eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 20,000
8 Ratings (4.4)

Maura is the best pilot for experimental small craft that the Alliance has seen in decades. When a research treaty allows a representative from Nyal space to participate, she has a fight on her hands. Alzor is the best his species has to offer and that is saying something. His tail does not impede his ability to fly a ship, shuttle, or fighting craft. When Maura's craft becomes stranded in a test flight, the giant kitty comes to get her. His craft has a difficulty and they are forced onto a hospitable world. Now that they are on equal footing, Alzor has only to defend himself against her viper tongue for two days when a shuttle will be able to retrieve them. His ways of keeping her mouth busy become quite inventive.

8 Ratings (4.4)


eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 20,000
8 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Martine Jardin

The chamber was installed and locked down. Communications were cleared, pre-flight checks were done and a full diagnostic of the jump systems was clear. She fixed the halo onto her head for subliminal steering, gripped the main controls and waited.

The flight deck was cleared, the Guardian Echo was placed into launch position and as the lights flared in indication, she punched it.

Clearing the station was her primary concern. Once clear, she could find the signal, fix the closest empty point in space near the field and fly in to grab the Reeva Nahrad. Easy peasy.

"Reeva Nahrad, this is the Guardian Echo requesting location confirmation."

"Maura? What are you doing?"

She locked in on his signal. "Returning a favour. Now give me a minute, I need to jump."

"No don't--"

The computer mapped his location and the nearest planetoids. It found her a hopefully empty spot and gave her the indicator. Everything was green. Jump was a go. She hit the two buttons to unlock the jump and triggered the event with her mind. Whoa.

Being in two places at the same time was a physical impossibility, but jump tech ripped and repaired holes in space. It was nauseating, disorienting and completely fantastic as she came out into space near the rough and tumble mess of the asteroid field.

"Reeva Nahrad, please confirm your location."

"Guardian Echo, get your ass out of here and send another ship." The snarl was unmistakable.

She put him on ship-to-ship communications. "Alzor, what is your problem? I am here. I have the stasis unit you want. I will pick you up within the hour."

"If you are here, I won't need the unit."

"What?" That didn't make any sense.

"I am in rut and you smell like walking heat."

Oh. That would explain it. "So, what are our options?"

"Well, either you come in through that hatch and I fuck you until we both can't walk, or you suit up so that I can't smell you, purge the air in your shuttle and I pop into the stasis unit."

"Those are the options? Isn't there one where you just calmly put yourself in the unit without me going into full containment?"

"Not if you want this to work."

She sighed. "Why can't guys just keep it in their pants?"

"Why can't girls just give up without a fight? You know that we are meant for each other, why argue with me?"

She thought about it and her internal censor had a nap. "Foreplay?"

His surprised laugh made her smile until she realized what she had said. A heavy groan filled her ship. Why can't I just shut up? Why, why, why? She flipped the com back to the open, monitored channel. "Guardian Echo entering the field."

"Reeva Nahrad, standing by. Ready and waiting."

Oh lord.

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