Haunted and Hunted

Beau to Beau Books

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 62,657
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David is murdered after daring to “come out”, which devastates his lover, Quentin. Discovering a very carefully hidden love letter from David, Quentin learns that his former lover died in his place, shielding him from a brutal death at the hands of a well known hate group. Shielding himself as best he can from the past, Quentin chooses a life of relative solitude. When the demons within him begin to haunt and taunt him, Quentin desperately tries to hide from them, and run from them, but finds it impossible to escape. Something or someone will not allow him to escape his past. When Quentin meets a young man who not only shares his passions, but also wants to know more about him, he doubts the man’s sincerity, but also realizes how much he misses having someone special in his life, and longs for the days he shared with his former lover. Quentin must somehow find out who this man really is, and why he is so eager to know more about him.

Haunted and Hunted
0 Ratings (0.0)

Haunted and Hunted

Beau to Beau Books

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 62,657
0 Ratings (0.0)
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He must have been more tired than he thought because this was the first time he had fallen asleep during his many afternoons on the beach. He had fallen asleep thinking about Quentin again and his reaction to his touch yesterday, and thought he was dreaming when he felt the warm touch of a hand on his bare chest.

In his dream it was Quentin’s hand and he liked the feel of it on his nakedness. As he dreamed he thought he could feel himself moving up, hoping that the hand would move downward to where he was beginning to experience the same arousing feeling he had felt last night in the warm water of his bath. He realized that the hand wasn’t going anywhere, and someone was calling his name. “Ely, Ely,” the voice said. Ely awoke with a start, and realized that it was Quentin’s hand on his chest trying to wake him. “Oh, hi Quentin,” said an embarrassed Ely.

Quentin told him it was after 6:00 p.m., and he had been worried that Ely may have forgotten which house was his. “I was hoping I would find you here,” Quentin said. Still half dazed, Ely quickly sat up and pulled his towel off the beach and wrapped it around his waist. He knew he had an erection and hoped that Quentin hadn’t noticed. “I’m so sorry, Quentin. I loved this book so much that I stayed up too late last night reading it. I must have dozed off.” “Well, dinner awaits. It’s very casual, no need to change.” Ely pulled on his shirt which fortunately was a little oversized, so it covered his shorts and the tightness confined within. Quentin was wearing a fitted T-shirt which showed off his muscular physique and his very short swim trunks he had worn yesterday which showed off his muscular legs.


They hardly noticed darkness had fallen over them like a warm blanket, until they noticed how brightly the stars were shining in the clear night sky. The moon shone down on Ely’s skin illuminating the beauty of its youthful sheen, and Quentin felt his heart skip a beat.

Quentin slowly made his way across the middle of the hot tub until he was standing directly in front of Ely. Ely didn’t know why Quentin had done this, but didn’t feel uneasy about it. He felt comfortable with Quentin and also felt that he could trust him. Quentin very subtly took both of Ely’s hands in his and looked into his eyes. “You’re beautiful, Ely, both inside and out,” he told him.

Ely looked at Quentin a little embarrassed, especially after the daydream, as well as sleep dream that he had had about him last night and this afternoon. Slowly and adeptly Quentin placed his hands on Ely’s face and began to caress his cheeks. Ely didn’t know what to think, yet didn’t want Quentin to stop. “I love sharing time with you, Ely. You have become very special to me in a very short time.”

Still holding Ely’s face in his hands, Quentin very slowly and very gently rested his lips on Ely’s. He hoped that he did not frighten him, and further hoped that Ely did not pull away. Quentin began to kiss Ely’s full lips, something he had wanted to do since he met him, and kept kissing him, unable to stop himself. To his surprise, Ely still did not pull away, and little by little began kissing him back. Then he suddenly stopped.

Quentin immediately backed up and placed his hands on the side of the hot tub on either side of Ely. “What’s wrong, Ely? I didn’t mean to offend you, but I’m very attracted to you.” “I’m sorry, Quentin, but I’m very confused about this. I don’t know what to do.” Quentin understood, and asked very tenderly, “Ely, you have to do what you think is right in your mind. In other words, you must live by your own convictions.” “I’ve been taught by my grandparents, though definitely not by my mother, that this kind of love is wrong, Quentin, but I don’t want to stop. I want to kiss you.”

At this, Quentin again gently kissed Ely, and Ely’s arms were around Quentin kissing him back. Holding each other closely now, kissing each other intensely, Ely loved the feel of Quentin’s chest against his own, his soft chest hair arousing him so greatly that he knew Quentin could feel his full erection pushing against his muscular leg. Quentin did feel Ely’s erection, and was thrilled that he had caused it, and hoped Ely wasn’t embarrassed. Ely was kissing him back now with as much force as Quentin had been kissing him.

Breaking away, Ely once again pulled back just a bit. “Quentin, this isn’t wrong, is it? Please tell me it isn’t.” “It isn’t wrong, Ely, when two people care about each other. We all have to feel comfortable in our own skin.” At this, Ely was pulling Quentin close to him and kissing him with full open mouth, searching for Quentin’s tongue, which Quentin gave freely. He meant what he said when he said that Ely could have anything of his that he wanted. Quentin began to lower his hands down Ely’s sides until they rested on his pelvis underneath the warm water. Ely slowed his kissing and drew back a little, yet didn’t remove his lips completely from Quentin’s. Ely kept his hands around Quentin with them resting on his back, while Quentin slowly began to caress the sides of Ely’s pelvis, outside of his swim trunks at first, then slowly began to keep his hands on Ely’s skin as he caressed, which was forcing his swim trunks downward further with each stroke of his hands.

Ely pulled his lips off of Quentin’s and looked at him questioningly. Quentin hugged Ely around his waist and held him close to him. “It’s okay, Ely. I only want to love you. We can stop any time you want.” Ely’s heart was beating fast. He didn’t know what came next and that scared him, but he couldn’t deny the fact that what was happening felt good. Ely kissed Quentin gently, and allowed himself to continue enjoying this pleasurable feeling. Quentin continued to keep his lips on Ely’s, kissing him very slowly, while he continued the caressing he had begun just moments before.

As he continued the downward motion on Ely’s pelvis, his swim trunks were almost off, held only by his unmistakable erection. Quentin pulled the trunks forward and downward, freeing the constrained throbbing entity contained within, and gently slid then downward until they were almost to his knees. Ely was thankful for the water that covered him, as he was unaccustomed to being naked in front of anyone. The warm water was stimulating, and he could feel his erect penis throbbing against Quentin’s muscular leg. Ely knew he should do something but didn’t know what, so he kept his hands on Quentin’s back. Quentin could sense his being uncomfortable, and whispered in Ely’s ear, “It’s okay, Ely. I want you to enjoy this entire experience. Just relax and let me give you as much pleasure as I can.” Quentin’s words reassuring, Ely relaxed.

Quentin lifted Ely up and out of the water until he was sitting on the edge of the hot tub. As he did so, his swim trunks slid completely off his legs and were lost in the warm water. Ely was embarrassed because now there was no mistaking that Quentin could see everything that had until now been hidden. “Lie back, Ely,” Quentin said, and laid Ely onto the deck, his legs remaining in the water.

Ely lay on the deck looking up at the stars and closed his eyes. He knew that no part of him was hidden from Quentin now, and had no idea what was going to happen next. Quentin, still in the water, spread Ely’s legs apart gently, and placed his mouth over one of Ely’s balls while caressing his inner thighs. Ely felt his whole body shudder. He had never felt this kind of pleasure, and as Quentin’s mouth moved from one ball to the other, Ely thought he was going to explode. He grabbed his own penis in his hand and began masturbating. He knew he should feel shame for this, but didn’t.

Quentin raised himself out of the water and straddled Ely’s thighs, resting on his own legs. “You’re beautiful, Ely,” he said loud enough for Ely to hear. Quentin replaced Ely’s eager hand with his own mouth, which was yet another unknown sensation to Ely. He took Ely’s erection in its completeness into his mouth while caressing his chest. Quentin’s tongue was on every inch of Ely’s penis, driving him into a frenzy of passion. He heard himself moan over and over, “Oh, Quentin. Oh, Quentin.” His mouth tightened on Ely’s seemingly enlarging penis and moved expertly all the way up and then all the way back down again, over and over. Ely felt himself trying to pull away, knowing exactly what was inevitably going to happen very soon and would certainly be embarrassed about it. Quentin felt Ely’s reluctance but was not going to let him go. He wanted to give him this pleasure of all pleasures. Quentin placed his hands underneath Ely’s buttocks and lightly caressed them while he continued to strength his pressure on his penis loving the taste of Ely, and the knowledge that he was causing such an intense reaction in him was extremely gratifying.


It was just after 10:00 p.m., and Quentin was wide awake and also very horny from the wine. “How about a late night dip in the pool, Ely? The water is very warm from the heat of the day. You’ll love it, I promise.” “Sure,” answered Ely. Quentin led Ely out to the pool, which was lit with only the lights at the edges of the pool and the full moon. Quentin took off his shirt and Ely did the same. “Have you ever skinny-dipped?” he asked Ely. “No, I never have.” “I love it. Try it. You’ll love it too.” “Okay,” Ely answered, as Quentin was already stripping himself of every article of clothing.

Ely, still a little shy about his body, sat on the edge of the pool and finished undressing as quickly as he could, and slid into the warm water. Quentin was right. The water felt absolutely wonderful. “In the shallow end here there are several jet propulsions which feel wonderful on tired muscles. Here, I’ll show you.” Quentin led Ely to one of the corners with jets hitting him in all the right places. He jumped back startled at first, then lowered himself further into the water to feel the full effects. “That does feel good, Quentin.” “It certainly does,” he said, standing beside Ely enjoying the pulsating water as it made him even hornier than he already was. Quentin moved toward Ely and shifted him in the water just a little. He wanted to feel a specific jet hitting him in just the right spot. Quentin held Ely’s buttocks in front of the jet and gently spread them apart. As the water hit him, Ely let out a moan. Immediately his erection began to grow. “Doesn’t that feel good?” Quentin asked, knowing that it did by the bobbing erection in front of him. “Oh, yes.” Quentin drew Ely to him, pressing Ely’s stiffened penis against his body.

Ely wanted to pleasure Quentin as he had him, but still was a little timid, as well as intimidated by Quentin’s expertise. However, tonight the effects of the wine combined with the warm water seemed to give him a confidence he was unaware that he had. He lowered his hands underneath the water and squeezed Quentin’s buttocks. This surprised Quentin, and made him even hornier than he already was. He was hard in an instant, his stiff erection climbing up Ely’s body competing for space with Ely’s own erection.

Ely kissed Quentin hard on the mouth, still holding him close to him by his buttocks. Quentin felt so horny he had to brace himself against the side of the pool on either side of Ely’s body. Ely’s tongue slid into Quentin’s mouth and back out again several times. Quentin tried to hold it in his mouth, but each time Ely retrieved it. Quentin thought he would go crazy. He liked this new Ely. Quentin felt as if he were in a trance.

Ely backed away from Quentin, and said in what Quentin thought was a very sexy voice, “Where do you want it, Quentin?” He tried to speak, but Ely’s tongue was once again inside his mouth but quickly withdrawn. “Oh, Ely,” Quentin said breathlessly. He straddled Ely then, pressed his body to his, and Ely knew what he wanted. He had never done this before, but was dying to know how it felt. As Ely entered him, Quentin felt his body shudder. He tried to lower himself down onto Ely’s hardness, but Ely was taking his time, entering Quentin very slowly until Quentin didn’t know how he was going to stand it. Ely could control Quentin’s movements as they were both underneath the water to their waists. “Ely, do it, please. I can’t wait, I can’t.” Ely knew then exactly what Quentin liked, and quickened his movement just a little, each time deepening himself inside Quentin. “All the way, Ely. Put it in all the way. I can’t wait, I really can’t.”

Quentin was breathless with anticipation now, and Ely entered him fully. Quentin let out a loud and long moan, and let himself enjoy being lost in his own pleasure. He knew Ely wasn’t holding back any of himself this time, as he could feel the tightness of Ely’s balls pushing against his buttocks. “Give it to me, Ely, don’t hold back now.” Ely did just that with such a force with each thrust that Quentin was actually gasping for air.

Ely was enjoying the look of pure pleasure on Quentin’s face as he pulled almost entirely out very slowly, and then entered him with a force that sent Quentin reeling. Ely realized that he had found exactly what pleasured Quentin, and he enjoyed giving it to him. He also realized that he was enjoying it too. His breaths came fast and he felt his legs weaken underneath the water.

Ely quickened his pace as his own pleasure increased, and Quentin loved every thrusting motion. “Put your legs around my waist, Ely,” Quentin demanded. Ely did just that, as Quentin hurriedly placed his own rock hard penis and spread Ely’s buttocks apart.

Ely was still standing in front of the water jet which immediately entered him causing him to shudder with desire. Quentin entered Ely and thrust himself all the way inside. Both were moving wildly in the water now, thrusting deep inside the other and slowly releasing. The thrusting movements continued, causing both Ely and Quentin to moan and hold tightly to each other. With each thrusting motion, they could feel the water enter them as well, providing a warm sensuous feeling that was almost too much to stand.

As each was nearing climax, they grabbed each other and held each other so closely that even the water found it difficult to separate them. Ely felt himself explode inside Quentin, shuddering as he did so. Quentin thought he had never felt such pleasure before. It had never been this way with any of his former lovers. Ely soon followed, and as this was his first time at full penetration inside anyone, man or woman, and as he did so he thought it would never end.

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