Etaine Avery is a wife, mother of four, and grandmother of one. She and her husband make their home in northeast Florida along with five Chaweiners. After twenty years as a Navy Operating Room nurse that included deployments all around the globe she retired and became a house supervisor. As a child she would entertain family and friends by telling stories, so writing just seemed to be the next step. Besides, there is only so much housework that one person can do. Etaine is an avid reader and enjoys refurbishing antique furniture. Painting anything that stands still long enough is also a passion. Now she is thrilled to be a published author. Etaine loves strong characters with a sense of humor, some sarcasm, and who are willing to fight for love. A Happy ending where true love conquers all and the good guys win is a must. Etaine's words to live by are a quote from Jim Valvano. “If you laugh, you cry, and you think every day, that's a full day. That's a heck of a day.” So here's to laughing, crying, and thinking every day.

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Q: Where do you get your ideas for a story?

A: They come from personal experiences and my own imagination.

Q: How did you get started writing?

A: As a child I often told stories to family and friends. Must have gotten that from my father who was always telling us stories of his childhood with a little added flair. I actually started writing as a teen. I would write alternate story lines for television shows and insert my own characters and give different endings. Then I would let friends read them. It was fun and helped pass the time on the bus ride home after school.

Q: Why do you like to write erotic paranormal romance books?

A: I love romance and science fiction. My sister has always said, "If it's weird Etaine will like it." Combining the two just seemed natural to me.

Q: Will all of your heroes be military?

A: After twenty years in the Navy, I've come to associate most of my male heroes as being in the military. It's been a huge part of my life. There will also be some female heroines that will be military in upcoming books. I believe that they have a unique viewpoint on issues that face veterans and I look forward to exploring that with them.

Q: Is contemporary paranormal the only genre that you write about?

A: No. I've got some story lines roughed out that are set in alternate plains involving mythical creatures. I have a strong Scottish heritage and love books about the fae and Celts.

Q: How long does it take you to complete a book?

A: It takes as long as it takes. That's not sarcasm, but sometimes my muse takes a break or characters don't cooperate and it can be a challenge to get everyone to work together.

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