[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Sextet Anthology 1]

As children, we were all taught the importance of sharing, but when it comes to love, many are unwilling to compromise. Consider the dilemma of two men in love with the same woman, while that same woman loves both men equally and cannot choose. Pain and sadness are almost guaranteed for one man if she does decide to take one over the other. However, when a spirit of cooperation prevails, none of those involved need walk away hurt or unfulfilled—and the possibilities are endless.

Join us on a unique journey that will take you back into history, allow you to explore the present day, immerse you in the world of fantasy, and then send you forward in time to the distant future. Each story will lure you into a private world where nothing is taboo, no one is left sobbing in despair, and sensuously wicked pleasures abound.

* * * * *

Immortal Kiss by Elizabeth Raines [M/F/M/M Paranormal] Paralegal Katrina Mason falls for a handsome new client and agrees to join him for a cozy dinner. When she discovers that Adrian Bishop is the leader of a tribe of three male Nightwalkers who want to share her, Kat must decide if she has the courage to join them.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

Double Desire by Cheryl Brooks [M/M/F Sci-fi] When exhausted attorney Nalira Morkind orders room service, she gets more than she expected. The handsome clones of a very rich, powerful man, Sar and Lon are the property of the hotel. They can fulfill Nalira’s every need and wildest dreams, but can she free them from unjust slavery?

Two Many Chefs by Mellanie Szereto [M/F/M Contemporary] Wren McCoskey must interview two chefs for her cousin's wedding reception. Spencer Andrews and Dane Fletcher are talented, gorgeous, and old friends. Can she stand the heat when they start cooking?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

Southern Comfort by Ginger O'Brien [M/F/M Historical] Returning home from Paris after the Civil War, Southern belle Anna BonDurant knows she must make a difficult decision. But if she can’t decide which O’Donnell twin she wants as her lover, Devon or Connor, maybe she will just have to get a bigger bed.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

Double Tap by Annie Morgan [M/F/M Contemporary] Jennifer Delaney has her sights set on an unusual birthday present. But when Special Forces Trey and Wil set their own rules of engagement, can she hold out against a double team mission straight to her heart?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

Studs in Stetsons by Niki Hayes [M/F/M Western] Samantha Phillips trades her Louisiana city life for a Texas ranch to write an article about cowboys. Between the hot days, and even hotter nights, she finds two studs in Stetsons more than she can handle. But Greg and Dallas have plans of their own, if they can convince her to stay.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance

The Sextet is a Siren-exclusive group.


Sharing (MFM, MFMM, MMF)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
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4 STARS: "Sharing (The Sextet Anthologies Volume 1) is one hot and sexy series of six stories. If you like ménage then this anthology is definitely one for you. I love ménage stories and though these are short, they are still oh so hot and spicy. I enjoyed all of them, but my particular favorites were Two Many Chefs by Mellanie Szereto [M/F/M Contemporary], Southern Comfort by Ginger O'Brien [M/F/M Historical] and Double Tap by Annie Morgan [M/F/M Contemporary]. In Two Many Chefs, Wren has to interview two chefs for her cousin's wedding reception. Spencer Andrews and Dane Fletcher are talented, gorgeous guys she knew when she was the geek in high school and both have been attracted to Wren since then. If you can't stand the heat stay out of the kitchen is quite apt in this story. Wren decides to make a move feeling it is a now or never type situation and gets a tad frustrated when the guys don't seem to know what she wants. Spence and Dane, however, won't let a little frustration get in their way and they aim to win her over any way they can, and of course it will involve food—after all a chef worth his salt would use any weapons available even if they are food based! In Southern Comfort, Southern belle Anna BonDurant ran away from her problems and returns home after three years away in France. She had relationships with both Devon and Connor before she left and did not know which one to choose back then. Not able to decide, she ran away from both of them. Now back, she must make up her mind which one she will have. Can she decide—choose between the two men she loves? How will they both react? Anna knows she must make a difficult decision. Southern gentlemen have never been so hot or determined. Jennifer Delaney decides to take matters into her own hands in Double Tap and she has her sights set on an unusual birthday present. Trey and Wil set their own rules for what Jennifer has asked for and their way of dealing with Jennifer, the birthday, girl just serves to make her hotter and wetter. Will this be just a one-time birthday celebration or will this be a forever kind of thing with the two guys she loves? A great read which features a variety of settings, situations and characters." -- Sabine, Manic Readers Reviews

4 STARS: "I really enjoyed this anthology and felt that all six authors packed a punch with their stories. Each one had such a creative edge to it and all the characters were so enjoyable that I couldn’t help falling in love with all of them. I had to fan myself a few times just to cool down while I was flipping the pages. These ladies know how to write stories that would make any reader wiggle in their seats begging for more. I liked all the stories, but my favorite by far was Immortal Kiss by Elizabeth Raines. The authors don’t disappoint with this anthology and I would highly recommend it!" -- Diana, Night Owl Erotica

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IMMORTAL KISS by  Elizabeth Raines


She called to Adrian, wanting him to join her in the blissful gift he’d given, needing to feel his cock deep inside her.

And then he was there, entering her thick and full with one dominant thrust. “Adrian!”

“Katrina.” He tugged her arms until she sat up. “Look at me.”

That moment became the most erotic of her life. Staring into those dark eyes while their bodies were joined, the rest of the world disappeared in Katrina’s mind. There was just her and Adrian and the feel of his thick cock inside her. She squeezed her legs around his waist as he slowly, maddeningly pumped his hips. On fire, she suddenly needed more. She needed to be his. Forever.

“Soon,” his smooth voice replied. “I’ll make you our mate soon.”

The fact he was always in her head, constantly knowing her thoughts should have creeped her out. But it didn’t. Instead, there was comfort in knowing how in sync they were.

Adrian leaned in and kissed her with a ferocity that sent an inferno gushing through her veins. His hips began to thrust harder, his tongue matching the quickening pace. His body fit hers perfectly, hitting all the right spots, rubbing against the walls of her pussy, pushing her higher and higher until another climax washed over her. Too lost in what this man inspired, Katrina didn’t even try to squelch her scream of joy. His shout of ecstasy followed as he exploded inside her. She rode the spasms he wrung from her, but all too soon, he’d pulled out, leaving her lost and alone.

Panting after her release, she figured since she’d been treated to two fantastic orgasms, it was time to return her attentions to the men who were now her lovers. She never had the chance. Ethan had shifted to the end of the table as Adrian rotated to where Nicholas had stood. About to ask where Nicholas was, she startled when the table creaked and he jumped to stand over her, that enormous dick jutting up from his body like some medieval sword.

Dropping to his knees, he straddled her waist just as Ethan pushed a long finger deep inside her sheath. Katrina gasped, her muscles tightening around his intimate invasion. A second finger joined his first, stroking the walls, finding sweet spots that made her pussy clench.

Nicholas drew her attention away as he wrapped a hand around her neck and pulled her up. She knew what he wanted and opened her lips to take his cock into her mouth as a pillow slipped behind her shoulders. Adrian, no doubt.

Finding an easy rhythm, she worked Nicholas until he was hissing and pumping into her mouth. Then Ethan pulled his hands away, and she felt the gentle probing of his erection.

“Now, Katrina?” he asked.

He wanted her permission, and simply knowing how considerate her lovers were, she moved her lips away from Nicholas long enough to reply. “Now, Ethan.”


DOUBLE DESIRE by Cheryl Brooks


Lon knelt before Nalira, insinuating himself between her legs to unbutton her blouse while Sar worked on her upturned face. Her eyes were closed, her expression dreamy. She seemed to hardly notice what Lon was doing—until he sucked a full, hard nipple into his mouth.

Her eyes flew open, and Sar bent quickly to stifle her gasp of dismay with a kiss. She tasted like wine, and Sar delved deeply, tasting her, devouring her. With a swift downward glance, he saw Lon suckling her breast, and his cock swelled almost to bursting. Would she be turned on by watching two men fuck each other? Some women hated it, but others went absolutely wild.

She offered no resistance as Sar slipped her blouse off her shoulders, the moist, pink tips of her breasts tantalizing him. Lon had her skirt pushed up to her hips, revealing her shapely legs as he kissed his way to the apex of her thighs. Lon liked licking women as much as he enjoyed sucking men, and in no time at all, he’d left her nipples behind, had her panties off, and was going for her pussy.

Sar slid his tongue deeply into Nalira’s mouth and began a slow thrust and withdrawal, fucking her with his tongue. Moaning with mounting desire, she sucked it hard, and then backed off to flick his tongue with her own. It was maddeningly erotic, but Sar pulled away, sighing. “I wish you’d do that to my dick.”

Her voice was deep with passion, but even so, her reply surprised him. “I will if you’ll put it in my mouth.”

Needing no further encouragement, Sar pushed off his pants, and his stiff shaft snapped up, revealing something else that had been genetically enhanced. He and Lon both had big, beautiful cocks, but his had a downward curve while Lon’s had a slightly upward bend, an anatomical variation that made things much more interesting when they were both inside a woman. The shape had other advantages, too, as Nalira was about to discover.

“Let’s do it,” he said to Lon. Together, they stood her up, stripping the clothing from her succulent body before laying her on the massage table. Sar pulled her to the upper edge, dropped the headrest to the lowest position, and settled her head in the cushioned ring. This wasn’t the best position for a massage, but for cocksucking, the angle was unsurpassed.

Sar teased her lips with the blunt head of his cock, his slick fluid giving them a wet gloss. When her lips parted at last, Sar slid inside, the downward bend of his cock following the curve of her throat, his balls brushing against the upper part of her face. “Suck me, Nalira. I want to feel your lips and tongue on me.” His eyes lost focus, but he could still see her graceful neck fully exposed, her lips around his cock, and her full, round breasts begging to be touched. Lon was licking her pussy again, his fabulous eyes gazing up at Sar as he fucked Nalira’s beautiful face. “Mmm…That feels so good…”


TWO MANY CHEFS by Mellanie Szereto


“Do you have any condoms?”

His breath got stuck on an exhale. Condoms. She wanted more than oral sex. Hell, yes. “Just the ones you left here earlier.”

“After I have a taste of you, I want you to fuck me while I suck Dane.”

He had to speak up for his friend. “If I get to fuck you, then Dane gets to fuck you, too. Remember, I told you he prefers tits?”

She grinned up at him. “Sounds fair to me. What do you think, Dane?”

“Shit, you’re killing me here, sweetheart. I’ll go get the condoms so I don’t explode before the fun.” He hurried toward the place they’d stashed her supply.

Straddling Wren, Spencer bent over to kiss her. “I can’t wait to be inside you.”

“And I can’t wait to have you in my mouth.” She reached for his cock, guiding it to her lips. “Next time, I want you to come in my mouth.”

He hoped like hell they got a next time. And then he gasped as she stroked her tongue along the underside of his erection. God, he needed to focus, or being inside would have to wait until he recovered from shooting his load down her throat. His abs quivered from her warm, wet oral stimulation. “Jesus, Dane, I need that condom right now.”

“I’m coming.”

“And I’m about to.” Dane handed him the foil packet.

“I had to make a stop for olive oil, too.”

Ah, lubrication for his wild ride. Spencer stepped out of Wren’s reach, scanning the room while he donned the protection. “We need something a bit more stable than this chair. How about the other end of the table?”

“Perfect.” She stood, wrapping her arms around his neck and hopping up to hook her legs behind his back. Her gorgeous boobs flattened against his chest. Her slick opening teased the head of his cock. “Let’s go.”

Did she have any idea how much he wanted to fuck her standing right here? He started walking. “Dane, move the chairs away from the end of the table.”

In the few seconds he took to get to the far end, his partner had cleared a spot. Spencer set Wren’s bottom on the edge, kissing her once more before helping her lie on the polished surface. Waiting for Dane to climb into position over her ribs, he rubbed his cock back and forth in her wetness. He listened for the sound of oil slicking onto skin. Her breasts, Dane’s dick.

“Mmm. Do you want me to play with your nipples while I titty-fuck you, sweetheart?” Dane rocked forward and back, forward and back.

“Mm-hm. I want you inside me now, Spencer.”

Rather than answer, he gave her what she wanted. Her tight tunnel closed around him, squeezing and pulsing, sucking him deeper. “Damn, you feel good.”

“So do you. Can you see over Dane’s shoulder to watch him fuck me, too?”

Leaning forward, Spencer zeroed in on his friend’s erection encased in Wren’s oiled flesh. Her tongue licked at the head every time Dane flexed his hips. His own cock twitched at the sight. “Are you going to eat his cum?”

“Yes. Dane’s going to come in my mouth while you come in my pussy. Think you can give me a G-spot orgasm at the same time?”

“Whatever you want. How close are you, Dane?” Timing was essential if they hoped to pull off three simultaneous orgasms.

“Too close. Fast and hard and deep, Spence.”




“This is what you do to me. Can you feel how hard I am?” Connor rubbed against her. “Can you feel how much I want you? And I’ll wager that Devon is still sporting a randy cock, too.” He nudged her pussy with the head of his penis. “Can you feel how impatient I am to be deep inside you? Even here,” he said, drawing back just a little until he could push his cock against the tightly closed little rosette that lay just behind her cunny.

Anna drew a sharp breath as a new and thrilling sensation rushed through her body, awaking desires she had never imagined before. Surely he doesn’t mean…I find it even difficult to pose the question in my mind. Stop being such a coward—just ask him. “Do you mean…” Her breath stuck in her throat and her words were silenced when he pushed his cock against her buttocks again. This time her response was immediate, a natural reflex that urged her to push back against Connor’s throbbing cock. She whimpered with delight as her pussy began quivering with little spasms, adding to the wonderful, shameless fever that already filled her body. There was no need for her to try to ask the question again, his meaning was very clear and very exciting. Once again her pussy responded, drenching her inner thighs with a flood of her juices.

“Yes, sweet love, there are many wonderful ways for all three of us to make love together,” Connor said, tracing over the curve of her buttocks with his hand. He reached between her legs, moistened his middle finger in her pussy then drew his hand back an inch or so until he touched her anus and slowly slipped the tip of his finger into the tight opening. “Relax,” he whispered. “Relax, sweetlin’, I’m not going to hurt you.” After waiting a moment or two, he slid the rest of his finger into her and then slowly eased it in and out a few times.”

Anna couldn’t hold back the sharp gasp that slid from her throat as she began to tremble. I had expected pain, and instead I’m receiving unbelievable pleasure. But this is just his finger…his cock is so big! She cast a quick glance at Devon. So is his. She tried to act calm, hoping Connor wouldn’t see through her façade as his intimate caresses continued. “I’d heard talk among my bon amis when I was in Paris of making love that…way…with one or more lovers,” Anna said as she gave herself over to the new and thrilling sensations. “But…but I never–never…I don’t know…” Anna stammered, her excitement tinged with worry.

“Hush, Anna, hush. When the time is right—what may happen will happen, and we’ll all learn together.” He slowly slid his finger out of her and lightly nudged her again with his cock. “For now, don’t worry about anything. Look at Devon, darling. Watch Devon, watch him.

Although Connor’s new way of touching her and his proposal had excited her, given her new thrilling sensations, Anna couldn’t drag her gaze away from Devon as he slowly opened each button down the front of his breeches. She watched mesmerized, the anticipation almost unbearable. Finally, one more button remained to be opened, and when at last it was unfastened, Devon’s cock sprang out through the opened placket, bounced, and then stood out straight from his body, long, thick and hard. A soft cry of delight fled her lips and she tried to move closer, but Connor held her back and steered her toward the wide tester bed.


DOUBLE TAP by Annie Morgan


“You’re next, Wil. I wanna unwrap my other birthday present.”

Wil had already toed off his boots when he turned his eyes back to her. This time, there were no buttons to contend with. He’d worn a khaki T-shirt that proclaimed him Property of the US Army. She giggled. “Guess this weekend Big Green is gonna have to share you with me.” She felt Trey’s lips on one shoulder. “Both of you.”

His shirt also surrendered to her tugging, and Wil lifted his arms up so she could peel it off before tossing it to the floor. Using one hand, she gently raked her nails down the hard, muscled plane of his chest as she drew in a deep breath.

It wasn’t like she’d never seen the guys shirtless before. They swam or worked out together at least once a week. And she’d used both of them as mock casualties in several training exercises she’d coordinated for the medics on Fort Bragg. But here in this small bedroom, it was all so different. They filled the space. As they were going to fill her.

Wil reached out, grabbed her hips, and pulled, sending her tumbling backward, right into Trey’s arms. “You can undo my jeans in a bit. I want this hot, sweet pussy right now.”

His hands slid over and eased her thighs wider apart. With the warmth of his breath against her flesh, he parted her open with his thumbs. And where he’d probed earlier with his finger, his tongue now explored.

At first, Wil drove her crazy with tiny butterfly flicks of his tongue against her clit. Then teasing, circling it first one way and then the other. Jen couldn’t stop the low, throaty moan that escaped her lips.

She let her head relax back against the solid muscle of Trey’s shoulder. His arms wrapped around her. His hands cupped her breasts. Fingertips tweaked her already puckered nipples as he rolled them between his fingers, giving each a tug.

With the dual assault, Jen found it impossible to keep her whole body from squirming. Hips rose and pushed against Wil’s mouth. She arched, forcing her breasts harder into Trey’s hands.

“You’re driving me crazy, guys.”

Wil raised his head, looking right up at her. “And this is just the beginning, Jenny dear.”




Sam closed her eyes and leaned back into Dallas while his hands moved over her skin. His lips kissed the place where shoulder met neck, and she found herself unable to think as she bit her lower lip. Too much to drink. I had too much to drink!

No, it was more than that. She wasn’t intoxicated with tequila—she was intoxicated with Greg and Dallas.

Feeling another set of hands on her body, she opened her eyes and saw Greg still standing in front of her. A wicked smile spread over his face as he took in every inch of her, his eyes raking her from head to toe. His gaze stopped at her panties.

“I like the daisies.” He raised his brows playfully as his finger traced the outline of the material on her hip. His eyes locked on hers. “You are so incredibly beautiful.”

Dallas’s hand was now resting just below Sam’s breast with his thumb brushing against its curves. “He’s right. You’re beautiful,” he whispered in her ear. “And sexy as hell.”

Unable to swallow or even breathe, heat pooled between her thighs, fluids rushing from between her folds. Part of her was terrified at what might happen with these two men. But part of her—a part of herself she barely recognized—wanted them both so badly. Everything inside her began to tingle with anticipation.

Greg pressed his body into Sam…and into Dallas, the three of them acting as one. His lips brushed against the outline of her jaw and chin. “We plan on showing you just how sexy you are to us,” he whispered. “To take you to the edge and back while you cry out our names all night long.”

She thought he would kiss her—actually she expected it. So when Greg stepped back, grinning, Sam was more than a little puzzled. But then Dallas ’s large hand palmed her breast. His fingers played with her taut nipples, causing her to shiver and press her body into his. She turned her head to the side and caught his heated gaze just before he captured her lips in a hungry kiss. She tried to turn in his arms, but he splayed his hand over her stomach to keep her back pressed against his front as he kissed her with needy purpose that caused her toes to curl and her pulse to race.

Lost in her kiss with Dallas, Sam had no idea that Greg was now kneeling in front of her until she felt him tug on her panties. She started to pull away from her kiss, but Dallas moved the hand that was on her breast to her jaw, keeping her right where she was.

Panties around her ankles, Sam gasped into Dallas ’s mouth when Greg’s finger ran between her legs. He stroked between her folds, obviously concentrating on the sensitive clit. Her body reacted to his touch as he teasingly traced around her opening with another finger until finally pushing inside of her.

Heart pounding, Sam froze in Dallas ’s arms. She tried to look down at Greg, but when his lips and tongue began to feast upon her, she closed her eyes and rolled her head back onto Dallas ’s shoulder. “Oh, God,” she cried softly as her legs began to tremble.

Dallas wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her neck and shoulder. “Do you want him to stop? Tell us what you want, Sam…”

Feeling Greg’s tongue and fingers move with more force, Sam was ready to explode. She pressed her body against Dallas and grabbed his arm with both hands—fingers digging into his muscles. “Don’t stop…Greg, please don’t stop…”

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