Flogging Scarlet

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 14,500
1 Ratings (4.0)

A collection of five erotic stories with bisexual and menage themes.

Flogging Scarlet by Athena Marie

She had never wanted a woman before. She had never wanted to be in control. Then she meets Scarlet, the submissive fetish model whose raw sexuality inspires unfamiliar desires. When Scarlet asks her if she is bisexual she responds that she doesn’t know. Scarlet proves that even a submissive can be an excellent teacher.

Playing with Amy by Kay Jaybee

When Lee’s mobile rings halfway through his morning’s work, he assumes Jen just wants a chat. He can’t believe it when Jen tells him she has a gorgeous naked girl tied up in her lounge, pleading to be played with by both of them; and if Lee doesn’t get there soon, she’ll start without him.

Stunned that Jen has found a woman to live out their mutual erotic fantasy, to willingly be their sex toy for a day; Lee rushes to join them. The moment Lee arrives, he and Jen waste no time before they start playing with Amy...

If the Shoe Fits by Beverly Langland

To the outside world Charles and Martina are an enigma. A distinguished older man with a young woman usually means one thing. Yet, things are not always how they appear. Despite her youth Martina is a woman with a colourful past, some would say well-travelled. Full of insecurities and jealousy, she is a vain wildcat from a privileged upbringing, rescued from the slums of Rio. Charles likes order, where Martina is chaos. To curb her excesses, Charles has to enforce some obedience. Just as well then that Martina likes the fiery heat of a good spanking.

Sofa, So Fun by Lucy Felthouse

After a heavy night drinking, best friends Kristin and Shayna share an intimate conversation where Shayna admits she’s always been attracted to her friend. Shocked, Kristin doesn’t know how to react. But when she opens her mind to the possibility, she discovers the thought of having sex with Shayna makes her horny in a way she’s never experienced before. As the girls get down and dirty, they’re completely unaware that Kristin’s husband, Dan, has come downstairs and is watching them. What’s more, he wants to join in...

Two Girls, One Cop by Elizabeth Coldwell

Fiona and Janice are on the trip of a lifetime, cruising across the Nevada desert in a cool Chevy convertible. When they’re pulled over for speeding by a traffic cop with his own unique idea of how to enforce authority, their holiday really becomes one to remember...These stories have also been published in Best of Both ISBN 9781907761669

Flogging Scarlet
1 Ratings (4.0)

Flogging Scarlet

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 14,500
1 Ratings (4.0)
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I liked the first two stories.

Soon we are seated in a booth at a nearby dive bar. She is still talking about her ex and I am nodding in sympathy. But all I can think about is touching her. I have never wanted to touch a woman, but that doesn’t matter. I want to kiss her. To reach my hands beneath her shirt and squeeze her breasts. To slip my fingers beneath her skirt and explore the folds that she so readily shows to the world.

‘What’s in the package?’ she suddenly blurts out mid-sentence.

Immediately I turn the colour of the wine in my glass, the colour of her name. I pull the package closer against my hip. ‘Oh, I …’

‘What?’ She smiles slyly and raises an eyebrow. ‘You’re blushing! It’s something naughty, isn’t it?’ I love the way she says that word. Naughty. How her mouth opens wider and her pitch rises. ‘Oooo can I see?’

I swallow hard and nod, slipping the large manila envelope across the table. She rips it open and pulls out the black flogger that I ordered online.

‘Mmm, this is a nice one,’ she coos as she runs the leather strips across her palm. ‘So is this for you, or for your boyfriend?’

My fingers caress the stem of my wine glass. ‘Actually, I don’t have a boyfriend.’

‘Hmmm.’ She bites her lower lip in a delicious manner and my pussy begins to throb. Maybe it’s how unbelievable this scene is, or maybe it’s just the wine, but I suddenly feel light headed. I start to giggle.

She cocks her head and smiles in response. ‘You’re cute,’ she says brightly, and I am amazed at how someone can be so childlike and so sexual at the same time. ‘Are you a top or a bottom?’

‘I’m sorry?’

‘Are you submissive or dominant? Do you like to be in control, or to be controlled?’ Her eyes look smoky now, and she is slowly stroking the long handle of the flogger.

‘I don’t know.’

‘Of course you do. Why else would you buy this? Are you bi?’

‘I … don’t know.’

She looks at me, a long silent moment, and then, her voice ripe with promise, ‘Do you want to find out?’

We enter her apartment and I follow her into the bedroom. Though it reminds me more of a dungeon than a bedroom. Hooks and straps and other various instruments that I can’t name hang from the walls.

My breath is shallow, my heart is racing and my pussy is soaking.

She walks up to me, takes my hands, and places them on the soft curves of her breasts. Our lips meet and I can’t believe how yielding hers are. How soft and sensual our kisses are. It’s so different than kissing a man.

I run my hands over her breasts, and she moans as my fingers skim her nipples. I squeeze her breasts, knead them, and her moans grow deeper. I kiss her harder, feeling the heat of her mouth and the smooth metal of the piercings against my tongue. My hands drift down to cup her arse beneath her skirt. Somehow I am not surprised to find she is not wearing any underwear. Her skin is smooth and warm, and I pull her soft body harder against my own.

Soon our hands our everywhere. With fumbling fingers I unbutton the top buttons of her blouse, then yank down her bra to expose her beautiful full breasts. She is looking up at me, wide eyed, waiting, and I don’t think I have ever seen anything so lovely. I take her nipple into my mouth and suck. She moans and arches her back. I bite her, gently at first and she squeals. I bite harder.

‘Do you want to tie me up?’ she asks, though it sounds more like a request than a question.

I nod. She strips naked then shows me how to tie the bindings that hang from the posts of her bed. In a few moments she is spread eagle, just as I have imagined her in my fantasies. But this is far better.

I am standing over her and I can hear the blood pumping through my veins. I feel a strange sense of power that is both unfamiliar and welcome. Slowly I run my hands over every inch of her perfect body. She squirms and moans as I dip my fingers in between the lips of her cunt. I spread her wetness onto her clit and tease her. And then, I don’t know why I do it, but I slap her pussy. Hard. She cries out, but her cry is followed by a breathy, ‘yes.’

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