Trouble With Bella (MFM)

Special Operations 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 84,337
5 Ratings (4.2)

[Menage Amour: Contemporary Menage a Trois Paranormal Romantic Suspense Romance, MFM, HEA]

Bella is on the run from a psychopath who almost killed her. Working in the hardware store to earn enough to eat and pay the rent on her shabby apartment, she literally runs into two of the most handsome men she has ever seen. She’s hesitant to say “yes” when they ask her to dinner. If her stalker finds her, and he always does, Carlos and Ian could be in danger.

Carlos and Ian knew the moment they saw Bella that she was meant to belong to them. Now they must earn her trust and protect her at the same time. Bella is a stubborn woman and she won’t fall easily for their charms. They decide that truth is the best way to go. Will she be able to accept what the two Navy SEALs do for a living, or will fear turn her away? All the while, the stalker is getting closer.

Trouble With Bella (MFM)
5 Ratings (4.2)

Trouble With Bella (MFM)

Special Operations 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 84,337
5 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
My favorite book thus far. Carlos is super hot. Both guys are alpha to the bone. I love how they come into the hardware store and take over. Etaine is a great author. Please keep them coming



Ian strolled into the hardware store followed by Carlos. He glanced around and noticed that Mr. Hargraves, the owner, was not in his usual spot behind the register. Nothing felt wrong, so he figured the man was probably in his office.

“You go one way and I’ll go the other,” Carlos said and headed off to a different section of the store.

Ian walked down an aisle, heading for the back of the store. As he reached the end of a row, a large stack of boxes careened into him and tumbled to the floor. Before Ian could say anything, a petite young woman with blonde hair was sputtering, “I’m so sorry. I didn’t see you. Are you okay?”

Ian was about to give a sarcastic remark about carrying too much when he looked down into her face. All thought fled his brain. He was looking into the face of an angel. His angel. This was the woman from his vision, and she was beautiful.

She wore her hair pulled back into a ponytail. She dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, but it was her eyes that held his attention. They were the color of amber with flecks of gold in them. So unusual.

Absolutely beautiful, he thought.

“Are you okay?” the woman asked again.


“Are. You. Okay?” She enunciated each word.

Ian shook his head, clearing it. “Yeah, I’m okay,” he finally managed to say.

“Let me get these boxes out of your way,” the petite blonde said as she bent to pick them up.

“Here, let me help you,” Ian said as he bent over. Unfortunately, they both bent at the same time and bumped heads.

“Ouch!” she exclaimed and rubbed her forehead.

“Sorry,” Ian muttered and rubbed his own head. “You shouldn’t be carrying so many boxes at one time.”

The woman looked at him in annoyance. “They’re not that heavy and besides, it’s my job.”

“I’m sure Mr. Hargraves wouldn’t approve of you lifting so much at one time.” Ian frowned down at her.

She huffed in frustration. The nerve of this man to scold me like I’m some child! she thought to herself.

“Can I help you with something?” she asked, glaring at the tall stranger before she pushed the boxes to one side of the aisle with her foot.

“No, I know where everything I need is located. Where’s Mr. Hargraves?” Ian asked.

He couldn’t help but notice the sudden alarmed look that appeared on his angel’s face. So, she was a little concerned about being alone with him.

“He’s in the office,” she stated. It was clear to Ian that she didn’t want him to think she was all alone in the store. Smart girl.

A noise sounded and Ian turned to see who was coming up behind him.

“Ian! Good to see you! What can I do for you?” Mr. Hargraves asked as he walked down the aisle towards them.

Ian saw his angel relax at the sight of her boss arriving on scene.

“Just came in for a few things. Unfortunately, I’m afraid that in my haste, I ran into this lovely young woman and made this mess.” Ian gestured toward the scattered boxes.

“I ran into him, Mr. Hargraves. I’m sorry about the mess. I’ll get it cleaned up right away,” she said and quickly moved to pick up the boxes.

“It’s okay, Bella. You take it easy. I don’t want you to hurt yourself.” Mr. Hargraves smiled at her.

Bella nodded toward Mr. Hargraves, then picked up two of the boxes. 

Ian watched as she fled around the corner to another aisle. Bella, he thought, what an appropriate name.

“Hellooooo! Earth to Iiiiiian!” Mr. Hargraves snapped his fingers to get Ian’s attention.

“What? Huh?” Ian stuttered.

Mr. Hargraves chuckled at Ian’s preoccupation with the new store clerk.

Embarrassed at being caught admiring the beautiful young woman, Ian turned his attention back to Mr. Hargraves.

“Who is she? Where does she come from? And what is she doing here?” Ian fired off the questions as if he were interrogating a criminal.

Mr. Hargraves laughed as Ian continued to look in the direction that Bella had gone.

“Her name is Bella Caldwell. She came in the other day and applied for a job. She looked so desperate and scared that I decided to hire her. I read people pretty well, and Bella seems like she’s had a hard time of it.” Mr. Hargraves stroked his chin.

“What kind of hard time? What has she told you?” Ian looked at the older man. If Bella was his and Carlos’s, he wanted to know what they were facing.

“She’s running from something or someone, Ian. Doesn’t talk much, but she’s too smart to be a clerk in a hardware store. Hard worker, though, and so far, dependable,” Mr. Hargraves murmured.

“Keep an eye on her. If she is running from trouble, it could catch up to her here. Anything out of the ordinary happens, you let me or Carlos know right away.”

“Why are you so interested? Is it because she could be in trouble or because she could be trouble?” Mr. Hargraves asked.

“Both,” Ian responded before walking away to get what he needed. Bella didn’t know it yet, but her life was about to change. Ian just had to figure out what was going on and how best to protect her.

Yep, he thought, things were about to get really interesting. He smiled. Turned out that the trip to town was going to be more interesting than they thought. It could be life altering. 





Carlos pulled from Bella’s mouth and made quick work of unbuttoning her blouse and peeling it off her body. Her bra followed. He took a moment to admire the beautiful, full globes of her breasts. Carlos pushed them together, bent down, and suckled her luscious flesh.

While Carlos worked on Bella’s blouse and bra, Ian unzipped the front of her jeans and slipped his hand down into her panties. Warm, moist heat gathered between her swollen labia. He trailed a finger through her slit, then swirled it around her clit.

As Ian watched Bella come alive in their arms, lava flowed through his veins and filled his cock. His dick was ramrod hard and all he could think about was how desperately he wanted to be buried balls deep inside of his angel. His cock throbbed painfully and he felt his control slipping.

Bella felt herself become hot and wet the moment Carlos kissed her. When he suckled her nipples, her pussy flooded with hot cream. She couldn’t stop herself from squirming as both men paid special attention to her breasts and clit. 

Ian stood and moved away from the sofa. Bella moaned at the loss of contact with him. Cool air brushed over her heated flesh. Carlos continued to suckle her nipples, and she basked in all the wonderful sensations he created within her body. She felt hands undo her jeans and pull them, along with her panties, down her legs. Her shoes had already been removed. She had no idea when that happened. Now she lay naked on the sofa, head back as Carlos trailed kisses between her breasts.

Bella felt wild, wanton, and she kissed Carlos the same way she felt.  She squeezed her thighs together in an attempt to ease the building heat, but the fire building within her could not be stopped.

Ian jerked Bella’s legs apart and inserted his broad shoulders between them. He licked, then nipped her clit. The pleasure made Bella cry out.

“Mmmm, baby, you taste so good. I could live off your sweet honey,” Ian whispered as he licked Bella’s juices from his lips.

Two against one was unfair, but in this case, Bella didn’t care. Two against one was perfect, as long as it was Carlos and Ian. Her heart pounded and Bella couldn’t catch her breath. The tension was building like a volcano, ready to explode.

Bella thought she was going to die if she didn’t come soon. Had anyone ever died from not climaxing? The question passed fleetingly through her mind, and then she was lost to her passion again.

Carlos caressed Bella’s firm belly and felt the quivering that signaled the beginning of her orgasm. He whipped his mouth from hers.

“Don’t you dare come, Bella,” Carlos hissed against her mouth. “You wait until we say so! You got me? You don’t come until Ian and I say so!”

Bella thrashed her head back and forth. She clutched at Carlos’s arms. Need drove her. Hot, wild, demanding, and desperate. It amazed her how fast they could bring her to the edge of the abyss.

“I can’t wait!” she screamed. “I need to come!”

“We know what you need, but you will wait until we are ready to give it to you!” Carlos nipped Bella’s bottom lip and pinched her nipple. That small bite of pain helped to draw Bella back from the cliff that she was hurtling toward.

Ian looked up at Bella from between her legs. He loved seeing their woman so out of control. Truth be told, his dick wanted to be buried balls deep within his beautiful woman as he watched her come apart in his arms.

Carlos looked down at Ian and gave a wink. Ian took the hint and he slowly pulled his tongue from Bella’s sheath. The frustration of not being allowed to climax had her crying out all kinds of obscenities. Ian and Carlos laughed at her and stroked over her body to soothe her.

“That’s it, baby. Relax. We’ll get you there again, I promise. It will be worth it.” Carlos chuckled.

Bella didn’t think it was so funny. She wanted to scream and yell at them to let her come, but she knew her men wouldn’t give her what she wanted until they were ready to, and not a minute sooner.

Carlos kissed her ear and then bit Bella’s earlobe. “Put your hands over your head. Do it now!”

Bella immediately complied. Her body seemed to have a mind of its own at the moment. It would do whatever Carlos and Ian told it to do.

With her arms over her head, Bella’s beautiful body looked like a feast laid out in offering in front of two starving men. Carlos slid down to take Ian’s place between her legs, and Ian moved up to her side. He caught her wrists to make sure she kept her arms up. She was totally at their mercy.

Ian nuzzled Bella’s neck, then moved to her mouth, taking it hard and rough. Bella could taste herself on his lips. The inferno between her legs began to build again.

Carlos was now licking up her essence that coated her thighs. Their woman was hot, he thought to himself. Hot and sweet and delicious. Ian was right, you could live off her cream. 

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