagined it was the same rhythmical way he’d suckled Matthias, but then his tongue began to lap at the juices that flowed at his touch, and I realized I was wrong. This was different. I felt things beginning to tighten and clench, and my body jerked against its bindings. My soft moans turned into whimpers as Matthias began stroking along the inside of the lips he held apart, and Derek lapped and drove his tongue into me.

“Bring her to the edge,” Matthias directed, and Derek obeyed.

His tongue, and the hands massaging the cheeks of my ass, brought me close, and then they stopped. I growled in frustration as Matthias’s chains disappeared. Drawing me onto the bed, the ghost passed through my flesh and knelt before me, Derek at his side.

“Pleasure me,” he said, wrapping his hand in my hair and drawing me down until my lips touched the tip of his cock.

Smiling, I dipped my tongue out and touched the slit that was before me. He grew still. I dabbed my tongue out again, working my way round the mushroom-shaped cap, working my tongue under its rim in tiny flickers of movement that had him gasping. Smiling even more broadly now, I continued to tease him, closing my lips just over his head, and then drawing back.

“Take her!” he said, and I felt Derek behind me.

Where Matthias was ice, ice cold, the heat of Derek’s erection was like a searing brand. His hands grasped my hips and pulled them up until they were at the right angle. I closed my lips around Matthias’ cock again and felt his hands in my hair.

“I should have taken a hairbrush to your ass until it matched the color of the firelight,” he growled and pushed himself further into my mouth.

I opened wider for him, wondering at his patience until I felt Derek parting my folds and pressing his way just inside. They both paused, and then, as if by some pre-arranged signal, they both thrust forward.

I cried out with the joy of it. Derek’s warmth filled me, stroking me all the way in, until I could feel the heat of his sac against my thighs. It contrasted with the cool length of Matthias in my mouth, sliding down my throat as I opened for him. For a moment both my men rested, and then they pulled back, and drove in again.

It took me several strokes to grasp the rhythm, and then I did. I felt the tension in my channel spiral, the way my muscles tightened around Derek’s cock as he slid in and out of me. I tasted the wonderful otherworldly musk of Matthias as I moved my lips along his shaft, felt them both tense and then heard their cries of release, just as my own orgasm roared through me.

Warmth flooded my passage, and cool sweet musk soaked my throat. I swallowed, my voice joining theirs in an oddly muted song of completion. When it was over, and we rested in a tangle of human heat and otherworldly cold, I wondered if it had been enough. Was Matthias still with us, or was he free to leave? His presence made me realize that, if he was free to go, he wasn’t taking the option. I felt the chill of his hands start to roam over me and groaned.

“It’s not over yet,” he murmured. “That was just for starters. Tell me, do you have a virgin ass?

I thought of Derek. We’d never reached the point where we’d felt comfortable about exploring that side of our sex life. Maybe if we’d dated a little longer…

And, as for Hubert, well, he’d intended to take my virgin ass on our wedding night. He’d been spending money, hand over fist, on the well-wrapped secrecy of a new playroom. He hadn’t understood why I’d wanted a say in it. It was one of the straws that finally shattered our relationship.

I sighed. “Yes, Master.”

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