Guys and Balls

Beau to Beau Books

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 20,656
3 Ratings (3.7)

A collection of the following short stories: Man’s Man, Home Alone?, For the Money, A Night of Firsts, Hard for the Money, Night Fever, Mr. Douglas, On Fridays, and Sweet Release.

About the stories: These stories are fun, adventurous, sexual and sensual stories written to arouse and satisfy, entice and stimulate.

Guys and Balls
3 Ratings (3.7)

Guys and Balls

Beau to Beau Books

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 20,656
3 Ratings (3.7)
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Man’s Man
The head of any corporation should have the very best personal assistant that money can buy, and David is no exception. David’s personal assistant satisfies his every need, and more than a few of his desires. When David returns from one of his many business trips, he brings with him a young European executive who he hopes will join his company. To sweeten the deal, David offers his personal assistant to the young man for the duration of his visit.

Home Alone?
With the house dark, Scott thinks no one is home, so he invites his lover inside. As they do what they had come here to do, they don’t realize that they are not alone.

The house was dark when Scott arrived home, and he thought that he and his lover, Abe, were alone. “Come on in, Abe. It’s clear.” But they weren’t alone. Scott’s little brother stopped short of being seen. He had never heard Scott talk so softly, or so sweetly. He was usually yelling, at him. So Scott’s little brother stopped in the hall closet, leaving the door open just enough to hear what was going on. Then he heard Abe’s voice. “I know that voice,” he said to himself. Then he realized that it was his friend, Abe. “What is he doing here with Scott?” he wondered. Mikey, Scott’s little brother, listened to Abe and Scott. He heard Scott’s lowered voice. “Go lock the door, Abe.” “Okay,” he heard Abe say. Then Mikey heard the click of the front door lock.

For the Money
Corey and Tom have lived in the wealthy Hamptons of New York all their lives. Now they are in college and home for the summer. Too much time on their hands has always led to trouble for the two mischief makers, and this summer is no exception. Determined to have some fun, they open a business, which not only brings them cash that they definitely do not need, but it also brings them something that they had not anticipated.

A Night of Firsts
Juan has finally convinced his best friend, Cal, to go to the baths with him. Hesitant at first, Cal soon wonders why he hasn’t gone before, and begins planning his next trip to the baths on his way home.

Hard for the Money
Jesse could never get enough sex. His thirst for new and exciting men was never quenched. He never charged for his services, which were expert. He only accepted tips which he considered to be nothing more than gestures of appreciation, and Jesse’s services were very much appreciated. When Jesse has a brief dry spell, he makes a very bold move that opens the door to an even more lucrative business.

Night Fever
Sam has a boyfriend, and Sam considers himself to be a pretty good boyfriend. But at night, at night when his boyfriend is sleeping, Sam gets so horny sometimes that he can’t stand it. It is during these times that Sam goes to his special place, a place that many know about, but no one talks about.

Mr. Douglas
Everyone wants to work for Mr. Douglas. Not only is he filthy rich, but it is rumored that his entire office is one big playground, one big sexual playground, that is. Today is the day of Chad’s “personal” interview with Mr. Douglas, and he chooses his wardrobe very carefully. Pure silk is a known turn-on for Mr. Douglas, so pure silk is what Chad chooses to wear. A limo arrives to bring Chad to Mr. Douglas, and when he arrives, Chad’s “personal” interview is much more than Chad had anticipated, and maybe just too much.

On Fridays
Brad has never seen his friend and coworker at his club before tonight. Brad comes to the club every Friday night, after his long week at the factory and after fixing up his fixer-upper of a house. This Friday his friend is at the club, but seems different. Brad quickly learns that his friend has come here for more than a drink.

Sweet Release
When Don asks his friend Aster to another one of his parties, he is not at all sure he wants to go. He remembers the last S&M party that Don had taken him to. When Don assures Aster that this is not an S&M party, Aster reluctantly agrees to go with him. Once he arrives and sees Don’s usual rough crowd, Aster isn’t sure he made the right choice.

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