The Back Nine (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 32,735
0 Ratings (0.0)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, HEA]
A lot can happen on the back nine of a golf course, especially if your focus is not on the ball.  Alec Marino has been building his clientele list in Cozumel’s most exclusive golf resorts while keeping his private life confidential. 
Brooke Carmichael’s life revolves around one thing: her career. Her bed is like a permanent sand trap—depressing and empty. When a business trip leads Brooke to the sunny island where she is ready and willing to learn something new, she decides to take a swing at golf. Some temptations are too delicious to resist and one stroke from Alec sends Brooke’s entire world into a backspin.
Blinded by desire, Alec goes against his own rules and makes Brooke an offer she can’t refuse. As secrets begin to surface, Alec and Brooke must decide if they will let it drive them apart or if mixing work and pleasure will score a hole in one.
A Siren Erotic Romance
The Back Nine (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Back Nine (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 32,735
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff




Brooke’s heart was racing, beating faster than she could ever remember. Definitely nothing she had experienced with any other man. Alec was creating a ripple of pulsating beats in her chest and his hands were only on her ankles. She pursed her lips together and exhaled. This one-on-one attention was a bit more than she had imagined when she had signed up for private golf lessons. Of course the idea had been Marshall’s. He first said it was to give her an opportunity to increase her skill set. He wanted her to be able to golf alone with him. The idea of more one-on-one time with Marshall did not excite Brooke, but the hot golf instructor did, and she happily signed her name on the form.

Alec stood up and placed his arms over Brooke’s. A cascade of tingles swarmed over her body. The hair at the nape of her neck sprung up. Thankfully, she had worn it down today and Alec wouldn’t be able to see how excited she was. He covered his hands over her skin, forming a heavy embrace. Brooke gripped the shaft, her palms were moist. She moved them up and down to get a better grasp on the club and took a deep breath. The ball was glaring back up at her. Daring her to hit it, hard.

“Loosen up your grip. You don’t want to hold it that tight,” Alec said into her ear. His words were like sun burning its rays into her neck. Brooke’s stomach clenched. She loosened her fingers and took in another long breath. Brooke’s breasts jiggled underneath her shirt. Her nipples were protruding beneath the cotton. Along with her thin shirt, she had specifically chosen to wear her favorite pink lacy bra. Even the lace wasn’t much of a camouflage; it definitely didn’t provide adequate coverage. She liked being able to see her areolas through the laced thread. Brooke smiled. Even without a mirror, she knew how she must appear in front of Alec. Her lips pouted. He was behind her and couldn’t see her perfectly formed nipples. Brooke wanted to turn around and see if Alec would notice. She wanted to see if he would stare or would he look away. Brooke shrugged.

Their fingers were entangled. This was the type of closeness she wanted. Her hands covered by Alec’s large fingers. His skin was rough, but she was glad he wasn’t wearing a glove. The skin-to-skin contact was what she needed. His legs were pushed against her behind. There was no denying that the hardness brushing against her was not Alec’s upper thigh muscles. Brooke’s breasts rose and fell as she exhaled.

Alec stepped back “Go ahead and take a swing.”

Brooke complied with his request and hit the ball directly on. It soared high into the powder blue sky. The shiny white ball was like a dove releasing itself into the world, not caged in. It was free. She wished she could be like the ball, free to go and do whatever she wanted. Brooke wanted to fly as high as her ball. To be taken to that thrilling level on or off the course.

That was the best shot she had ever made. Her ball was really soaring. The lessons were definitely paying off. This was only her second one. The first one was just at the range. Surrounded by other golfers. Alec hadn’t given her the same one on one attention as he was giving her right now. The area between her legs tingled.

Yes, this must be something he saved for when he was instructing on the course only. She couldn’t imagine that any husbands or fiancés would be okay with Alec’s muscular body against their wives or girlfriends. Marshall probably didn’t even consider this when he insisted she take the lessons. Though he had never made an official advance Brooke was sure of Marshall’s desires. It was pretty clear that he wanted Brooke to assist him in a non-professional way.

“Nicely done, you hit the sweet spot.”

She laughed, “The sweet spot.” Brooke licked her lips. There was a sweet spot she wanted to hit, and it was not a white round ball. She swallowed, her mouth was wet. Brooke wanted to forego any insecurities and drop to her knees. The desire to pleasure Alec on the green was burning inside of her. She imagined her lips parting and taking his massive erection in her mouth and farther down her throat. A swarm of bees flew along her insides.

“That’s the center of the ball. You hit it right on target.” Alec took her club and placed it back in the bag. He towered over her. Brooke inspected his large body. His shoulders rounded out and followed by big biceps, biceps that Brooke wouldn’t have been able to encircle her hands around. But she could imagine Alec wrapping his arms around her. Enclosing her in his big muscular arms. She sighed.

“Let me ask you something, Brooke. When you signed up for lessons were you wanting to improve your golf game or something else?” Alec stared at Brooke with a raised eyebrow. His eyes darkened as if he had switched from day to night. He was teaching her how to play golf, but it was her turn to tee up. Her throat was dry. His question caught her off guard. She rubbed her lips.

“What do you mean something else?” Brooke blinked her eyelashes. She wanted to grip his shaft.

“Well, I think your swing is improving, but I think something isn’t fitting right. I’m not talking about the buttons that always come undone on your blouse,” Alec said as he twirled the button on her shirt. His knuckles brushed up against her breasts. Her nipples were spiked high and begging to be touched.




Alec lifted up her cotton skirt and began licking her. Slowly, sensually, tasting her like he was trying ice cream for the first time. Enjoying it, savoring it. She was so wet. He took in all of her. Devouring her taste. Enjoying each lick, each suck, and every pull with his teeth. Every time Brooke quivered he pushed his tongue in farther. His erection was bulging underneath his khaki shorts like it was trying to burst through the threads and find its way to Brooke. He rubbed it for a second almost as if it was a reminder that he would make sure that he satisfied himself with his other organs and not just his mouth.

Brooke’s legs wobbled as he moved his tongue in farther. He braced her legs over his shoulders and reached up to rub his fingers over her pointed nipples. They were taut. He kneaded each one in between his finger and thumb tugging on them. He dove his tongue in deeper in her sex and swirled his tongue in circles.

“Oh my, I can’t.” Brooke cried out.

Alec held her up and thrust his tongue in farther and farther. Brooke moaned with a fulfilling sound. Her whole body trembled. Alec smiled. He had tasted every inch of her wetness, and licked her as she came in his mouth. His chest tightened. Alec pulled her skirt down and wiped his mouth with her panties.

“I’ll be keeping these.” He said and led her back to the cart, practically dragging her. He scanned the green they were still alone. Tasting Brooke was worth the risk. The command she had over his body was something he wanted to experience on another level. He wanted to do more than just lick her dry. But, he couldn’t make any more allowances on the course. He still had a career at stake. They needed to get back on the green and back to a professional interaction. He could bring her back to his condo and finish this moment with her in his bed. Damn, he wanted to see her naked in his bed. He imagined himself above her gorgeous body as he thrust in her and made her cry out in pure raw unrelenting pleasure. He tried to pick up their pace. Alec wanted to end this instruction and instruct her on a different course. But she was walking so slowly, like she was moving through quicksand.

Brooke could barely catch her breath, but she was not satisfied. She wanted more. Alec’s tongue was like a magic wand of pleasure inside of her sex and rolling over her clit. The skill he had with his mouth made Brooke want to rip his shorts off. She needed to feel his cock inside of her. She imagined the girth of his big erection throbbing inside of her. Brooke swallowed, saliva ran down her throat, another reminder of how wet he made her.

Alec sat down in the cart and Brooke stared into his eyes. Her sex was tingling and her legs were weak…but she wasn’t finished.

“That wasn’t enough.”

He laughed. “Well, that’s all you are going to get out here.”

“I want more, and I want it now.” She unbuttoned the top button on his shorts and pulled the zipper down.

“Brooke, I don’t think it’s a good idea. We shouldn’t do any more out here.” He grabbed her hands.

“I don’t care. I want you right now.” She pulled out his erection and straddled him in the cart. Brooke’s wetness slid easily down onto his big erection. She quivered feeling him deep inside of her. Brooke moaned with pleasure as she took him in further. Slowly, she moved up and down. Her breasts jiggled almost falling out of her blouse. She picked up the rhythm and the sound of her ass slapping against Alec’s thighs was loud and repetitive beat of thrilling sensations. Her breasts bounced out of her bra. They jiggled and wiggled with the rhythm of her body riding his. He pulled her hair back and took one of her breasts in his mouth sucking hard on the nipple making her let out a little scream. He moved to the next breast and tugged on the nipple harder and harder until she came undone. Slivers of ice crashed into her body like an ocean liner hitting an iceberg, her body was like tiny cuts slicing against her skin. Alec was the Titanic and she was going under.

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