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Ginger O’Brien has spent most of her alternate writing life penning award-winning paranormal and romantic suspense romances for a major New York publisher. Always eager to set out on new and exciting ventures, she is thrilled to now be writing for Siren-BookStrand Publishing and exploring the varied facets of love and desire. Not one to just dabble in her many interests, Ginger has been a professional entertainer, has trained and shown champion horses, and is an internationally known galleried artist. As long as her muses continue to tempt her with new heroes, heroines, and new stories to tell about their intimate relationships, she will gladly share them all with you.

Q: What is it about being a writer that you love?

 A: I am a plot-driven writer and love developing realistic characters with equally realistic flaws and qualities and then placing them in challenging situations. For me, it’s all about answering the “what if…” questions that always develop interesting scenarios.


Q: Why do you write about people in love?

 A: There is so much we can learn about ourselves and how we can strengthen our own relationships by writing about romance and love. The genre is more than just showing the physical excitement and pleasures; it is about the emotional journey to the “happy ever after,” as well. 


Q: What is your typical writing day like?

 A: I work a busy “mainstream” 8-hours-a-day job Monday through Friday. Although I am able to occasionally think about story lines or characters during the day, my actual writing time doesn’t begin until the evening. After sitting at a desk all day, when I’m writing at home, I like to cozy up on the sofa with my laptop. In the summer, day or night and weather permitting, I love to sit outside on my lakeside deck and write. 


Q: Do you have a number of friends who are also writers?

 A: I have been a member of Romance Writers of America for many years and have many friends and acquaintances, published and unpublished, who write. My closest writing friends are the other members of The Sextet: Cheryl Brooks, Geni McGrath, Annie Morgan, Elizabeth Raines and Mellanie Szereto. We are like a family of sisters, critiquing each other’s work, getting together for writing weekends, and working together on The Sextet anthologies. 

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