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Gia Stone is a former club promoter that has lost count. She might have been a contestant on The Bachelor, but don't ask what happened when the cameras weren't rolling. Her dating life has been full of adventures that she never would have imagined or maybe she could...either way it's been a wild ride. Gia is still on the hunt for her happily ever after, in the meantime she enjoys finding ways to create them for her characters.

By day Gia works in an office setting composing marketing campaigns for small businesses. She left the hustle and bustle of New York City several years ago and has never looked back. The ocean view in front of her is far too picturesque to consider anything else. If her assistant would ever consider women, she would immediately marry him.

Daily runs with her Great Dane, Zeus, provide her with a moment of Zen to think about her stories. Gia adores tropical locations. Every year she spends her vacation volunteering in the rain forest of Costa Rica. Gia's favorite quote is "The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials."

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Q: If you were to cast the characters in a movie version of The Back Nine, who would play Alec and Brooke?

A: I’ve got a Pinterest inspiration board along with posts on my blog about the scenery and characters.

David Gandy has always been cast as Alec’s character.

Kelly Brook is the perfect Brooke Carmichael.

Q: There aren’t many stories set on a golf course, why did you choose this setting?

A: I’ve always been intrigued by the scenery of a golf course. There are so many open spaces, like when you are about to tee off. But, then as you travel along the green it’s easy to take notice of the secret hideaways. The game of golf is long and if you happen to be playing with someone you were attracted to, then you would have ample opportunity to take advantage of a bad shot.

Q: Do you eavesdrop on other people's conversations?

All the time. Sometimes, I might even pull out my phone and take notes about what the people are discussing or how they are saying it.

Q: Do you ever talk to someone who you might not otherwise want to talk to, just because you think they'd make a good character?

Yes, I have chatted with quite a few strangers to get a good idea of characterization and mannerisms. People are often willing to talk about very personal things if you give them an opportunity to do so.

Q: Do you act out the sexy scenes?

A: For me as an author, some things are based upon imagination and some things are written from experiences.

Q: Where do you get your ideas for stories?

A: The initial scene in The Back Nine came to me as I was thinking about the idea of taking a simple mundane task and turning it into something erotic and exciting. I was able to visualize Brooke and Alec, in this scene and thus their story came to be.

Q: What is your ideal man?

A: That’s easy. Alec is pretty wonderful…maybe he is out there.

Q: Do you listen to music when you write?

A: Yes, I’ve found that I’m able to really get in the zone when I have my headphones in. While writing The Back Nine, I really enjoyed listening to Lorde, Lana Del Rey, and Ellie Goulding.

Q: Have you ever mixed work with pleasure?


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