Blaze Ballantine

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Being a paranormal investigator, my thoughts are often focused on the otherworldly. I imagined what it would be like to have a society based on all paranormal entities, a community where mankind was the outcast. From those thoughts, Syren Song came alive. I've always loved the legends of exotic cultures, and with those in mind, I've created characters you won't read about often, but have a solid basis in folklore. Gypsy Cay is a series about humans and paranormals indulging in their most sensual desires.

Q: What got you interested in the paranormal?

A: Trying to escape the mind numbing dullness of the normal.

Q: Do you model your characters after people you know?

A: Oh yeah, my best friend is a Syren and I date a were-shark. I thought they would make interesting characters for a book so I used them (with their permission of course).

Q: Do any of your stories reflect actual events?

A: Absolutely. Living on Gypsy Cay gives me limitless inspiration for writing my books. It's all real, but I do change the names to prevent lawsuits.

Q: What's the sexiest thing a man has ever said to you?

A: You can have all the peanuts in my box of Cracker Jacks.

Q: If you were a paranormal creature, what would you want to be?

A: What do you mean if I were a paranormal I look human to you?

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