Sinful Pleasures (MFM)

The American Heroes Collection: Arizona 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 43,292
82 Ratings (4.3)

[#211 Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Contemporary Menage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, sex toys]

Firemen Dallas Preston and Morgan Kent spark a passionate wildfire with adult toy store owner Jude Wheeler in this game of love, discipline, and survival. The firefighters want Jude in their lives on a long term basis, but first, they must teach her to trust them with her body and her heart.

Headstrong Jude isn’t used to taking orders, but Dallas and Morgan are determined to discipline her until she obeys them. Good thing the shop, Sinful Pleasures, has a variety of paddles to choose from. Jude’s lessons are coming along just fine until an unexpected danger nearly costs them all their lives. Can they protect her from a killer and claim her for themselves before it’s too late?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance


THE AMERICAN HEROES COLLECTION: - Sunset Hearts by Tymber Dalton writing as Macy Largo (M/M/F) - Dead Moon Rising by Tymber Dalton writing as Macy Largo (M/M/F) - Sinful Pleasures by Ashley Shay (M/F/M)

Note: Each book in The American Heroes Collection stands alone and can be read out of sequence in any order.

Sinful Pleasures (MFM)
82 Ratings (4.3)

Sinful Pleasures (MFM)

The American Heroes Collection: Arizona 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 43,292
82 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
These two firefighters are definitely great guys, as Alpha as they come, and yet they are sensitive and caring in an authentic and loving way. I always enjoy stories where the men involved are patient with a woman who has had a tough history, and these two are definitely in that category. This story will touch both the mind and heart, will entertain and keep the reader's interest. Third in a series, it is a find read and one that I am pleased to have found.
Dr. J
This one was just as good as the other 2 in the series, however I just wish there was more to the crime being committed. The other 2 books really bring you into the story. This one not so much. It was still HOT with a good story!
Professional Reviews

5 TEA CUPS: "Let me say, ‘Where is the fire station nearest me?’ I would love to meet two handsome firemen who happen to also be cowboys. Jude Wheeler has a successful business in spite of her ex-husband and mother-in-law. Being married to Steven was mediocre, but a relationship with two firemen is beyond her wildest fantasy. Even though she owns a sex store, Jude’s experience with any sexual toys are nill. Her ex believed sex was private and in the dark, well Jude is ready to come out of the dark and into the light with the help of her two sexy firefighters. In fact, working across the street from the fire house can have its advantages, especially when you get to be near Dallas and Morgan. Dallas and Morgan are firemen and best friends. They work hard and they play hard and right now Jude is a toy they want to play with. They want a relationship where they are in control and Jude will have to learn who is boss or face the consequences. She gladly gives in on occasion and finds out that she loves discipline with her men. Parish, Arizona condones three person marriages, if it works and not broken why fix it. But there is always someone in the picture who wants to mess with a good thing. Jude, Dallas and Morgan's relationship is tarnished when someone comes into their life to destroy Jude. But with Dallas and Morgan on the job as protectors, Jude realizes that they are the true deal, her lovers, her protectors and her alpha males. Dallas and Morgan make sure that their filly is protected and loved. Ashley brought the story to life. She did a wonderful job of a ménage relationship, with a touch of BDSM, tastefully. As you read the story you realize that there is another way of life that isn't extreme; it is a relationship where you trust your partners to know how to please you and give you the pleasure of a lifetime." -- Wendy, Happily Ever After Reviews

4.5 RAVENS: "The name Sinful Pleasures is quite appropriate as the title of this great read because in addition to the sinful pleasures tucked into the story here and there Sinful Pleasures is also the name of the main character’s adult toy store. Fortunately, Jude’s store is well stocked and has a wide variety of toys, theme rooms, alluring lingerie and terribly interesting and sexy little odds and ends. Even more fortunately, it is located right across the street from the fire department so that Dallas and Morgan, sexy and helpful firemen that they are, can assist Jude in figuring out just how to use those toys, negligees and all her inventory to best advantage. In Sinful Pleasures, Jude, Morgan and Dallas are good together as friends as well as lovers. It isn’t just the passion, although that is certainly there, but they seem to genuinely enjoy spending time together. They tease and laugh and try to help one another through tough moments. They have each experienced some really rough times and it feels good to watch them working toward happier times. The author, Ashley Shay, does a great job in building this story, in giving just the right amount of back story on the characters, bit by bit, to help the reader understand the motivations behind the characters’ actions. The explanation on Morgan’s insistence that Jude do exactly what he says brought tears to my eyes. It isn’t just the main characters who are so well written in this book. The secondary characters like Jude’s grandmother and sister, as well as the evil ex-mother-in-law, come across as real people. The way the men at the firehouse look out for one another and the humor in watching people react to merchandise on display at the Sinful Pleasures store all come across as genuine. So, this book is a romance, but then there’s more. It is also a mystery about someone disturbingly intent on killing Jude. Just about the time I became a bit smug, quite sure I had solved the mystery, a new character emerged. He led to more information about a previous character, which led to…well, let’s just say I shouldn’t have been quite so smug. I can’t imagine that anyone would not enjoy this book. The romance and the mystery are great and there are also fun little bits that make you smile and feel good. I love that Jude went into the adult toy store business as a bit of a special surprise for her small minded, mean spirited and prudish ex-husband and his mommy. And I hooted at the portrayal of politicians and reporters in the story, it was right on target as far as I’m concerned. On a more serious note, I appreciate that the main characters, Jude, Dallas, and Morgan, are actively involved in making their town, Parrish, into a great place to live. Granted, with ménage marriages permitted in town, I think it was already off to a good start but Jude, Dallas and Morgan volunteer with the Chamber of Commerce, make it a point to attend city functions and they volunteer in activities that promote the town. Now, this isn’t technically part of the review but I need some help. I can’t find the town of Parrish on any maps. I love that it is a safe haven for people in ménage unions and I really want to figure out its location because I would love to visit and maybe find a couple of reasons of my very own to move there!" -- Lea, Blackraven's Reviews

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Morgan took the jelly butt plug out of the package and placed it on the table beside the lubricant. He fought the fluttering in his stomach as he thought about inserting the toy in Jude’s ass. Hell, his hands were shaking at the thought. She had him turned wrong side out.

He wanted to do it slowly and take his time watching her learn about pleasure. When the time was right, he would be the one to breach her virgin territory.

Morgan looked at Dallas over Jude’s head, knowing the time was right.

“Get undressed,” he mouthed. With a little tug, he pulled Jude out of Dallas’s arms and into his own. The moment he had her in his embrace, he lowered his lips to hers. He loved the sweet honey taste of her as he slipped his tongue inside.

She pressed against him, eager and willing. Her soft breasts mashed against his chest, and she pushed her hips into him, rubbing against his erection. Morgan cupped his hands down over her ass, lifting her up so that his rigid cock thrust against her pussy.

“You’ve got to trust us, Jude.” He dropped his forehead against hers, rubbing up and down the length of her back with his hands. “Can you do that?”

Jude nodded, tightening her arms around his waist. Morgan wanted to take her right then. He wanted to forget about the deal and bury himself inside of her until they became one. Ignoring his passion for her, he made himself go slowly. He knew if they wanted a chance to make this work, it had to be a careful seduction. He wanted Jude too much to frighten her away by moving too forcefully.

“Your turn,” Dallas said. “I’ll take over for a while.”

Morgan stripped out of his clothes in record time, watching his best friend with the woman Morgan thought he might be in love with. Hell, he’d wanted her since the day he first saw her. Jude’s simple beauty could make any man want her. But it wasn’t until he got to know her that he thought he might be falling in love.

Jude Wheeler had it all—looks, personality, and intelligence. He loved the way her blue eyes sparkled with laughter at the shit Dallas spouted to her. He respected the way she campaigned for her causes and fought to keep Parrish a small but prosperous community. Most of all, he loved the way she held her head high despite her mother-in-law’s snide remarks about Sinful Pleasures. She held her ground even during her ex-husband’s interference in her business. Jude was a sexy, tough, and beautiful woman, a woman Morgan wanted to get closer to. He’d have already been dating her if he hadn’t known his best friend felt the same way.

It wasn’t like he and Dallas hadn’t done this before, but it just hadn’t meant anything then. They’d spent time with other women who liked a ménage scene, but the women weren’t interested in long-term relationships, and neither were they. Everyone involved knew it was fun and games, but Jude was different. It mattered a hell of a lot to him, and he knew it did to Dallas, too.

Morgan watched Dallas ease Jude down onto the bed, kissing her as he pushed her back against the velvet comforter and mound of soft pillows. She lay quietly in the center of the bed, her body beginning to tremble again as she waited. Her fear tightened Morgan’s stomach, making him want to protect her from the world.

“Why are you nervous?” Dallas brushed a strand of hair back from her face, dropping a kiss on her forehead.

“I don’t know what to do. Or what you expect of me…”

“Shh.” Morgan put his fingers across her lips. “We’ll teach you everything, Jude. All you have to do is let us pleasure you and to obey us when we ask for something.”

“I’ve never been very good at obeying.” Jude’s blue eyes held a hint of challenge as she stared back at Morgan.

“Then you’ll get a lot of spankings, won’t you? Is that what you want, Jude?”

“I don’t like to be spanked.”

Morgan laughed, reading the lie on her face. “I think it turned you on, darlin’, and I think that scares you a little bit. You’ve always been in control, haven’t you?”

Jude nodded her head yes.

“Then maybe it’s time for you to let someone else take over.”


* * * *


Scares me a little bit? More like a freaking lot, Jude thought as she felt herself squirm with anticipation.

What the hell was happening to her? She’d never been the type of woman to want a man to dominate her. Yet, Morgan and Dallas had her dripping with their threats of spanking and macho sexuality. Did she really want someone to take charge and take all the decisions out of her hands?

Or maybe, she told herself, this was just another step in her sexual journey. She hadn’t been lying when she told the men she wanted to experience everything. Morgan was right, how would she know if she never tried something.

She really hadn’t experienced much more than vanilla sex with her uptight husband, and those encounters always left her feeling frustrated instead of fulfilled. Jude thought it time to find out what she really wanted, and these were the two men she trusted enough to teach her.

“What do you want me to do?”

“I want you to roll over on your stomach, darlin’. Then I want you to relax.”

“That’s not likely.” Jude’s voice came out a breathless little laugh. She felt her pussy clench and her stomach muscles bunch in a mixture of fear and expectation.

“Okay, then we’ll let Dallas help you relax.” Morgan shot a look at Dallas. “You want to let our little filly ride you?”

“Fuck yeah.” Dallas rolled on to his back, and Jude felt him pick her up as if she weighed nothing. He settled her on top of him, grinning mischievously. “Wanna take a ride, little filly?”

Jude felt close to hyperventilating, but she settled herself on her knees and positioned her hips over his. She felt Morgan’s hands behind her, pulling the material of the bodysuit aside and spreading the crotch farther apart.

“She’s ready.”

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